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Chronology of the civil war in Ukraine - News for January 25, 2015

Chronology of the civil war in Ukraine - News for January 25, 2015

DATE 25.01.2015

The mode can announce their dead prisoners 

Let the children Poroshenko fight! - The mother fell upon the Commissar 

What is the first seconds? Garnier lad speaks English? It probably has to European integration, followed by entry into the US on a state ready. Language teaching, which in composition is not something that Europe and the United States will speak. Peremoga it is close!

And it is in any case no foreign mercenaries in the ranks of the APU. It just can not be! You what? This ukroamerikanets!

DNR: Ukrainian security forces shelled residential neighborhoods Mariupol explosive shells


xw 955 368 Chronology of the civil war in Ukraine News for January 25, 2015

In the body of the Ministry of Defense DNR stated that the Ukrainian security forces fired Mariupol from the village of Berdyansk At the headquarters of the militia reported that the Ukrainian security forces inadvertently threw spotters fire explosive shells residential areas East region. In addition, the soldiers broke the APU own brigade under Mariupol.

Column of the 18th Battalion of the 28th Mechanized Brigade was adopted for the Ukrainian military militias.

"The shelling was conducted by Berdyansk, with the western part of the city, where in the airport area of ​​Mariupol concentrated a large group of enemy artillery, including divisions MLRS" Grad "- said the deputy commander of the Ministry of Defense Corps DNR Edward Basurin.

It also reported that intense fighting going on between the settlements and Avdiyivka Sands. Over the past day killed five civilians and injured seven others. Shells exploded in Donetsk, Gorlovka, Yenakiyevo and Elenovka. Total recorded 25 attacks on residential areas of settlements.

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Hell has come: MAT cooked in three "pot". Exemption Mallorcan 

Emergency switch from the front: the army counter-offensive Novorossia brought many victories over the past day: occupation troops boiled in three boilers, is offensive in Mariupol. Released several settlements in the DNR. This means the inevitable defeat of the APU.

From the front Novorossia come urgent messages about the situation at the front. The unit commander "Varyag" Alexander Matyushin informs about the closure of "pocket" in Debaltseve. At the moment, the army soldiers Novorossia are at the final stage of blocking Debaltsovskogo "boiler".

In the area Avdeyevka still do not cease artillery duels. So far, the concrete results of fighting is not known. During the past days division "Varyag" to perform combat missions near the village of Sands. In the evening, the APU started to contraction of the main provisions of military equipment to the area. As the representative of the militia, in Mariupol direction militia launched a counteroffensive. Data confirmed that the head of DNR Alexander Zakharchenko. Meanwhile, voenkor "KP" Dmitry Steshin informs about the first results of the offensive army DNR: militia fighters entered the outskirts of Mariupol.

«Call for Mariupol, in the nine-militia in the north-eastern outskirts. Returned from the first village liberated in the course of a counter-offensive - Red guerrillas. In Donetsk already returned straight road, "- said voenkor. The latest news from the LC. Militia soldier with the callsign "Owl" reports on the situation in the Lugansk front. In the area of ​​the track "Bahmutka" re-energize the fierce fighting. Intense fighting is currently going under the Crimea. LC army attacking position in the MAT-Nut Donetsk from Kryakovki. Punitive units firing on settlements Lobochevo and yellow. In the situation report says that in the territory of the occupying forces LC cooked in several pots: one of them is located at an altitude of 175.9, located in Slavyanoserbsky area. The positions taken in the junta environment and severely fired from hurricanes. Another "pot" with the APU is located on the 37th checkpoint. Militias are taking measures to eliminate surrounded by enemy forces. The enemy of powerlessness and anger is merciless shelling of residential areas Pervomaysk and Stakhanov.

Another urgent message came from the People's Republic of Donetsk. Army soldier from DNR Yenakievo (near Gorlovki) Eugene announced the capture of Maori. Next in line, he said, are Uglegorsk and Dzerzhinsk. Also militia inform the fierce battles in Nikishin, located on the outskirts of Debaltsevskogo "boiler".

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Punishers in Mariupol fired punitive

Ukrainian armed forces fired on their own column 28 mechanized brigade under Mariupol. On this Saturday informs news "New Russia", citing the statement of Deputy Defense Minister Edward Basurina DNR.

"About 14 hours of taking the column 18 28 Ukrainian Battalion Mechanized Brigade, moves into the area of ​​the vine, on the eastern outskirts of Mariupol, a division of the army DNI, enemy artillery was struck by her fire attack", - told reporters at a briefing Basurin, adding that in the last time APU intensified work on artillery Mariupol direction without preliminary exploration purposes.

According to the intelligence of the breakaway republic, as a result of the loss of the Ukrainian army totaled 115 men killed and wounded. According to Deputy Defense DNR, was destroyed by one infantry combat vehicle and truck.

In addition, as described Basurin, resulting in erroneous targeting Ukrainian spotters fire rockets APU hit a residential neighborhood Sector East, killing 10 civilians. Deputy Defense DNI said that the firing was conducted by Berdinsky, on the western outskirts of Mariupol, where near the city's airport is concentrated a large group of Ukrainian army, including divisional multiple rocket launchers "Grad".

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Kursk: "Fighting in the neck Debaltsevskogo boiler continues" 

Posted by volunteer with the call sign "Kursk": "Fighting in the neck Debaltsevskogo boiler continues. Pockets of resistance in the Red plowman still there, but we suppress per night. Fights are already Mironovsky and Mironovka. On the other hand our units fighting in and around the Novoluganskom Uglegorskaya GRES. APU pulls reserves, but they are often caught in the crossfire of our ACS and MLRS Grad and Hurricane.

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" Journalist channel "1 + 1" admitted that in Mariupol drink of Russia, and in Kharkiv waiting for Russian tanks 

Residents of Mariupol drink for the victory of Russia, and in Kharkov going to meet Russian tanks. Such information on his page on "Facebook" unveiled the famous Ukrainian military reporter Andrew Tsaplienko journalist channel "1 + 1", owned by the Dnepropetrovsk oligarch Igor Kolomoisky.

"My colleague from Mariupol, which is now on all cylinders, struggling to help people who find themselves under attack, writes that here right now, driving donate blood through the open door of one of the local taverns (otherwise you could not tell!) noticed merry people raising glasses "for Raseyu" - said Tsaplienko.

" Further, as a result of a conversation with an old friend from Kharkov, he informs about the mood in Kharkiv.

"He told me, in glorious Institute of Cryobiology people gather in the smoking room and discuss what to do if they come to the Russian tanks - shared details journalist conversation. - According to him, the action plan, drawn up in a cubbyhole impregnated with nicotine research institutions, as follows: "As soon as" our "will immediately come out in droves to the streets and force" Ukropov "to surrender the city without a fight."

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In Kharkov, a man tortured to knock him recognition in the "separatism"
Another proof of "democracy" in Ukraine. 
In Kharkov, the guy decided to express 
their point of view and was severely beaten. 

Semenchenko: Tick guys! ..

Punitive battalion commander "Donbass" on his page on facebook raised panic. Bandera Ukraine defeated on all fronts, tick if you can!
1. We suffer defeat all along the line, one defeat at the airport just killed our morale.
2. In all cities of Ukraine are explosions and growing guerrilla movement against Bandera and American occupiers.
3. Poroshenko and the government has driven the country into a blind alley from which there is no escape
4. DNR and LC do not feel our blockade and was thought in the winter - not bent, but only develop. 5. No one wants to go to the next mobilization ...

In general, the tick if you can! About the feeling and created after reading his post.

inDlw58fL1s Timeline of the Civil War in the Ukraine News for January 25, 2015

Ukraine News 
1. Pushilin: Kiev wants to "substitute" militias

Kiev accuses militias in the shelling of Mariupol to strengthen the military conflict in the Donbass. The opinion expressed on this Vice Speaker DNI Dennis Pushilin. However, he stressed that they have no militia artillery systems in the area of ​​Mariupol, which would be able to produce fire Mariupol. He added that in recent years Kiev succeeds in skill to ignore the obvious facts.

2. Medvedchuk: Corrupt government robs people of Ukraine

The leader of the public movement "Ukrainian choice" Viktor Medvedchuk commented on approval of the President of the European Business Association Tomas Fiala, who believes that the corruption situation remains unchanged in the Ukraine. "Corruption in Ukraine - everywhere, and among high government officials, and among the political parties. In this issue since 2005, nothing has changed, said the president of the European Business Association Tomas Fiala.

3. Kiev strengthened transport blockade of Donbas, stopped the import of products

Ministry of Transport of the People's Republic of Donetsk reported increased transport blockade. He currently works only one checkpoint. Recall, January 11 Ukrainian authorities announced the introduction in order to "counter-terrorism" throughput system for entry into the territory of Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republic and exit from it. Later, representative of the Ukrainian Council of National Security and Defense Andrei Lysenko announced that the permit system will take effect on January 21.

8AapZLUFiwY Timeline of the Civil War in the Ukraine News for January 25, 2015

The camera took off time of the fall "Castle" in Mariupol (+ VIDEO) 

Camera DVR recorded a fall time of the morning "Castle" at the Mariupol.

The Defense Ministry denied the allegations DNR shelling of the city, calling it a provocation Ukrainian occupation troops. This same version had numerous Mariupol, confident that they were fired MAT.

Chapter DNR: In a few days we will close debaltsevskoe ring and avenge the victims who died in Donetsk and Gorlovka 

The head of the People's Republic of Donetsk Alexander Zakharchenko confirmed on Saturday beginning at the onset of militia units Mariupol, and also announced plans to encircle the strategically important town Debaltseve.

"We have launched an offensive against Mariupol ... A few days later we close debaltsevskoe ring and avenge the victims who died in Donetsk and Gorlovka" - said Zakharchenko at the ceremony of laying flowers at the place where people from public transport in Donetsk.

Shortly after the announcement source of "Interfax" in the Defense Ministry DNR said the first combat militia groups have already entered the outskirts of Mariupol.

Earlier on Saturday, Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak said that almost the entire front line Ukrainian forces track enemy firing positions and was retaliating. According to him, the enemy pulls to Mariupol additional forces, in particular multiple rocket launchers.

"In this regard, we take appropriate measures to secure the arrival of artillery units corresponding reserves that can detect and eliminate multiple rocket launchers aimed towards Mariupol for shelling," - said Poltorak.

Mariupol under fire

On Saturday morning on the eastern outskirts of Mariupol has suffered an artillery strike. According to city officials at 18:00 Moscow, the number of those killed in the shelling has reached 27 people, injured 97.

The General Staff of Ukraine reported that strikes from a distance using multiple rocket launchers BM-21 "Grad". As a result, were damaged apartment buildings and private houses, shops, market, school building and kindergarten, destroyed cars.

Ukrainian authorities claim that behind the attack militia. Classified as a terrorist attack occurred.

Meanwhile, representatives of DNR rejects these accusations, claiming that the shelling of residential areas Mariupol - a "provocation Ukrainian security services."

On Saturday, Prime Minister of Ukraine Yatsenyuk called in response to recent events call a meeting of the UN Security Council.

54c41851a782f 1422137425 Timeline of the Civil War in the Ukraine News for January 25, 2015

Oleg and Sergey urgently fly to the front

The head of the Radical Party of Ukraine urged everyone to "go on the counterattack."

Scandalous Verkhovna Rada deputy Oleg Lyashko, known not only as chairman of the Radical Party of Ukraine, but as a supporter of non-traditional sexual relations and is rumored to be a true friend "invigorating powders", suddenly found that the Donbas began "a real war."

About this Ljashko wrote on his Facebook page, demanding President Poroshenko immediate introduction of martial law in Ukraine.

"Everyone knows that the real war began in Donbass. I am always amazed silence of the president in such a situation. Requires the President to immediately issue a decree on the introduction of martial law in the country "- wrote Ljashko.

Another deputy Parliament urged the president to gather the courage to declare full mobilization and rebuff "Russian aggression".

According to the Ukrainian Napoleon, the secret of victory in this war is simple: the armed forces must "regroup and go to counter-attack."

Post your message on Facebook, deputy apparently much refreshed different bracing means, because in less than an hour in his diary photograph appeared with the inscription "I - Oslo", and a few minutes later Ljashko wrote that "flies in the front" - probably to organize those "counterattack."

Sergey Skuratovskiy fly in front # - Oleg Lyashko (OVLiashko) January 24, 2015
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Dnipropetrovsk region of Ukraine prepares for defense

Dnipropetrovsk region of Ukraine goes to a special regime for the security and defense of the region.

This is a social networking site Facebook said the deputy head of the Dnipropetrovsk regional state administration Svyatoslav Oleynik. "

A number of quite radical solutions to ensure the safety area. We are moving to a special mode of life, the key priority is the safety and defense of the region ", - he said.

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Defense Ministry DNR: 8 days Ukrainian army lost 781 fighters, 61 tanks and 52 armored cars

Deputy Defense Minister Eduard Basurin DNI said that the loss of Ukrainian occupation troops since the beginning of their offensive against the People's Republic has made more than seven hundred eighty people.

"Since the beginning of active hostilities for 8 days, the enemy lost 61 tanks, 52 armored combat vehicles and 781 people. killed. In surrendered 49 people, "- said Basurin.

In the DNI since the beginning of the January offensive stressed that they want to force the Ukrainian army to withdraw heavy military equipment at a safe distance from which they will not be able to fire.

54c4345e0caed 1422144606 Timeline of the Civil War in the Ukraine News for January 25, 2015

Early in the morning the occupants fired on the outskirts of Luhansk (VIDEO)

January 24, at approximately 5:30 am, the APU shelled the outskirts of Luhansk.

By sheer luck no one was hurt, except for a guard dog, which was wounded by shrapnel and she died.

According to the story the guard today was supposed to be fair and had to move out in the morning a lot of people.

To the residential quarter of no more than 300 meters.

Moscow - a Mariupol 

Antimaydan "Special Report" 

Fighter APU "boys went, and I'm not going?

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