Saturday, January 24, 2015

#DNR Reported: #Ukraine'ian Army Lost More Than 780 People And 60 Tanks

DNR: Ukrainian army lost more than 780 people and 60 tanks

24 January 2015 21:25

The Defense Ministry DNR reported that the loss of Ukrainian security forces since the beginning of their occurrence accounted for more than seven hundred and eighty people. In surrendered about 50 soldiers. In addition, destroyed 60 tanks and 50 armored combat vehicles, transmits channel "Russia 24" .

Mariupol January 24 fired heavy artillery. Killed more than 30 people, nearly a hundred residents were injured. Kiev accused of firing power DNI, but the self-proclaimed head of the People's Republic of Donetsk Alexander Zakharchenko denied the allegations , stressing that "our people are there, such as Donetsk team, they have nothing to fear." After the official Kiev tried to place the responsibility for the events in Mariupol on the DNR, militia launched an operation to marginalization Ukrainian security forces to the east of the city. In the leadership of the republic stressed that they want to force the Ukrainian army to withdraw heavy military equipment at a safe distance from which they will not be able to fire

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