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Former Luhansk businessman "Gordon" lists of the 10 Most Wanted Milita Novorossiya

Former Luhansk businessman "Gordon" lists of the 10 Most Wanted Milita Novorossiya

The idea of ​​a separatist rebellion in eastern Ukraine could be developed and be inspired outside the country, but its implementation is entrusted to the commanders on the ground. In a heterogeneous group of leaders "people's militia" and the local natives have arrived from Russia and the Vikings. Among them - former official of the Luhansk Regional State Administration, a mason and a business owner. "Gordon" looked closely at the main terrorists east of Ukraine and made an explicit list of the most active of them.

JANUARY 13, 2015


Igor Carpenter

The self-proclaimed leader of "People's Republic of Luhansk" bandit leader "Dawn"

According to his official biography carpentry, published by Russian and separatist media, the future leader of the "LC" was born in 1964 in Lugansk.However, reporters found dopytlivye roots Plotnitsky in Bukovina. Villagers Kelmentsi Chernivtsi region confirm that there was a family of the future separatist and school Carpenter graduated from there. In 1982 he took Plotnitsky serve in the army in Penza. After the end of military service he was in the military, and in 1987 graduated from the Penza Higher Artillery Engineering College. Retired from the Army in 1991 with the rank of Major.

In the early 90's came in Lugansk, where he worked in commercial structures. Later organized their own business in the sale of fuels and lubricants. From 2004 to 2012, working in the public service in the Regional Inspectorate for Consumer Protection.

With the start of separatist unrest in eastern Ukraine on the side of the so-called "LC". In April, organized by the battalion "Dawn", and from May 21, 2014 appointed "Minister of Defense". After the first chapter, "LC" Valery Bolotov resigned, Carpenter succeeded him in this position. Later, when Carpenter took part in the so-called "elections" in "LC", he said that he "was appointed" to this position, however, did not specify exactly who appointed him.

Journalistic investigation "Ukrainian Truth" indicates a direct connection carpentry, as well as controlled by him "Government LC", the former governor of Lugansk region and influential ex-regionals Alexander Efremov.

At the moment, Igor carpentry and under his control gangs are in conflict with gangs "Cossacks", seized south of Luhansk region. Actual jurisdiction "in Chapter LC" extend to the territory a little larger than the area of ​​the Lugansk.

Photo: EPA


Nicholas Kozitsin

The commander of the "Great Don Army"

Future "Cossack Ataman" was born in 1956 in Dzerzhinsk, Donetsk region.In 1978 he graduated from the School of the Ministry of Interior in Kharkov, then worked as a guard in a labor camp. In 1985, Ensign Kozitsin was dismissed from the internal organs of the numerous malfeasance, among whom were drinking and hazing of prisoners.

From 1990 begins to take part in the formation of the structures of the Don Cossacks, which was created in the wake of the growth of patriotism in Russia in the late 80s. In 1992, together with a group of volunteers fighting on the side of Russian in Transnistria. In 1993, participates in the Georgian war on the side of Abkhazia. In the same year he became a chieftain "Great Don Army."

In 1994, on behalf of the Don Cossacks signed a cooperation agreement with the leadership of the breakaway republic of Chechnya Johar Dudayev, which caused a big scandal, but after the First Chechen War Kozitsyna connection with Dudayev helped liberate from captivity, many Russian military. However, active participation in the war kozitsynskie "Cossacks" did not take.

At the end of the 90 participating in the Yugoslav conflict on the side of the Serbs, where he had direct contact with the former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic.

Prior to the beginning of the conflict Ukrainian Kozitsin lived permanently at his residence in Novocherkassk, Rostov region. There he has acquired titles and regalia, which are often invented himself. If you believe the words "chieftain", he - the doctor of economic sciences, the writer, the Knights of Malta and academician. However, it is possible that some of the 28 state awards Kozitsyna and Prize. Zhukov is quite true, as Kozitsin and his "army" for a long time enjoyed the favor of the Russian authorities.

After the outbreak of fighting in the east of Ukraine Kozitsin and "hide" are actively involved in collisions on the side of the separatists. Controlled "chieftain" of the "Cossack National Guard" took Anthracite (which is the informal capital kozitsynskih possessions) and Rovenki, Red Ray and several other cities in the south of Luhansk region. Also in the sphere of influence is Kozitsyna "chieftain" of Stakhanov Paul Dremov.

Nicholas Kozitsin openly acknowledges the existence of "LC" and believes he controls the land "in the Russian Empire."



Alex Brain

The commander of the armed gangs "The Ghost"

Born in 1975 in the north of the Lugansk region in the village of Lower Duvanka Svatovskaya area.

He served in the Ukrainian Army contract, worked for some time in the military Svatovo. Retired with the rank of sergeant.

Since the late 90's Brain was politically active at the local level - working agitator and a member of the election commission at the polling station.Political views Brain can be judged by the fact that he was a member of the organization "Young Guard" headed known separatist Arsene Klinchaevym.

In the spring of 2014 Brain was an active participant in Lugansk Antimaydana. In April, he organizes the "Militia of Lugansk region" and April 10 is almost officially visited Moscow as one of the "leaders of the protest", where he met with the head of the parliamentary faction Vladimir Zhirinovsky and "Fair Russia" Sergei Mirnov. However, a true leader in the "LC" Brain and did not. He could not share power with the then head of the separatists Valery Bolotov and 21 April with his men went to Lisichansk, where entrenched, and on May 6 announced the official reconciliation with Bolotov.

Brainstorming together with commanding the garrison Severodonetsk militants Dremova Paul led the defense against the summer offensive of the Ukrainian army through Rubezhnoye - Severodonetsk - Lisichansk.

After the city had to leave him with the correct Brainstorming part, by that time already dubbed "Ghost", stepped in Alchevsk, where he created his own control, distanced himself from the "authorities" carpentry and "Cossacks" Kozitsyna.

Brain - a creative person. He is not only a warlord, he is also a poet and folk singer who sings in Russian and Ukrainian. In peacetime, he was even a soloist Svatovskaya male ensemble.

Cerebral belong to become popular on the Internet word that a woman should stay at home and cross stitching, and not go to bars, followed by a warning of the punishment for the disobedient.

Photo: The Free Press


Paul Dremov (Dad)

The commander of the "first Cossack regiment them . Platov "

About Dremova life before the war, is little known. He was born in Stakhanov in 1976 and was a bricklayer. In an interview Dremov stated that he served in the Ukrainian Army, "which sent him to fight in Transnistria under the bullets", which is unlikely, even not because the Ukrainian army did not fight in the Transnistrian war, but because in 1992 it was 16 years Dremov .

Dremov first emerged as a leader of terrorists in the summer of 2014 in Severodonetsk, where he was assisted by Nicholas Kozitsyna organized groups "Cossacks." In an interview with Russian media that period Dremov presented "legendary Batey". Callsign Dad for Dremova really fixed, but what exactly is fabulosity former bricklayer Stakhanov, failed to learn.

After the onset of the Ukrainian army Dremov retreated from Severodonetsk in Stakhanov, the sole ruler who became, remained in a formal alliance with the controlling area south Nikolai Kozitsyn.

Dremov has been gaining popularity because of its video, in which he did not mince words criticizing other separatists, and in particular the management of "LC" carpentry which is in a state of acute conflict, as evidenced by the constant skirmishes between different gangs.

According Dremova, he has a "flash card", which is dirt on the entire leadership "LC". Furthermore secret flash Dremova have also reportedly has a personal number of Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

In addition, Napping known as an active anti-Semite. In particular, Igor Plotnitsky he calls "Jew" and Minsk truce - "ploy Jewish oligarchs."



Alex Milchakov (Fritz, Serbia)

The commander of the gangs "Rusich"

Milchakov was born in 1991 in St. Petersburg. Fanatel of St. Petersburg "Zenith", later became interested in neo-Nazism. He became known in the city right subcultural coterie nicknamed Fritz. Owned hunting and traumatic weapons. In 2009 brought to administrative responsibility for the shooting in the wrong place.

Fame Milchakov received in 2011, when posted on his page "VKontakte" murder puppy pictures, which he later ate. Despite widespread publicity, a criminal case on charges against the young Nazi zhivoderstve did not open, and the Alex for some time lost from St. Petersburg.

Later Milchakov found in Pskov in the service of the 76th Airborne Division.After military service, he almost immediately went to Luhansk region have reportedly as a volunteer, where in the summer of 2014 formed the group "Rusich" of his colleagues on the far-right ideological camp and took the call Serbia. In war Milchakov again showed zhivoderskie inclinations when published photos in the Ukrainian military killed.

As part of his unit fought in the group killed Alexander Bednova "Batman." Participated in armed clashes with the "Aydar", where together with the militants "Rusich" marked cruelty.

After the liquidation of Alexander Bednova group Igor Plotnitsky declared war "LC leadership."

Photo: from the page Vkontakte


Alexei Pavlov (Goblin)

The commander of the gangs "Goblin"

Born in 1975 in Primorsk Zaporozhye region. He graduated from vocational school in his hometown. From 1993 to 1995 he served in the Army in the 529th mechanized regiment in the Dnipropetrovsk region. After the army settled in Stakhanov, where he became involved in the Cossack organizations.

Since 2007 Pavlov - Cossack "chieftain" in the village Kadievskaya under Stakhanov. His organization of the future leader of the separatists registered in the name of "Union of Cossack units" whose roots extend to Russia, and is the head of Valery Starokon - each "chieftain" Nicholas Kozitsyna.

In the spring of 2014 has been actively involved in the separatist speeches in Lugansk. After the capture of the city forms the militants "SMERSH LC", as part of which deals with detention and torture of activists Lugansk Euromaidan.

At the same time formed a unit named after the callsign Alexei Pavlov.Base Battalion "Goblin" - the building of the SBU in Lugansk, and later Lugansk Institute of Internal Affairs. Short period in the summer of 2014, even Pavlov was actually the sole owner of Lugansk after the departure from power Valery Bolotov.

Recently, Pavlov and his unit is in the shadow of the conflict with the group Plotnitsky.

Photo: screenshot TV


Alexander Zakharchenko

The commander of the gangs "Hold", the self-proclaimed "head of DNR"

Born in 1976 in Donetsk. He graduated from the College of Industrial Automation. He worked as an electrician at the mine. After working at the mine, Zaharchenko starts a business career. His name was registered in Donetsk company "Delta-fort" and "TD Continent", in one of which the owners were listed members of the Party of Regions.

In addition to business Zaharchenko engaged in social activities - headed the Donetsk branch of Kharkiv organization "Hold", which in the period Euromaidan remembered as a supplier of well-equipped titushek.

April 16, 2014 among a group of armed militants captures the building of the Donetsk Regional State Administration. In May, becomes a "military commander" in Donetsk. As part of "Hold" takes part in the battles with the Ukrainian army. July 22 gets slightly wounded in the arm by tanneries in the south of the Donetsk region.

August 7 after departure from Donetsk Moscow PR man Alexander Beard takes his place in the status of "Prime Minister of DNR." Later on organized separatists "elections" will become "the head of the NPT."

Photo: EPA


Alexander Khodakovsky

Former commander gangs "East", chapter "Security Council DNR"

Khodakovsky - former commander of the special forces SBU "Alpha" in the Donetsk region, because information about the biography of the former intelligence officer virtually none.

As part of their unit Khodakovsky was in February 2014 in Kiev, where he took part in the suppression of protests. As he admitted later, it was the events on Independence influenced his decision to side with the separatists.

In the spring of 2014 Khodakovsky gathered under the wing of former Ukrainian security forces of "Berkut" and "Alpha", joined by mercenaries from the Caucasus - Kadyrov and Ossetians. The new formation was called the "East".

Baptism of fire "East" was in collision with a battalion of "Donbass" in the battle of Karlivka on 23 May. And on May 26 "East" as part of other terrorist forces suffered heavy losses in an attempt to take the Donetsk airport.

In the struggle for power in Donetsk Khodakovsky clashed with came from Moscow Alexander Boroday and his ally Igor Girkin (Strelkov), entrenched in Slavyansk. After Girkin with their fighters was forced by the Ukrainian army to move in Donetsk, Khodakovsky decided that it is not safe to be in the same city with an armed detachment Igorivanycha, and retreated to Makeyevka July 9.

Together with Khodakovsky left half of his "Battalion", while the remaining swore allegiance to the then "Defense Minister DNR." In Makeyevka, away from the front line, Khodakovsky occupied building "Makeevuglya" has placed armed guards and waited Girkin and Boroday somewhere suddenly leave on their own, which is what happened a month later.

With a native of Donetsk Zaharchenko commander "East" common language found much easier, and the decree of November 13, "the head of DNR" was assigned to him under the same created position of "head of the Security Council of the NPT." German journalist Andre Ayhofer, who got in Hodakovskogo interview, said that now the window of a study of the former warlord overlooks the central Lenin Square in Donetsk .


Arseny Pavlov (Motorola)

The commander of the gangs "Sparta"

Born in 1983 in the Republic of Komi. Was orphaned at age 15, later raised his grandmother. He served in the army for three years as a signalman, where he received his nickname. Participated in the Second Chechen War.After the service, he returned to Komi, married, had a child, worked as a car mechanic either, whether granitčik and generally led a typical life of millions of his countrymen.

The fate of Motorola made a sharp turn after he was impressed by the news on Russian TV arrived at Donbass protect "Russian world". Pavlov joined the group Girkin in Slavic and took command of a detachment of fighters guarding the checkpoint on Semyonovka.

Talkative and rather photogenic Motorola attracted to Russian journalists that there were a large number of Slavyansk during its occupation.Motorola becomes almost the main media star "militias" after the most Girkin in which carefully formed image of a simple volunteer from the Russian hinterland, which dropped everything and went to Donbass save civilians from the punishers.

Motorola's second wife (the first remained in Komi), contrasts sharply with him silent high brunette, was found in the ranks of the "militia" in Slavyansk. However, the wedding has already played in Donetsk on July 11 after the retreat. This marriage has become one of the central events in the life "of the republic." Congratulate the newlyweds came separatist leaders Pavel Gubarev and Igor Girkin, and reports from the wedding disseminated by many media outlets.

After the wedding, Motorola with new husband went to the Crimea - rest and heal wounds received under the Slavonic. The honeymoon did not last long and in early August, he returned to the Donbass, where he created his own gang "Sparta".

Motorola division participates in the organization Ilovaisky boiler for the Ukrainian military. Then "Sparta" relocated in Donetsk, where for several months together with a group of terrorists Givi making unsuccessful attempts to storm the Donetsk airport. Several times "militia" to report on the establishment of control over the airport, but every time it turned out to be untrue. However, several reports of death Motorola also untrue .



Mikhail Tolstoy (Givi)

The commander of the gangs "Somalia"

Born in Ilovaiskaya in 1980. In 1998-2000, serving in the Ukrainian army.The training center "Desna" he specialized soldiers. After the army he worked climber.

Callsign received in the army of Georgian origin, and for the external similarity with Caucasians.

According to his own statement, is always more sympathetic to Russia than Ukraine, so after the start of the unrest in the east of Ukraine took the side of the separatists and went to fight in the Slavic group in Girkin.

As commander of the rebels for the first time showed himself under Ilovaiskaya. There detachment under the command Givi directly involved in the blocking of Ukrainian troops, trying to get out of the environment.

Since the beginning of the autumn of 2014 with Motorola directs attacks militants in the airport of Donetsk. As the tactics of terrorist attacks often choose a frontal attack, which leads to large losses among the attackers.The number of dead in the units Givi and Motorola for the period of senseless attacks on the airport is incalculable .

Photo: SNR24

The First victim was "Batman"

Alexander the poor (Batman)

The unit commander "Batman"

Bednov was born in 1969 in Lugansk in the family of a soldier. In 1988 he went to serve in the army and was enrolled in the Interior Ministry troops. According to the most Bednova, as part of another Soviet army, he had served in "hot spots" in the Caucasus. After his discharge from the army he returned to his native Lugansk and got a job in the police. In 2005, retired from service with the rank of captain. Worked to protect the nightclub.

Start "Russian Spring" in Lugansk spring 2014 Bednov met as an activist Antimaydana. First he takes "Militia" Alexei Brain, but then form their own unit, which will be called by a call of their commander.

In the structure of the self-proclaimed "LC" poor-Batman fairly quickly becomes popularly known warlord. Information resources on the separatist his performance on a regular basis beginning with the epithet "legendary". Briefly in August 2014 Bednov is a 'minister of defense LC ".

The first open conflict with the government "LC" in Bednova occurred when he was about to take part in the "elections", organized by the separatists. According to the scenario defeat was acting "head of LC" Igor Carpenter, and participation in such "election race" authoritative field commander in the plan was not - people Bednova fired at the time of submission of documents in the "electoral commission".

Despite the conflict with a group of carpentry, poor continues to be based in Lugansk. He was an active opponent of the peace accords in Minsk, and refused to take part in the exchange of prisoners, despite the fact that the submission of personal Bednova there was a prison in which among other things contained and the Ukrainian military. According to unconfirmed information, at the end of December 2014 suggested that Paul Dremov joint rebellion against Plotnitsky.

Killed by 1 January 2015 in the area Lutugino in an ambush. According to the "LC", the poor died in a shootout with the "people's militia" after refusing to disarm. The fact that the machine Bednova ambushed and burned flamethrowers, does not speak in favor of this version. The fact that as proof of death was given Bednova only charred body, gave rise to the emergence versions that the poor are not killed and captured by the Russian special services.

After the death of Bednova his unit was disbanded, and close associates captured. Militants "Batman" in "LC" is charged with the torture of prisoners and torture, and looting .

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