Thursday, January 1, 2015

Lugansk militia commander killed Bednov Alexander (callsign Batman.)

Lugansk militia commander killed, Bednov Alexander (callsign Batman.)

Message from the agency "ANNA-News". "Marat Musin reports that this morning in Lugansk militia commander killed Alexander the poor (callsign Batman). Bednov Alexander began his battle your way with only 20 fighters. Created battalion. This morning he was shot by meanly Lutugino. Classical ambush on the road: maturation, dagger fire at point blank range, a grenade launcher on the machine. camouflaged under random shelling of the BMP. The kingdom of heaven. " Posted by "Russian Spring". "DSHRG Rusich reports that today about Lutugino slain hero of the defense of Lugansk - Chief of Staff of the Fourth Brigade LC Alexander the poor.

"The people's militia" arrested Bednova Alexander, his wife, militias callsign Phoebus, Maniac and Omega and a few others. They killed six guards Batman, including volunteers from the Russian Federation with the call sign "Cat" (about rest of the information did not come). It happened before the village Georgievka. Burned 2 cars, armored car and car maintenance. According to information from the State Administration, San Sanych killed. Another died - Sniper DSHRG Rusich callsign Razor (Lugansk), Gold (Russia), Knight. "

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