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Novorossia Army Went on the Offensive on all Fronts

Novorossia Army Went on the Offensive on all Fronts
Novorossia Army went on the offensive on all fronts 
(PHOTOS) | Russian spring Steshin Dmitry 

This fact is confirmed by the officials of the DNI and carefully - the Ukrainian side about the early onset could guess from the set of indirect evidence. By threatening statements about the Ukrainian military secret envelope with strategic plans, lying in the safe. And the visits of politicians in the war zone. The military leadership of the breakaway republic knew perfectly well that declared the fourth wave of mobilization must-rip. The only way - to destroy the enemy's front. 

So in recent days, the army began to crack the DNI strategic foothold the enemy near Donetsk - a bunch of suburban Sands Avdiyivka, experienced hell. Gradually were heard rumors that in other parts of the front was moved. The first official comment was made ​​only on Friday. Chapter DNR Alexander Zakharchenko said, verbatim: "DNR will no longer try to talk to Kiev for an armistice.Attempts to talk about a truce on our part will no longer be taken. We are now going to look like will respond Kiev. Kiev now does not understand that we can advance on three fronts simultaneously. 

There will no longer be any truce and will not be any more rotations. Will only exchanges of prisoners, because our guys who are in captivity - they need to be lengthened. We'll beat back the punitive forces until we reach them on the border of the Donetsk region. " As it turned out, the words Zakharchenko has not parted with in this case. As the correspondent "KP" deputy DNI National Council, Deputy Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee Vladislav Brig, offensive now goes in three directions: - APU now has withdrawn its troops from Dzerzhinsk. In LC Cossacks and "Ghost" come on Popasnaya and Trinity. There is formed the boiler. Another pot formed under Debaltseve. Under Gorlovka militia takes Krasnaya partisan, Trinity, cleans noise. 

I understand that the offensive will continue in the direction of Mariupol, but I'm not ready to comment. In this direction, under Volnovaha, APU Ol'ginka left - there are now no one, neither the Ukrainian army or militia. - What's going on beneath the city?- From Yasinovataya APU moved. In Avdeyevka there are fights, the Ukrainian army is constantly trying to counterattack. - Much is said and written about the saboteurs in Donetsk, this is more rumor than reality? - During the night there were 12 trips to the signals of the saboteurs. - What do they say about the combat capability of the enemy? - According to the Statement of Privacy Russian psychotronic weapons, everything is very bad. 

If you remember, in the autumn, we have used the atomic bomb in Donetsk airport. According to Vladislav Brig indirectly confirm the slimmed-down attacks Donetsk, artillery APU is clearly not up to the shooting in the city. Added work and repairmen. In the secret shops of local hard workers put on the course seemed to be definitively dead trophy technique. We go to these huge hangars endless. Here, everything is clearly structured. In one - mending the howitzers. Here - "Rapier" with damaged hydraulics. Next - D-20 with a torn post. And here is the huge 152-mm gun MSTA-B. In the summer it exhibited in the square, showing take the trophy. 

She is almost ready for battle. In the next shop all covers look, forcing captured equipment.APCs, armored personnel carriers, tanks, self-propelled guns ... Some are still preserved Identification - two white stripes. For this technique Ukrainian militia called "pregnant." Separately are machines- "donors". They dismantled for parts. On special stocks - tank tower. Local craftsmen vkoryachivayut them blocks from the BMP. Standing beside him and seeming quite lifeless tank without caterpillars suddenly jerks, noise cranking diesel engine spits out a column of smoke to the ceiling and begins exactly mutter, "it's alive!" - Gleefully shouts the repairers. 
Machinery donors dismantled for parts. Photo: Alexander KOTSDmitry Steshin 

The foreman and Vladimir Lynkov somehow fatherly like, looks at his "kulibinyh." He started a war driver BMP. Came here to fix their "armor" and stayed in charge. - Here comes appliances, won in the battle of the Ukrainian army - said the foreman, Vladimir Lynkov. - Began with BMP, then began to bring APCs, tanks ... to do everything. Initially, they have white stripes.A numerical marking indicates the number of pieces, company and platoon ... At some armored vehicles still preserved Identification Ukrainian army - two white stripes.
Photo: Alexander KOTS Dmitry Steshin - 

How many cars can collect one full? - It depends. One of two, three, two, three of four. Depending upon breakage. Starters, compressors repair themselves. Parts of course not enough. Ukrainian army is our primary supplier, we would like to larger supplies. From the airport here, we promise to bring some of the BMP-2 parts, armored personnel carriers. We are waiting.Repairers joke: "Ukrainian army is our primary supplier, we would like to larger supplies!" 
Photo: Alexander KOTS Dmitry Steshin - 

Which basically breakage? - There is certainly explosive damage, but there is a technique, broken out of ignorance. Fuel equipment set incorrectly, it will not start, they throw it. Specially punched radiator or sypyat sand in oil and toss. Sometimes diesel summer floods drown instead of winter, it freezes. We certainly do not have enough electricians, candy bars. Would be better if the war is over already. I second it, did not think that the house will have to fight. - First - Afgan? - Yes, dzhabalsky 177 motorized infantry regiment, tank battalion, the 12th gate. - Anything interesting finding in the trophy technique? - No like. .. Ammunition suhpayki American, stretching ... In one of their tanks as much as eight standing. 

A huge crane lifts above our heads repaired BMP and smoothly carries her to move away from the hangar. - Here is a machine that has been collected from the Ukrainian donors Starts with half a turn , painted, - praise Lynkov. - People have come to pick her up, so she fought for justice. Renovated armor DNI in winter camouflage. Photo: Alexander KOTS Dmitry Steshin In the nearby factory floor, by the way, the workers continue to make civilian products. We were asked not to indicate - what. But believe me, it is important today is not less than the military.
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