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Panic in Ukraine takes on the Character of an Emergency

Panic in Ukraine takes on the Character of an Emergency

January 29, 2015
Received a letter from a friend of Russia , Igor: "On Friday, talked to our district. He complained about the new hemorrhoids: citizens of Ukraine, who came to work, are now supervised element. But most interesting is that the cops got rid of the data on the participants of the Maidan. Moreover, the recent detection in Russia will expel. And where the database is on them? You may laugh. She provided them with our cops Ukrainian colleagues! "

Are you surprised? In vain. Well, with the level of organization of anything in Ukraine things are unimportant. If not stronger. A maydanutye villains, including - participated in the murder, often eager to fight the "separatists" on the front. It is one thing - to kill the defenseless, and quite another - to risk their skin.

Finally, it is easy to understand that the police, has not escaped from the authorities, most of them hate svidomitov. Many personal reasons for this are. It is no coincidence bastard Avakov started cleaning rows in the eastern provinces, firing more than a thousand employees in one area. So sit svolota enthusiastically by those who have not yet fired.
We are on the eve of the grand nix (especially without money IMF)

Sensitivity of the body, the first sensing danger, Ukrainian generals are quite capable unforgettable Popandopulo beat. On account of the Committee of Soldiers' Mothers of Ukraine in litsoknige reported that "due to the threat of further attack militants urgently preparing for the evacuation of the operational headquarters of the SBU deployed in Kramatorsk.

In addition, hastily left the area of ​​combat operations in Debaltseve operational group of the General Staff. " Commanders ukrovermahta confused - can not communicate with the leadership in Kiev and personally with the commander Muzhenko.

To chase the slaughter soldiers from the battlefield is not scattered in Debaltsevskom boiler appeared "detachments" from the volunteer battalions.

"We have already seen how innocent lamb punishers type went to pick up their wounded in Donetsk airport, which they thought the words of their commanders swineherds belongs to them, and ran into an ambush militia and suffered losses. In general, the command ukrovermahta frankly has thrown his sheep and sends them to the slaughter. "

Ukrainian vundervaflya

Recently on Goncharovskiy range in Chernihiv region Ukrainian Defense Ministry has decided to demonstrate the weapons and military equipment being developed by local enterprises of the military-industrial complex, passing the test at the State Research and Testing Center of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Naturally, the rollers of the "vundervaflyah" demonstrated everywhere, except that the irons were not shown. The main "star" of the show became whether ATV, or an armored car with the complaint named "Makhno". By the way, if someone does not know, Nestor Ivanovich hated svidomitov and his troops beat them in the tail and mane, bloody shreds converted. But unless someone knows the history of Ukrainian Nazis?

Characteristics of this war chariot, who would doubt, were classified. Everywhere there was only boasting that this "vundervaflya" made to the strictest standards of NATO, and its serial production has been planned for a month. But the road by walking. Learn something failed.

Developer hohlo- "Merkava" in an interview admitted that the machine is completely built units and aggregates on GAZ-66, machine 60s design, production is phased out in 1995. Yeah ... that's what it turns out, now NATO standards. That way in a few short years before they arkballisty or trebuchet dorastut.

However, what I mean ?! Exactly one year ago, has grown:

Then the victim of this monster was the only one svidomye - he break his head when loading. How many victims will reap a new "war chariot" - God knows. Most likely the junta will fall before "Makhno" go to the front.

With a little thought, it can be assumed that the characteristics of the machine should be somewhere the same as that of the GAZ-66.That is super modern gasoline carburetor engine volume 4.2 liters, ZMZ-513, 125 l capacity already. s., and able to disperse "vundervaflyu" up to 90 km / h, at best.

About fire and extravagance of this "miracle" is better not to remember, so as not to upset. However, "Makhno" armed with quite modern remote weapon station with a great name "coffin" - that is, "Cyborg". In module included gun "Utes" and automatic grenade launcher UAG-40.

RPG, admittedly, a modern and developed more recently co-designers from Belarus and Ukraine. However, if you look closely, you can find good old ACS altered under the NATO ammunition.

Although this did not lie, even strange weapon, made by NATO standards. Here are just some ammunition in the Ukrainian army - the old Soviet. So that all the grenades for the grenade launcher will have to buy in Europe. For dollars or euros, is now very scarce in the country.

In addition, formed Debaltsevsky boiler, where a herd of 8000 in the amount of punitive goals (if not more) falls into a cesspool from which it has not come out alive. Although ... come out ... piece by piece and without arms.

To "" placed first, then quickly removed the news "Panic in Kiev: the siloviki rent Donbass".

Here is the text: "International observers have reported a growing panic in Kiev, the successful counteroffensive separatists near Donetsk. A week of fighting guerrillas inflicted a heavy defeat Ukrainian troops. The grouping of the power structures of Ukraine in the Donbas suffered huge losses, demoralized soldiers, commanders are confused and can not bring the situation under control. "

In Ukraine, the panic took the form of "emergency." Prior to the introduction of martial law has not yet reached. Police Vinnitsa region went on high alert. Informed the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Vinnitsa region police colonel Igor Morenets.

"Due to the complication of the situation in the country, sabotage, terrorist attacks in eastern Ukraine, killing large numbers of people, the government decided to strengthen the protection of public order and security of citizens on the territory of Ukraine.

Vinnytsia region, as a border region, where there is a risk of destabilization, also strengthened security measures ", - he explains decision.

The police are entitled to indiscriminate checks on the streets - the citizens ordered to wear a passport.
Fight? Not bad, povyzdyhali. But the guard in the rear ...

In Kiev will soon be the new battalion patrols stagger "Right sector» № 13. It is created to preserve order - in Bandera, of course, understood. That is, it will rob the "guardians."

Name, however, came up with a bad, "the 13th reserve battalion Volunteer Corps Ukrainian" Right Sector ". Although, given the almost without exception Nazi Satanism, they stupidity "baker's dozen" may feel happy.

"The Reserve battalion created for the defense of the capital in case of emergencies. These formations were in many cities, except Kiev. In fact, our guys were always in Kiev, but any travel or on rotation and omission was that there was no permanent military formation in the city, because there is a war with the Russian Federation "- habitually lied representative" Right Sector "Artem Skoropadsky.

Rejoice, shopkeepers and passers Kiev! Now you share acquired property and money is not simple criminals, and with criminals, join the ranks of the '13th Reserve Battalion Volunteer Corps Ukrainian "Right Sector".

And on occasion, but it all probabilities and closer, the 13th Battalion with pleasure "shturmanet" Palace Poroshenko and make it together with the chair. Or "convince" to sign the abdication from the throne in exchange for life and chocolates. And the worse things at the front, the closer a similar scenario.

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