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Semka Semenchenko | "Sam! All is Lost, All is Lost!"

"Sam! All is Lost, All is Lost!" 

The material is taken from the Page "vYalikAgo stolen" the Semka Semenchenko.

CAUTION! CAUTION There are statements and Paranoid maydanizma Attacks! "At the FRONT of A Lull. There is constant A rearrangement of Enemy Forces, are Periodically Heard artillery Duel or volleys of Hail.

All this at Any time CAN Splash in active hostilities.

To summarize the next "truce" from September to January, the Situation is not in Our favor.

All Prisoners are not Returned for These five months Created Additional Strongholds in the Territory controlled by Terrorists. Designed linear units "LC", "DNR". For example: "Regiment Dremova" - 2800 people, 4 tanks, two "nones", 6 "Grad", implements the D-30 and D-20, MTLB, memory, mortars, 80 and 120 mm, armored personnel carriers, base Repair and Storage of Heavy weapons, Intelligence and Investigation Department, Camera Interview, Execution, Torture. ..

And it All GREW out of "vatazhek", "Gangs" and "bandochek" That Were at the end of August.
No "Economic Collapse" in These areas has not happened. Remember how some of our gosdeyateli pointedly said smiling autumn "but look at what they sing in winter" ... I do not sing.
Humanitarian Aid from Russia, Ukraine, Convoys Akhmetov, procurement of coal, Electricity supplies at low Prices ...

Channel and Minsk formats Were A Mistake.

Format Budapest was cast out immediately and was not even considered.

Russian aggression is not legitimized in international Format, Martial Law is Declared.

The only dostizhenie- US Military Aid - Volunteers to Get more Merits and the Diaspora than diplomacy.

The defense does not have Industry the normal Logistics.
Enterprises overwhelmed some, others do not have orders, and have A Bunch of tax Debts.
Corruption, "mowing the bubble" and Fraud.

Lost 32.31 Checkpoints in Luhansk region and Most of the Airport in Donetsk.

The latter, especially in view of falling into captivity of the "cyborg" - a serious ideological problem.
Russian Fifth column work at All.

Army headquarters, spetssluzhby- crowded alumni academies and schools of the FSB, the GRU, the Russian Defense Ministry, the KGB.

Information Warfare Moved to Ukrainian information space.

Recent trends: A powerful Campaign Against Mobilization (Say the Generals do not Trust, you Lead us to the slaughter) and discredit volunteer Battalions and Leaders of the Patriotic movement.

Worthy ironic Attention - an Attempt to create as many as (3 !!) feykovye battalions "Donbass", which was successfully Used propaganda of the Russian Federation, including the justification for the recent escalation (one of the "battalions" promised to blow up bridges on the Ukrainian territory and capture the Territory of the Russian Federation)

Corruption Continues razedat economy, the Attorney General does not meet the Needs of Society, the Courts CAN not Find protection.

In Odessa, Kharkov and Other cities there are Explosions, there is serious A Revival of the Separatists.

Workable teroborona not actually created.

The Country has Plenty of Anti-Ukrainian Mass Media and Public Organizations.

We do not have the Initiative, we only have time to answer Calls, Often Several months late.

I do not See everything in black paint.

Of course there is progress in the reform of the Ministry of Defense, of course in the parliament there was a group of 70 people who act according to conscience and learned to block the "circuit" bills have started the reform of the Interior Ministry .. .

But time is working Against us.

Serious times call for serious decisions.

Including personnel.

And this is dependent on the Primarily President.

From the Government, MPs, local Authorities Also Varies A lot.

Each of us can make an extraordinary amount.

Because now at stake in Ukraine.

All of the above - not A Cause for discouragement.

Do that and you'll be dolzhen- Ukraine :), should be the motto of our time. "

Ilya January 25, 2015 News

Semen Semenchenko: Tick, boys

Punitive battalion commander "Donbass" on his Facebook page raised panic. Bandera Ukraine defeated on all fronts, tick if you can!

1. Ukrainian units are defeated on all fronts. Particularly "serious ideological problem" was the loss of Donetsk airport and getting part of the "cyborg" in captivity.

2. In the cities of the country, who only yesterday were considered quite peaceful, sharply intensified guerrilla movement. The biggest problem for "Bandera project" become Kharkov and Odessa.

3. The Ukrainian leadership is clearly not cope with their responsibilities, and "corruption continues to eat away at the economy."

4. On the Donbas, contrary to expectations and promises of politicians no "economic collapse" did not happen. A Poroshenko announced the blockade had no effect at all.

5. Mobilizing failed - to war no hurry, and to blame ... Russia!

It makes such a conclusion Semenchenko in his post . And I must admit that the whole battalion leader of rights. Soon we will liberate Nazi-occupied territory.

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