Sunday, January 25, 2015

UKRAINIAN Army Destroyed its Own Brigade in Mariupol

UKRAINIAN Army defeated OWN Brigade Mariupol 

This may sound Odd coming from the DNR Command, mostly because it's usually how the Pro-Nazi forces post reports. So believe it or not. The highly incompetent Ukrainian armed forces fired on their own column 28 mechanized brigade Under Mariupol. This WAS Reported on Saturday DEPUTY MINISTER Defence Edward Basurina DNR. "About 14 hours taking the column 18 28 Ukrainian Battalion Mechanized Brigade, moves into the area of the vine, on the eastern outskirts of Mariupol, a division of the army DNI, enemy artillery was struck by her fire attack "- Basurin told reporters at a briefing, adding that recently stepped up their efforts APU artillery Mariupol direction without preliminary exploration targets.

According to intelligence breakaway republic, as a result of the loss of the Ukrainian army totaled 115 men killed and wounded. According to Deputy Defense DNR, was destroyed by one infantry combat vehicle and a truck. In addition, as described Basurin, resulting in erroneous targeting Ukrainian spotters fire rockets APU hit a residential neighborhood Sector East, killing 10 civilians. Deputy Minister Defense DNI said that the firing was conducted by Berdinsky, on the western outskirts of Mariupol, where near the city's airport is concentrated a large group of Ukrainian army, including divisional multiple rocket launchers ...

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