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Who shot the Motorcade Bednova for certain Unknown. | "colonelcassad"

Summaries of the militia of New Russia
Who shot the Motorcade Bednova for certain Unknown. | "colonelcassad"
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Material from the browser Boris Rozhina ("colonelcassad") "As a result of the information gathered about the death Bednova, will present their vision of what happened. Just denote the most "Batman" has seen a couple of times in the autumn in Moscow, where he came to knock supply units and social objects in Lugansk. It was possible to shake his hand and exchange a few words.

Of course, I did not expect that the famous commander of BCH, in a few months will be killed, and not by the junta.What was the most memorable because it is a rich selection of photos on his phone with the killed soldiers of the junta and the destruction of equipment, some of which are still missing in the network. From the very "Batman" we as a humanitarian organization working since May, when he was still a small group, which engaged in catching gunners and spotters in Lugansk, as well as the fight against Sunset in Lugansk DRG and mobile enemy mortar crew.

The emblem squad quickly became recognizable, which later contributed to the successful operations. Later squad "Batman" and he grew up essentially of reinforced DRG has grown to a full battalion, and at the end of their the way to the team. They fought mainly in the vicinity of Lugansk - first on the northern front near Metalist and Villages Lugansk, then in the south. In the media field were marked by trimming the junta Georgievka Communists and Vergunki, the defeat of the enemy columns near Bahmutki and of course defeat the column "Aydar" in September. In general, a division of "Batman" and even enlarged, in fact continued to be heavily overgrown DSHRG that effectively able to carry out reconnaissance and sabotage activities and solve problems sweeps settlements.

Itself part is always marked by the fact that its real military successes fotodokumentirovala, hence lasting reputation "Batman" as a successful commander."Batman" was one of those who first realized that the media heavy support units is not less important than the humanities, and in the autumn of 2014, many commanders realized that the popularity of the media depends on the flow of humanitarian goods.It got to the ridiculous, we received complaints from various commanders units that were asked of promotion and were ready to "give heroes" that is really heroic people whose feat was unknown, but which became known flows could send humanitarian aid to the "forgotten places".

One can recall the company of "fields" of the team, "Trump", which no one knew, but after 1 video on it in a few days lumped load. In the fall, after Minsk, "Batman" wanted to take part in the presidential elections in LC, but admitted to them was, as the elections were intended to approval of the agreed Moscow candidacy carpentry and people like Bednova that could gain a significant percentage of the votes were not needed. Attempt to register as a candidate ended with shooting wounded. Bednov this eventually reconcile and joined to the army chief of staff LC becoming the 4th infantry brigade and officially became a lieutenant colonel of the armed forces with LC. Bednov with his motorcade morning of January 1 moved from Lugansk in the direction of the village Georgievka.

At the turn on Lutugino machines were shot in an ambush - the fire was of machines, hand grenade and BMP. Serious chances of survival in the car was not there. The poor visibility all went through Lutugino on the Red Ray, where his people (at the end of December in the RRG was about 250-300 personnel, some of whom were based in Luhansk, part - in the Red Ray). Who was shot motorcade Bednova for certain unknown. According to the official version - shooting staff carried MGB LC while trying to arrest. There is also a version that allegedly fired at the people of the People's Militia. According to the people, "Batman", carried out the execution of a PMC Wagner, who is a retired military / vacationers from Russia.

 Commander DSHRG "Rusich" Milchakov said that special forces carried out the execution of the Russian Federation. Since all the circumstances of the shooting today we do not know, as well as direct evidence in favor of one of the versions, this question remains open, and I think over time, one way or another we will know exactly who pulled the trigger. It is also not known who gave order to eliminate - Carpentry, Attorney LC, head of the MGB, one of the "advisors" or the commander on the spot. There is also a version that the planned elimination of protection, and the "Batman" only delay, but as a result of implementing the jamb, the poor, was killed on the spot, which gave rise to almost daily silence of the authorities, who frantically invented an explanation of what happened. Daily silence is generally a frequent companion of situations when something goes wrong, as it was planned.

According to the official version of the case to Bednova was opened on December 30. Even after the murder Bednova, published an official statement prosecutors LC, which is part of the explanation of the circumstances of the elimination Bednova not stand up to criticism that gave rise to a black joke about "a summons by a thermobaric munitions." Official was forced almost daily pereobuvatsya to previously exalted official propaganda Bednov was immediately presented "devil incarnate". There generally clean Orwell - Oceania is at war with Ostaziey today. This does not mean that we have a totalitarian state, but clearly shows the presence among the advocates of people with totalitarian thinking rejecting objective truth.

As a result, a person who has 4 days ago was considered a hero award-winning local (and in fact it was for that), now drawn bloody vampires, which have nowhere to put the mark. For those with short-term memory quite come, but clumsiness advocacy work there. The prosecutor's office LC sane Bednova spin content of the "basement", possession of weapons. On the "basement." After the murder of Batman detained people testified on the theme of "basement". Personally, I'm talking about the existence of the basement learned in June-July. They began to appear in various departments in the late spring, as a substitute for the absent law enforcement and prison system.

Commanders in the field have begun themselves to combine military power with the right to administer justice in the controlled area.This naturally created a ground for various forms of abuse, so I can well assume that Bednova and on the basement could be people without guilt. At the same time, I know one particular case of this "basement". In the spring of one person passed assembled in Russia means to Lugansk local militias. In the beginning everything was fine and all came. And then it turned out that sent him 200 000 hryvnia to the militias have not reached. When the poor learned about it, this figure once upekli "on the basement" and demanded to return the stolen money. He refused to give money, and said that he had nothing and threatened to come to Medvedev and prove his innocence.

 I was interested in August his fate, I was told that is still sitting (just sitting there or somewhere riding dig trenches, as many assumed I did not specify). Even then I asked the fellow if you can write a story about what I was told if information about it will be known among the militia, it just killed ("lost" somewhere in the Luhansk) supposedly do not want to take a sin, sits pier - and to hell with him. So speaking of the "basement", there must be suitable to each case individually - there were those who sat there for quite the case, because except "to the basement," put these people were simply nowhere.

 On the other hand, if there were actually cases of torture and landings innocent, the case must deal with the military police, who investigate such offenses are usually among the militias. Actually, there is not far to seek, and you can remember very recent history where people Hodakovskogo put on a basement band " Borotbists ", as well as less well-known story that some people DNI Khalikova former prosecutor, now themselves" sitting on the basement "for various abuses of the Donetsk prosecutor's office. About spin. Almost all units DNR and LC lived from spring to graze. Local resources in fact subjected requisitions - as legitimate under military necessity and illegal when military necessity were covered for personal gain.

The first is always turned a blind eye (promising at some point to compensate for withdrawal), then with the second since autumn began to actively fight when in Donetsk and Lugansk actively earned the military police, which for example began to return illegally seized from the population of vehicles and to investigate cases of looting committed by militias as well as other crimes - murder, robbery, vandalism, etc. have put themselves whether something in the pocket of the poor? I do not know, I have him in my pocket did not look. His unit is always financed by humanitarian aid (we worked with him, KTSPN, "Humanitarian Battalion" and other gumanitarschiki), trophies and local sources. Are all the local sources to finance it voluntarily or someone did it under duress, I do not know.

If there were proven facts of illegal SPIN property, then of course the poor are those strongly framed. As for what the money was spent, it may be noted that the RRT was always good equipped and armed, as well as carry out social work to help the poor and children. About weapons. The charges on the topic of weapons storage smack of severe mental retardation. Each unit in the LC and DNR usually has a "Munitions", which holds stocks of arms and ammunition, which were used for fighting or for rearmament recruits. Weapons usually was Ukrainian, but there get crumbs from streams "PX".

Among competing units was common practice to "spin Munitions" when by "raider attack", one division could overcome "Munitions" in another. When I was in September on the territory of the LC, just ran into this practice. After Izvarino we had to go to the familiar militias near the border, where I had to give body armor 6th grade, but after the "zero" we were told that there is some other militias disarmed opoltsentsy and "Munitions" where I had to give Armor and seized. Commandant Izvarino "105th" then abruptly pulled to understand and then we had never met. As a result, I had to go in Novostetlovku Ballistic "bib."

The only real crime with these "Munitions" lay in the fact that some of the figures involved in the sale of arms to these "oruzheek", including the territory of the Russian Federation, in the first half of the summer 2014 year. After one bad story, tightened border controls and the flow of weapons coming back from a New Russia Russia (including private "oruzheek") dropped significantly. How much should be of the charges Bednova selling weapons to Russia, no one accused.

So the whole issue of storage of weapons is not worth a damn. They would have presented Bednova that it was captured from the junta T-64 tank and several armored personnel carriers and BRDM. But the most interesting thing is that all of this did not really matter when the poor joined the 4th Mechanized Infantry Brigade and received the official title of Lieutenant Colonel anyone in the LC Munitions or basement Bednova not worried, though among those who are "in the subject", these issues were not a secret to say the least. So all in all, this line is declared in an official statement the prosecution LC only serves the objectives cover the elimination of other causes Bednova. In the second version, in which all statements prosecutors LC is bullshit, Bednova eliminated because he refused to obey his carpentry and eliminated in part of the elimination of "Makhnovshchina".

Mole is a war, and therefore all who disagree with the supplied Moscow government can kill within political expediency. At the same time somehow omitted the time that such statements are in fact not only justify murder without trial of Russian citizens (who were among the dead), but in essence calling for the murder of other Russian citizens, who may not agree with certain aspects of the what is happening in the New Russia. As is consistent with the current Russian legislation is difficult to say, but I doubt that the Investigative Committee as it will react to the murder.

Then say, but it's a civil war and political expediency, while usually refer to the experience of the Bolsheviks, which the authors of such comparisons tend to hate.Now concerning the unity of command. In September there was a fork in the road, where local commanders tried to organize and collect Commanders Council to jointly define the future of New Russia. As you know, think no one supported the event and went on rails artificial creation of the army with the help of "PX". Now return to the capabilities of September is no longer possible, and this is well understood and Brainstorming and Dremov.

Therefore, despite their floats with carpentry, they carry out the decision of a single army command. From the perspective of unity of command of military administration has de facto established, just not all understand that this unity of command where the top of the pyramid are not Zaharchenko with carpentry.

Therefore confused military unity of command and subordination Carpentry questions, you should not. De facto things work a little differently, and they rule the process is a little different, people usually appearing under the call sign. The theme of unity of command in the conflict Plotnitsky with the Cossacks in Anthracite and Dremova serves the usual club, which is trying to cover up the banal business questions coal trade, the control of which fought carpentry and Kozitsin and distribution of humanitarian aid issues, which raises Dremov.

At the same time, and merged with MO LC poor, and are subject to military command and Brain Napping, well aware that it is not subject to the military command can not be, because it will be a real Makhno. But a blind eye to other issues, such as theft of humanitarian aid and incomprehensible spending money for coal trade with the junta, they are not ready.Therefore, the same open Dremov takes a position, "I do not Makhnovets, I obey military orders, but carpenter who steals humanitarian aid, I submit is not ready."

Bednov the second half of December, too, began to show an open Fronde expressing dissatisfaction carpenter, and his accusations what is repeated accusations Dremova and antratsitskih Cossacks. Of course, if Dremova lead to loyalty Carpentry hard - he has about 1300-1500 people and a vast sector of the front on the control, the poor was in Lugansk with its Fronde was in a vulnerable position. In my opinion, on December 31 or January 1 night Bednov learned that it wants to arrest, raising his dirty laundry, which was previously no one cared.

He tried to go from Lugansk to their base in the Red Ray, but Lutugino was intercepted and eliminated. Probably intentionally, but we can not exclude stocks performers. By law it certainly had nothing to do, but from the standpoint of political expediency, then yes - on the one hand seems to be on a self-willed commander was less, on the other hand - the way it was done, has caused great damage to the LC, presented by the Republic as polubanditsky enclave, where the law is implemented gangster methods.

In this case, the murder Bednova not eliminate any questions about humanitarian aid (before the new year has arrived in Lugansk Commission of the Russian Federation in order to verify the disappearance of humanitarian supplies from the "Bellevue convoys" - so that in this respect and claims Bednova Dremova forced Moscow to stir and check information from the field) and the fate of coal money (and these issues will now be louder) or conflict with Dremova.LC by this murder will not win for sure. Will some rebellion against Plotnitsky? In my opinion no.

The situation in New Russia has long been tightly powered on "Voentorg."Even if some of the accusations against Bednova true, then in any case he did not deserve to die like that, especially considering how much he had done to current LC held. To me, he was and still is a positive figure in the uprising in the Donbas. He was a child of the civil war and she devoured it. Rest in peace.

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