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After Cyprus - America: Russia will deploy military bases around the world

After Cyprus - America: Russia will deploy military bases around the world

Cyprus President Nikos Anastasiadis offered Moscow to place in his country two military bases. Military experts believe that it's real - Russia is negotiating the establishment of bases in Vietnam, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Singapore, Seychelles and Cuba.

Cyprus President Nikos Anastasiadis offered Moscow to place in his country two military bases. The first of these could be deployed in the interest of the Navy in the port of Limassol, the second - at the airport "Andreas Papandreou", combined with the international airport of Paphos in the southwest of the island. Signing of the agreement can be held on February 25 during the visit of Cyprus in Russia. "In light of the events taking place in the Middle East that would be a very good solution - commented television channel STAR possibility of Russian military bases in Cyprus, political scientist Alexander Hramchihin. 

- But we must be aware that this will be a very difficult decision. At least in terms of supply. " According to the analyst, the maintenance of military infrastructure abroad - one of the main issues in the establishment of military bases. Russian warships are present in the Mediterranean, reminds Hramchihin, we have a base of logistical support in Syria Tartus. But the service on it is "in shifts" - that is, the Russian experts, technical staff are not there all the time, and as necessary, to ensure the activities of the fleet in the Mediterranean. 

 According to the headquarters of the Navy in the Mediterranean are more than 15 ships for various purposes. Item logistics in Syria consists of a floating dock PM 61M, floating workshop (replaced every six months), storage, barracks and various household objects. Point service 50 Russian sailors. Representatives of the Main Staff of the Navy has repeatedly spoken in favor of modernization and expansion of the base in Tartus. In the case of Cyprus the task even more difficult. Nikos Anastasiadis, speaking about the use of Limassol, notes that in the past year, the Russian sailors had a positive experience based in the port. 

Last year was visited by heavy nuclear missile cruiser "Peter the Great" and the aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov". Earlier crew TARKR "Peter the Great" took part in the security of the third stage of transportation Syrian chemical weapons in cooperation with the Chinese, Danish and Norwegian seamen. A naval aviation pilots from the Air Wing, based aboard the heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser "Admiral Kuznetsov", worked flights to the Mediterranean Sea to the southeast of the island of Cyprus.However, as noted Hramchizin is episodic. As well, in his opinion, it is possible to speak of "basing" Russian ships in the Italian port of Taranto in the gulf of the Ionian Sea. "The fact that the president announced Cyprus Nikos Anastasiadis, does not mean that its intention to host Russian military -Navy and Air Force Base agree NATO and the European Union - said the president of the International Center for Geopolitical Analysis Leonid Ivashov. 

- Cyprus - an EU member, that is the question. Especially that Cyprus, as you know, is divided, and requires at least tacit approval of Turkey. " The expert stressed that Cyprus economically very weak and can not in modern military-political situation to realize this kind of radical plans. "Most likely, this is done for the purpose of advertising, to attract Russian tourists, nothing more," - said the general. "In light of the elections in Greece, the establishment of strategic dialogue in the field of gas transit with Turkey, opening plans of Russian military bases in Cyprus are not as too mythical, - expressed his opinion channel STAR Academy of Military Sciences, Professor Vadim Kozyulin. - Greeks declare the possibility of a military alliance with Russia and out of NATO. 

Ankara is extremely beneficial cooperation with us in the gas sector, as the construction of an energy hub will force Europe to reckon with Turkey - a NATO member, but not a member of the European Union. Last Turks, tried unsuccessfully to become members of the European Community for many years, the most offensive. " "I hope that the country's leadership is aware of the scale of the problem, agreeing to the establishment of military bases in Cyprus, - says Alexander Hramchihin. - Our diplomacy bad manifests itself in a situation where it is necessary to build a lot of running, diverse relationships. And it's not even a relationship with Greece and Turkey. 

This is a conflict with the European Union and the United States. Just 40 kilometers from the airport "Andreas Papandreou" is a military air base of the British Royal Air Force "Akrotiri". " Vadim Kozyulin said that Russia does what it does. Recently, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced that Russia is negotiating the establishment of military bases in Vietnam, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Singapore, Seychelles and Cuba - like an expert. Why in this list can not be of Cyprus? - Asks Kozyulin. According to Shoigu, the negotiations relate not only to the establishment of military bases, but also simplify the visits of ships in the ports of these countries, as well as the possibility of long-range aircraft refueling. 

"We are actively fly, but to actively fly, we need refueling base, you need to ensure that our tankers Il-78 aircraft or waiting at the equator, or in other places," - said the minister. Whatever it was, says Kozyulin, but Russia has joined in the geopolitical struggle with the United States. Vladimir Putin, the expert said, quite made ​​it clear that he disagreed with the formation of a unipolar world.Establishment of Russian military bases around the world - one of the steps for an end to the hegemony of one of the political players in the international arena. Russia intends to establish military bases in Latin America. 

We are talking about Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua. In July 2014, Vladimir Putin visited Nicaragua as part of a trip to Latin America, where he met with President Daniel Ortega.During the visit were discussed, including military cooperation, the topic of placing GLONASS ground stations on the territory of Nicaragua. As well as Russia's participation in the construction of the Nicaraguan canal that connects the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, the creation of military infrastructure for the protection of the object. In October 2014 agreed to the deployment of Russian military bases on its territory gave Argentina. As noted then edition Guardian Liberty Voice, «US actually slept through the emergence of Russian military bases." 

 Armenia 102nd military base in Gyumri (Leninakan), Yerevan 102nd military base was formed in the city of Gyumri (until 1991 the city was called Leninakan) in Armenia September 1, 1994 on the basis of the 127th Motorized Rifle Division of the 7th Guards Combined Arms Army of the Transcaucasian Military District (Division stationed in Armenia since 1953). An agreement on the deployment of Russian military base in Armenia was signed only 16 March 1995 for a period of 25 years. 27 September 1996 there was an appropriate intergovernmental agreement. 

The rent for the base in Gyumri will not be charged, Armenia provides it with the necessary types of communal household services. In December 2005, after the signing of the Russian-Armenian bilateral documents was announced the expansion of the Russian military base in the country. Armenia has transferred 102 th base of a number of land and real estate. The objectives of Russian forces in Armenia cover the southern flank of Russia and protection of Armenia as a member of the Collective Security Treaty. 

The composition of the 102nd Military Base includes three motorized rifle regiments (123rd in Yerevan, 124 th and 128 th in Gyumri), 992 th Artillery Regiment, 988 th air defense missile regiment (both in Gyumri), the 116th Independent Tank Battalion, 772 th separate reconnaissance battalion. In addition, in the grouping unit combat support. In service with the 102nd base to 100 tanks, 300 armored vehicles, artillery systems and anti-aircraft missiles of various types. The number of personnel about 4 thousand. Man. Base of the Group of Russian Forces in the Transcaucasus. Belarus Independent Radar Node Gantsevichi (Baranovichi)

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