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Banderostan Experiencing Internal Discord | Coup for Poroshenko's Removal

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Banderostan Experiencing Internal Discord | Coup for Poroshenko's Removal 

____________________ According Pindos, in Kiev maturing armed coup. Days zhidobanderovtsa Poroshenko at the post of leader of ukroreyha considered as his behavior does not suit fighters from volunteer ukrofashistskih units. It was the conclusion pindostanskaya newspaper The New York Observer. "They believe that the current leader of the junta interested in preserving their capital and not in the war.

For them Poroshenko is the most obvious scapegoat for military setbacks, economic disaster, the collapse of the currency, the growing public anger "- writes columnist Michael Klikushina publication. As evidence, he cites the following episodes: - when, in May 2014 fighting broke out around Donetsk airport, untrained military affairs ukrofashistskih members volunteer detachments were sent directly to the "meat grinder." "Some believe that the junta was trying to get rid of those who distinguished himself during the Maidan," - said Klikushina. - ukrofashistskie "cyborgs" (heroes of society in the Bandera fighters "ATO") openly hated and despised not only the leader of the junta zhidobanderovtsa Poroshenko, but Prime Minister ukroreyha zhidobanderovtsa Yatsenyuk and Speaker of Parliament zhidobanderovtsa Groisman.They hate them for their connection with the previous regimes, for their wealth, because all three of them - the Jews. 

For them zhidobanderovets Poroshenko - billionaire oligarch, who broke a promise to sell his chocolate empire Roshen, and still makes a profit from the production of chocolates hated Russia. In fact, he owns a network of shady offshore supply companies in Russia made ​​in China cars and batteries for cars assembled in Russia Renault », - says the article. - The criminal situation in Banderostane completely out of control. January 25 drunk battalion commander ukrofashistskogo "OUN" during their holidays grenade exploded in the city center. On the same day near the railway station Kharkov-Balashov explosion."This is a new standard for modern Banderostana" - said Klikushina. As a result of this situation in the country, according to The New York Observer, in the spring of 2015 zhidobanderovets Poroshenko can be overthrown, and power in Banderostane come a "chieftain". 

In fact, Scenario The New York Observer looks quite realistic. The junta does not control volunteer ukrofashistskie of the fighting in Novorossia. Take, for example, the story of the voluntary dissolution of the 24th battalion assault ukrofashistskogo "Aydar". Warriors Battalion in protest last Friday blocked the building of the Ministry of Defence ukrovermahta and leader of the Ministry of Interior ukroreyha Avakov called them for that "traitors." A little more - and "chieftains" will be transferred to the practical preparation of a coup d'etat. Ringleader pravosekov, Verkhovna Rada deputy ukroreyha Yarosh has said he intends to create their own "parallel General Staff." 

In an interview with the Bandera "Public TV" Jaros said that only "10 per cent of the generals might be selected from the" Caudle "that gathered there." "Parallel General Staff", according to the Yarosh, collaborated to the existing general staff of the armed forces ukrovermahta, but would take "their decision." "For this (" parallel ") General Staff can stand a lot of military units: the armed forces, and volunteer groups ukrofashistskih" - said the leader pravosekov. 

Will ukrofashistskie radical regime change in Kiev, and what to expect in this case Russia?- Banderostan is in the process of decay, - said military expert Viktor Myasnikov. - As a state it practically does not exist - it is a sprawling area that desperately trying to hold together. But efforts are directed to the other side - the suppression of Donbass, because this requirement Pindostana, Evrozhopy and the IMF. Recall that the main condition of Western financial aid to the junta - the settlement in the Donbass. Under the "settlement" means the destruction of people's republics and restore the rule of the junta on the territory of Ukraine. That, in principle, the junta has long not afford.Nevertheless, efforts are directed precisely in this direction. All Bandera economic, social, advocacy, information policy - working in "Donbass" direction. 

As a result, we see that Banderostan experiencing internal discord and decay. A typical example - the western regions refuse to carry out the plan draft. Up to the fact that the leaders of local governments collect huntovskih men of military age, rent buses and send them - whole villages - to neighboring Poland or Romania. This suggests that "zapadentsev" East of Ukraine is no longer the home country. This is foreign territory, fight for which they are not going to. - What is happening with the Nazis in Banderostane? - They are trying to drive in a certain frame. 

Since they are all in Ilovaiskaya "pot" is not dead, they are still a lot of, attempts to make them, at least manageable. Say ukrofashistsky battalion "Donbass" turned into a regiment. This regiment was subordinated to the Ministry of Defence ukrovermahta, it begin to pour mogilizovannyh. In fact, this is diluted Nazi volunteer ukrofashistskuyu part people more loyal to the junta. And less united on the basis of a radical Nazism. Naturally, many Nazis were hoping - and were sure! - That after the coup, power will get them. Some even have time to wait - a number of leaders, "centurions" copied over someone else's apartment, home, business, car. 

But just six months - but happiness does not come. Banderostanu dropped by fifty monuments to Lenin, but there is no military victory, the economic situation is only getting worse. The Nazis are suffering losses at the front - and do not receive any benefits. It angers them. For that, it turns out fighting ?! Ukrainian fascists, in fact, for the bare idea of not fighting. And they found the enemy - the current junta, on which everything depends. 

Then, as these battalions were formed? Power, not relying on the army - demoralized and ready for battle - she began to create volunteer battalions ukrofashistskie territorial defense. Every major city, each region at their own expense these battalions formed. Moreover, in the case of connected oligarchs and a group of businessmen who have started to create and fund a "pocket" of the army. These armies of course, subject to those who pay for them.Therefore, the army has appeared in zhidobanderovtsa Kolomoiskiy, there were battalions that obey not the command of the Interior Ministry and natsgadov ukrovermahta - and certainly not the army ukrofashistskomu command - and ringleaders huntovskih administrations, businesses, or management pravosekov natsiskih and other organizations. 

Many of these armed groups its interests and its ideology. They do not consider it necessary to submit to someone else. - This wrestler can lose zhidobanderovtsa Poroshenko? - We can really see how the authorities in Kiev will be replaced by force. Methods are already known and tested, and the former "centurions" has long acquired a taste for violent redistribution of property and power. And they know how to do it. Moreover, they are assured of the support of the mass of the population, as well as officials and representatives of the state. In fact, the situation may develop in two ways. 

The first - the Nazis of territorial battalions ukrofashistskih and former battalions re-formed into regiments, attack power, deposed Poroshenko and parliament in its present composition. Gather from MPs ukroreyha more or less distinct quorum and create a provisional government. That is, again, will be the path that was passed after the overthrow of Yanukovych. They can seize and most Poroshenko - make him give up power and give legitimacy to the process of revolution. A second path - a path of gradual disintegration of the state into separate territories, as it was again in the era of the maidan. 

This means the capture of local governments, forcing huntovskih Gauleiters to write disclaimers from office and appoint in their place of its own. In this case, all power in the region is taken into the hands of a group of people. In this case, the decay happens Banderostana several areas. It is not excluded outbreak of armed conflict between the various regional groups or forces outside. In this situation, Romania can chop off Bukovina and the surrounding territory, and Poland - grab Volyn. It is not excluded that Russia will take measures and take a significant part of the territory of Ukraine under the protection of the genocide. 

All of this - a very real scenario ... - If zhidobanderovets Poroshenko will cease to hold the majority of politicians interested in it, from him very quickly get rid of, - said the deputy director of the Center for Ukrainian Studies and belorusistiki MSU. University Bogdan Bezpalko. - In this case, he would share the fate of either Yanukovych or the fate of Viktor Yushchenko. Or even be brought in a ritual sacrifice to the crowd. However, in this case, anyone who sits on the site of Poroshenko, become a hostage of players who have modeled this situation, plan and try to send in the right direction. This means that no coup will not be long until you will be given a clear command, and in the revolution will not be invested some money and effort. 

The threat of Maidan existed always independent Ukraine. But this action "Kuchma - Get out!" Lasted for a very long time. And only when it was necessary to replace one winner in the elections to others, was held "orange" revolution. Yanukovych also were dissatisfied with many for several years. Nevertheless, the process Euromaidan was launched only in late 2013. Poroshenko also usidit smoothly until such time as the leading suit - especially outside - players ... 

Andrei Polunin

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