Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Black Wednesday: the collapse of the hryvnia and the storming shops

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Black Wednesday: the Collapse of the Hryvnia and the Storming Shops
Today at 11:15 am

Thousands of residents of Ukraine on February 25, stormed the stores. People are swept away from the shelves long-term storage products and appliances. The reason - the shock collapse of the hryvnia. Over the past two weeks the national currency fell by half, and for the year since the overthrow of Yanukovych - five times already. Income population, Ukraine is now competing with the poorest countries of Africa. Level of political culture is about the same. 

"The march of truth" Ukrainian nationalists to remind officials, thanks to whom they are in power, fell on Black Wednesday. A year after the events on the Maidan national currency collapses literally into the abyss, almost every hour updating a historic low. That is why the demand of protesters is the same as in the previous government - the fight against corruption. 

The main culprit and corrupt financial collapse in Ukraine called the head of the National Bank Valery Gontareva. Rally in front of the National Bank - the second of the day: the battle drums, tires at the entrance requirements and resignation. "Sugar was eight, now sixteen hryvnia. 

In the evening, come home, do not know how much it will cost. How to live for a thousand hryvnia retirement?" - Asks one of the participants of the rally.Hope for rapid changes with the advent of the new government gave way to bitter disappointment. February 25 dollar was worth 40 hryvnia, unthinkable figure for Ukrainians a year ago. Only in the last day the dollar and euro on the "black" market rose by 5-6 hryvnia.


  1. "Certain circumstances in Europe have enabled a rise of Neo Nazi Fascists that will certainly come with severe consequences."
    Don't be so rude towards Putin. On the other hand, you can call him neo nazi in the end - he's responsible for thousands of deaths.

  2. FLASH!! Official report: the food reserves of Ukraine are empty. Ukraine's ministry of food reserve got empty storehouses to fill the shelves of stores with eggs, butter, milk, rice, poultry, pork and beef:

    Back to the USSR: food ration tickets been already imposed in Chernihiv region: