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Monday, February 9, 2015       Elena Nichuk
Feast of hyenas - 3. How Yatsenyuk has already earned in the war?
Why the Ukrainian government is so eager to fight on the Donbass? Maybe it's not just in politics, but in the fact that the war - is a huge business? Ukraine's defense budget for 2015 is 86 billion USD.
And by a strange coincidence, on the most profitable areas in the defense industry are people, lit is surrounded by Tymoshenko, Poroshenko, in the ranks of the "Front for Change"? And about the role of supporters Yatsenyuk in the procurement of drugs, which the beginning of the ATO requires more, told the ex-Minister of Health Musii. Not surprisingly, for trying to uncover corruption "ulcers" war scare journalists prison and fill up with lawsuits.
Homeland, sell Soldier Machine
Back in September last year, the journalist Dmitri Mendeleev published in the analytical weekly "Mirror of the Week" several articles, the loudest of which - "Lies kill" and "Shadow War". In the first article of the arms business officials to sue him in court. The suit consisted entirely of absurd statements such as the fact that in July 2014 there was no war (although the ATO began in the spring, and in May, Donetsk and Lugansk steppe already being plowed Ukrainian tanks). The second article almost cost journalist of many years in prison. It attacked the AP and the prosecutor's office with the investigation of "endangering state security of Ukraine."
What is so dangerous relationships found in the front and rear journalist? And he found one simple detail: the first half of 2014, when the intensity of the war in the Donbas was incomparably lower than now (there has never been Illovayskogo boiler, nor the battle for the Donetsk airport or Debaltseve), the state company "Ukrinmash" in the domestic market were sold 35900 AKM (7.62 mm), 1,237 RPG-7V, nearly five thousand aircraft missiles, 60 anti-tank missile complexes "Fagot". Another state-owned enterprise "Promoboroneksport" sold again in the domestic market ten BTR-70, and the company "Spetstehnoeksport" - 23 drone "Flight." Someone went just 10,000 helmets and two Mi-8 helicopters.
It turned out that they had gone to those who fight in the Donbas. According to investigative journalist and government troops, and volunteer (punitive) battalions. But why, asks the journalist, the enterprise of state concern "Ukrboronprom" cynically earn on what should be issued free of charge.
Why are the soldiers who collected and so the army on the principle grandfather bought boots, girlfriend - body armor presented, also need to buy weapons for their money? After all, according to the official propaganda, the armed forces are fighting for their homeland. And this behavior homeland looks absolutely monstrous.
... But only for those who have not figured out the bloody weapon in the kitchen business ATO. In fact, the scheme is simple to genius. Money for weapons paid volunteers, collecting them with patriotic citizens (or simply kind and naive). Advertising in social networks now and then calls on Ukrainians to donate to the imager. Or on the radio. Or even on a plane.
In this case, the population does not explain that the Ukrainian legislation does not provide direct purchases though volunteers, though anyone guns and pistols from the manufacturer. If decommissioned Kevlar helmets and old NATO "Bronicas" you can still move on foot through the checkpoints Lviv (this method "supply" in the army of volunteers called formic path), then acquire "means the slaughter of the enemy" must be through intermediaries, which are appointed by the state.
Here and there are numerous intermediaries authorized authority on gun auction: the structure of the State Concern "Ukrboronprom" state-owned "Ukrinmash", the above-mentioned enterprise "Spetstehnoeksport" and "Promoboroneksport."
As a result, both wrote Dmitri Mendeleev was organized (through multiple intermediaries) large-scale sale of arms and military equipment - machines, drones, helicopters, grenade launchers, missiles and so on., Which "according to a report on the implementation of DoD military assets in the first half, vpozvolila" gain by selling "nearly 84 million USD. commission. " Considering how kindled the flame of battle in the second half of the year, this figure can easily multiply by three.
In addition to Dmitri Mendeleev, about fraud with weapons and other journalists said. So Dmitry Hnap of "Slіdstvo.Іnfo" unveiled a shocking article about how "Ukrinmash" bought imagers have alleged American corporation ATN Corporation,
which actually turned out to be ... Odessa. It turned out that the "corporation" is actually a mediator and sells at exorbitant prices optics, released the company "Sphere", located in the sea, on the street Dalnyckiy. The reaction of the Ministry of Defense on the exposure was predictable: Minister Poltorak denied everything, though admitted that he learned about the scandal of the media .
"Lord of War" ATO
Did not believe in the government and the AP Poroshenko even open letter to former employees of DP GHVIF "Ukrinmash" (part of the GC "Ukroboronprom") in which they are listed in detail all the participants of corruption schemes. This is all the familiar faces.
The chapter "Ukroboronproma" Roman Romanov. Education - teacher of physics. Lived in Kherson, owned a car dealership.
Sergey Pinkas - his deputy, until August 2014 he worked zam.mera Tsyurupynsk city. But Pinkas interesting not by itself, and their dad - Head GPtSU in the Kherson region, Major-General Vladimir Pinkasom . However, he commands prisons. But in an environment where recruits mass mow conscription, the jailer in Ukraine - it is almost military profession.
Arthur Cherubim (until recently Kherson businessman and local MP, all covered with debts, and now - the director of the department control over financial and economic activities of concern "Ukroboronprom").
Vladislav foxes (as the Head of Sales "KrAZ" lobbied fighting "Cougars" of its production).
MP from New Kakhovka Ivan Winnick, who holds the post of Secretary of the parliamentary committee on national security and defense. He is responsible for the implementation of state programs for the production of unmanned aerial vehicles in the amount of UAH 1 billion.
And the most interesting person, which recalled the employees' Ukroboronproma "in an open letter - Leonid Kryuchkov, one of two brothers Raiders, who are" famous "housing scams under the wing of Yulia Tymoshenko (twice selling apartments in newly constructed three houses), and then got their hands on a lot of state-owned enterprises - from construction units of the Rivne and Khmelnitsky nuclear power plant to the objects of the "Naftogaz".
All that can be told about scams Kryuchkov - Lena and Dima brothers - was described a few years ago, in numerous publications. One of them recounts the nature of the relationship with the brothers Tymoshenko and her husband. "His ticket to the Tymoshenko bloc they have received through her ​​husband Yulia Tymoshenko - Alexander, who in connection with the hook surrounded YUVT repeatedly blamed aiding all sorts of scams. The building, owned by "Kievreconstruction", while construction firms were owned by Alexander Timoshenko. In the future course Kryuchkov brothers were not able to get to the deputies by party lists. But relations with the leaders of the Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc did not stop even after their controversial exit from the faction.
In 2009, as part of the actual conduct of the election campaign, Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko has started distributing flats at public expense, and the so-called completion almost completed construction. The essence of the program was that the state has invested completion of houses ready 80%, which the builders could not finish due to a lack of bank loans, instead of the government has at its disposal an apartment at bargain prices, which were distributed waiting list. The fact that the budget money were distributed construction firms associated with deputies from the Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc - is understandable, but take Kryuchkov were able to participate in this program, already being ignominiously expelled from the "Fatherland", and most importantly for the construction of which was very far from the 80% ready ... ".
Under the current regime, in which the "zechka Julia" has not found its place Kryuchkov not lost. They were attached closer to the trough of war. Since the beginning of ATO Leonid Kryuchkov was appointed Deputy General Director of "Ukrspetsexport", but stayed there for more than two weeks. Almost immediately, the management of "Ukroboronproma" assigns it to the "Ukrinmash" for the position of Acting CEO. And, on the personal instructions Yatsenyuk. Scam begins with the purchase of SAXON. And again, it flashes the Prime Minister. It seems that we are closer to the fun.
Scam with English APC and Yatsenyuk
I think everyone has become clear that, who controls the weapons sphere, the "cooks" the war crazy grandmother. Formally, the chapter "Ukroboronproma" appointed by the president. And that baffled many observers, who tied Roman Romanov Poroshenko.
In fact Romanov - a man Yatsenyuk. In the presidential election, he was put in charge of staff of the regional headquarters Poroshenko execution of agreements between the president's team and the "Popular Front". And labored to preserve Senya Premiership.
The reason is simple: in Kherson at Poroshenko was empty in terms of its people, and Yatsenyuk - a lot. Roman Romanov - not just his people, he is also a long-time head of the Kherson organization "Front for Change." He took his time in Yatsenyuk with great fanfare . Always generously donated to the party coffers, which, as we have written in previous publications, ran the closest ally of the prime minister, the current MP Andrew Ivanchuk.
But Ivanchuk loves and promotes Romanov bread is not the place for it. Attentive readers will remember that in the article about the fight Yatseniuk and Poroshenko for alcohol monopoly, we have already mentioned Ivanchuk and his business.
In particular wrote that in times Yatsenyuk speakership he acquired a stake in the company "Solarenergo" (solar power). And even managed to February 2013 to obtain from NERC super profitable "green tariff". Although Yatsenyuk at the time was in opposition, Yulia Tymoshenko (his party boss) - mayalas back in prison.
So that's the most curious thing that the solar station was not posted anywhere, but ... Kherson region. And its actual control (while Ivanchuk in Kiev considered party finances) engaged in none other than the Romanov.
Moreover, it is not so important who appoints the defense industry leadership, it is important that someone obeys state concern. And he obeys, as he wrote in his last article Mendeleev, having carefully studied the company's charter, the Cabinet of Ministers. It is the governing body of the Cabinet of Ministers "Ukroboronproma" and is responsible for the results of his work.
Not by chance, a protégé Ivanchuk Romanov in "Ukroboronprom" to the position of deputy came Denis Gurak, who until recently served as director of the State Service of Ukraine on drugs. Apparently, he will focus in the medical business in the war.
Gurak man called Nicholas Martynenko - one of the most influential deputies of the prime minister's faction. I recall that former Health Minister Oleg Musii (coordinator of the medical service of the Maidan), accused Yatsenyuk Martynenko and links with the pharmaceutical mafia .
And before that, under Yanukovych, a relative of the current Prime Minister Vladimir Yatsenyuk (is his second cousin) caught on participation in tenders related to the Ministry of Health .
A complete set of "people premiere" was formed when "Ukrinmash" brought fraudster Kryuchkov. From this moment begins described in detail all the same Mendeleev scam with the purchase of the old British junk for ATO, which resulted in "Ukroboronprom" together with "Ukrinmash" is welded over 7.8 million hryvnia net profit (at the rate of 16 UAH per dollar at the moment ).
It was a British armored vehicles Saxon AT-105, which developed as far back as the 60s, punched through everything but conventional bullets. According to the journalist, it all started back in September 2014. Then there were the first reports that volunteers allegedly collected money for the purchase of 50 armored vehicles. They could only solve the problem of obtaining a permit to import these products in Ukraine. With this they allegedly turned to "Ukroboronprom" and the Defense Ministry. "
However, apparently, the leaders of "Ukroboronproma" began an independent implementation of this project. According to the decision "Ukroboronproma" intermediary functions in the operation were charged Acting Director "Ukrinmash" swindler with experience Kryuchkov.
A contract to buy armored vehicles in the amount of 75 units. was signed two weeks prior to receiving a formal response from the British retailer. The contract states that the end user of this technique is the Ministry of Defense and the National Guard. However, later it turned out that neither the Defense Ministry nor the National Guard does not require retrofitting a similar mode of transport ...
The most remarkable thing about this story - it's phenomenal efficiency shown by the Prime Minister personally, in order to push the issue. October 31, 2014, after the end of the day, the prime minister is going to an emergency meeting of the government and brings to the agenda the question of amending the defense order. During a government meeting, he, according to his witnesses, said that over the purchase of this technique he called the president himself. That later was not confirmed. Lie was the approval of Romanov, though at the expense of the initiative armored SAXON comes from the Ministry of Defense, and not from "Ukroboronproma" and Kryuchkov.
Nevertheless, the decision was made, and on the same day, "despite a very flimsy justification for concern", a secret decree of the Cabinet №588-9 signed Yatsenyuk. I wonder why he was so eager to push through dubious arms deal?
PS Do not tired surprised at the apparent head of government involvement in the scam, the journalist asks as it is a global issue. Why the Cabinet does not take one single solution which would put an end to the cynical business in the war and the blood of soldiers: the termination of any sales of arms and military equipment both in the domestic and foreign market, in order to send all of these resources to ensure that the fight against the aggressor. "But the government has not only failed to stop the process of stripping the military property. It looks quietly arranged for the Ministry of Defense and State Concern "Ukrboronprom" sell weapons "- said the Mendeleev.
Maybe that's why, and looks that share? This issue is not a journalist asked. But the fact that he wrote before was enough to them to take the Prosecutor General ...
"According to the results of the audit in the case of confirmation of a crime on the grounds of undermining the country's defense capability to prosecute the author for the sale of weapons and military equipment , which was published on the website of the Internet publication "The Mirror of the Week" - this is the orders of the president of the Attorney General Yarema. Paradoxically, at loggerheads in the struggle for power and state monopolies Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk consensus only on one issue: that the journalist revealed the power business in the war, we must go to jail .

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