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Friday, February 13, 2015 

Ukrainian patriotstvuyuschie war hawks can not recover from the sizzling rage into which they plunged Minsk negotiations and everything that boasts of their follow-up president "Euromaidan" Poroshenko.

"Chocolate King" seriously risks becoming a hawk plucked rooster. Poroshenko ruined everything that could fail in Minsk. Such a shame Ukraine has not experienced since the time of the defeat of the Zaporizhzhya Sich. So consider not only in numerous bands around and right-wing, but in the Ukrainian creative environment, which is a writer and journalist honored Oleksandr Gorobetc.
Gorobetc in genuine despair and appeals even to someone who could explain to Poroshenko that under Debaltseve in the Ukrainian army unmitigated disaster.

"Who would have him finally worthless supreme commander explained that under Debaltseve everything is on the brink of disaster: that's about to occur circuit another military" boiler ". However, independent military experts can not understand the phenomenon of the Ukrainian fighting when such group in nearly seven thousand of our soldiers are suffering from the environment twice (on the other side only three thousand people) fewer fighters. And note rashisty come. It should be able to as "genius" to fight! "- angry pisatel- "patriot".

Inherited from Horobets and sidekick President, Chief of Staff Muzhenko thanks swagger which Ukraine is unlikely to rely on Western arms deliveries.

"I already wrote once that it seems as if the commander in chief is not communicating with the in-Chief - Chief of General Staff. Each of them has its own comic war. But General Muzhenko laid a bomb under a grand position of Ukraine, on the eve of announcing to the world that the APU do not fight in the Donbass with Russian troops, and this, of course, taken at face value in Minsk, representatives of the EU - Frau Merkel and Monsieur Hollande. And sleepy Poroshenko nothing was able to prove the opposite during negotiations. 

"Norman" Quartet in Minsk came to the conclusion that no military of Russia, nor their equipment in the occupied territories of Donbass does not. And in the tail and mane of all trunks our troops "kiss" folk militias there. In other words, there is a real civil war. Ukrainians like fighting with the Ukrainians "- continues chihvostit clique Poroshenko Gorobetc.

Gorobetc expects the Kremlin propaganda machine in the coming days to successfully detonate this time around the white light.
"They'll give you a weapon now, wait ..." - predicts Gorobetc.

"And Putin, of course, the great peacemaker. He saves the situation of humanitarian convoys, and it's time to give a Nobel Peace Prize. And the whole of Europe in different voices spoke, it was time to remove the Russian sanctions. And all financial assistance to Ukraine should first be directed to restoration of Donbass. And what about themselves pitched region, by the way, during the truce eternal name Poroshenko now fools lift it out of the ruins.

So fiasco for the Ukrainian people turned chocolate-funny "dove of peace" - President Poroshenko "- can not calm militant eagle Gorobetc.

"No, I just do not even want to list all the other" victories "that brought Poroshenko in Minsk and Brussels. However, a little bit not enough sleep. But there is good news for his wealthy family: Kiev factory "Roshen" increased profits over the past year to nine times. 

War is war, and billionaires family multiply! Poaplodiruyu Peter Alekseevich ... "- quips angry writer.

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