Tuesday, February 10, 2015

In the area Debaltseve junta did not manage to break through the corridor...

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In the area Debaltseve junta did not manage to break through the corridor

Logvinova, Mariupol, Kramatorsk

 1. In the area Debaltseve junta did not manage to break through the corridor to the encircled troops. Despite the fact that the General Staff of Ukraine continues to act up and say that the track is free, sources with the junta places (including the occupied territories Gauleiter LC Moskal) indicate that the route of Svetlodarsk Logvinova to cut and get to Debaltseve impossible. Just according to the junta, there are problems with the Trinity, the supply of which is difficult. In this case, judging by incoming reports, on our laurels and do not stop now poddavlivat on Svetlodarsk, instead of forcing the junta to release the boiler, to engage in offensive action in abolishing the VSN in the area Mironovskiy. hysteric Bones Grishina attached. "I'm tired of storytellers from the time of UglegorskNASh. Among them there are people who sincerely deluded that someone told megillah. But it is much more dangerous than people professionally rub tanks superiors. So. The route Artemovsk - Debaltseve blocked terrorists Logvinova. Parallel track Debaltseve - Lugano blocked by terrorists in Nizhnelozovoe. Roads are mined land mines. No "Release" road did not occur. Part of the battalion Donbass is at the forefront in this area. For his words - answer. Storytellers in uniform, sofa commentators - FSO. Glory to Ukraine! When the road will be unlocked - I'll let you know. " 

2. Counteroffensive junta under Mariupol proved rather loud publicity stunt than a serious blow, the junta moved through neytralku and work out a series of empty settlements announced the resounding victory, although in practice serious attacks of the main line of defense was not. Announced and the reason for this attack, pending decisions of the Minsk summit, the junta is trying for the remaining time to seize control of the territory a bit to this portion of the divorce troops (if it takes place, carried out by the current front line). Battles are in the area and Sahanki Shirokino. No serious Threat Novoazovsk Telmanovo or not. In this Case, the main Forces of the Junta does not enter into the battle, holding Them in Case of Possible Countermeasures VSN. 

3. In the area of ​​Kramatorsk in anticipation of the Minsk summit, where it flew package MLRS (and probably more than one), some of which fell on the city and the local airport, near which the morning according to the testimony of local residents was a fight (remember, that is in a rather Kramators'k the rear). Were thrown about the Russian version of the aircraft, which allegedly fired Kramatorsky airfield, but sticking out on the streets of unexploded missiles as a hint that the firing was conducted from MLRS.Who fought there in the morning at the airport and the direction of MLRS fire still a mystery, the evening waiting for investigations. 

 4. Mobilization of the People's Republic Continues.  Based on information from the first call-up points for the spring Campaign in the BCH is A solid replenishment.

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