Sunday, February 1, 2015

In the Shelling of Gorlovki Ukrainian Military Use American Equipment

Army DNR: Ukrainian army uses US missiles (VIDEO)

In the shelling Gorlovki Ukrainian military use American equipment. Evidence That information Provided Army soldiers DNR.

They spoke and showed, from Which Security Forces shelled the City.

ACCORDING to "Russian Spring" , January 31 Ukrainian military fired Cathedral Gorlovki - shell hit in the temple on the roof of the refectory, with the result that there was a fire.

Later militia DNR found several fragments of shells that do not belong to Ukrainian artillery, and even more so do not use Soviet or post-Soviet military equipment. According to their hypothesis, the APU use weapons to NATO.

Deputy brigade commander Army DNR callsign Biker showed shells and said that it was after the shelling militia are Ukrainian military.

- This is a special projectile caliber of 155 self-propelled artillery M109 A1 American production, which is used by the NATO countries. On this apparatus is installed bottom detonator. If it gets into the walls and get stuck in it, it easily breaks the wall. If it gets into the building, the blast wave will happen indoors.

It is these shells militia found after a fire in the building of the Cathedral, and these fragments are the main evidence that the temple has been under fire from NATO guns.

In addition, during the shelling Gorlovki militias are increasingly finding shells, which are analogous to the "Castle", only the size of a smaller caliber than our arms and is only 75 mm.

- The following projectiles that we found 75 caliber. They belong to the jet burst system, which is installed on all terrain vehicles - a more mobile system that can move easily through the streets of the city - says militia Biker information.

As they say themselves militia, of the reasons for the transition of the Ukrainian army for weapons, NATO can argue for a long time, but on the assumptions of the deputy commander of the army brigade DNI, their own shells in the Ukrainian army just end there.

- Apparently, the Ukrainian military have ended their shells, and probably on the side of the APU run foreign servicemen who shells and supply - told Biker. - The presence of foreigners in their army and radio intercepts confirm our intelligence when we hear interceptions phrases in English and Polish.

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