Monday, February 2, 2015

Kiev in the fire, "Aydar" is preparing to storm the Ministry of Defense

February 2, 2015, 15:29

Kiev in the fire, "Aydar" is preparing to storm the Ministry of Defense

Soldiers of the battalion "Aydar", came to the rally to the building of the Ministry of Defense in Kiev. They joined the parents of fighters 25th Battalion "Kievan Rus", which require removal of the battalion from the boiler under Debaltseve.

Relatives of soldiers requested assistance Battalion, so they can get out of the environment. The protesters also demanded the resignation of the Minister of Defense and threaten to go for more action in the event of failure of their claims.

More than 200 soldiers of the battalion "Aydar" blocked Povitroflotskyi avenue in the center of Kiev. Protesters stopped trolley and spread it across the highway, gathered and burned tires. The territory of the Ministry of Defense pulled fire brigades.

Earlier, on 30 January "aydarovtsy" has picketed the Ministry of Defense.They demanded not disband his unit.

Territorial defense battalion "Aydar" - Ukrainian volunteer militia, officially subordinate to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. OSCE observers have repeatedly reported on the illegal acts and violations of citizens' rights on the part of the battalion "Aydar".

The human rights organization "Amnesty International» (Amnesty International) accused the representatives of the battalion war crimes.According to a representative of Human Rights Watch, the Ukrainian government is investigating crimes fighters "Aydar".

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