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Leading German media "Bild" declares unconditional victory in Moscow "Putin Won"

February 6, 2015, 15:16

Bild: Putin won

Leading German media "Bild" declares unconditional victory in Moscow "Putin Won"

One of the leading German media Bild declared unconditional victory in Moscow and, in particular, Russian President Vladimir Putin, in a situation that has arisen between the European states because of Ukrainian conflict.

Columnist Paul Rontshaymer in his article says that the very place of the next meeting on the conflict in the Donets Basin suggests that guidelines shifted towards Russia, and Moscow will set the tone.

Also commentator opined that the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko at this stage of the conflict is willing to give up some territory after the loss of the Crimea. In addition, Rontshaymer sure that Putin's influence makes powerless Western politicians.

Today Merkel and Hollande will arrive in Moscow to discuss ways to solve the Ukrainian conflict.

With sharp words of US politician John McCain

Frontal attack of the influential US Senator John McCain on Angela Merkel, a few hours before she meets in Moscow at the Super Summit on Vladimir Putin: In a ZDF interview, the Republicans said, the behavior of Europe in Ukraine conflict was for him "a huge disappointment ".
Etched against the EU peace plan, US Senator John McCain (78)
Photo: AFP

He had "not expect anything else," he said, criticizing in particular the Chancellor, "they do not know because where the weapons for the separatists and the troops come from?" And: "Will you just watch how a country in Europe first time is fragmented since the Second World War? "

Summit of the allegation: appeasement (German: "appeasement"). The US senator compared their rejection of arms supplies to Ukraine with the fatal international attitude towards Hitler's Germany in the 30s before the Second World War. Historians believe that timely and tough defense would have stopped Hitler in his megalomania.


The term was coined by the appeasement of the British government against Hitler. She was initially characterized by understanding, concessions and restraint, in the hope that the aggressor will in return provide no further claims to power.

Devastating low point: To avert a war in Europe, the government of Neville Chamberlain, Hitler's annexation of the Czech Republic ("Munich Agreement") accepted in the fall of 1938.

Only a few months before London had been silent when Hitler invaded Austria. Since there was no significant resistance in the population, one could consider it as "internal affair", so the argument goes.

John McCain: "If the attitude of the German government to look at, one might think that she does not know or does not care that people are being slaughtered in Ukraine."

With indignation CDU General Secretary Peter Tauber responded (40): "Fortunately, we have a Chancellor who weigh words and actions and does not act like a cowboy," he said. The SPD foreign policy expert Niels Annen (41) cited the remarks of US Senator "offensive": "No one in Europe has become so used to peace in Ukraine and Steinmeier and Merkel," Annen said to "time-line".

Both politicians demanded an immediate apology from McCain.

Morning Iraq war, in the evening Ukraine conflict

What a day for the Chancellor. On the eve of the Chancellor has yet attempted in Kiev, the Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko from the EU peace plan to convince the Ukraine.

In the morning she received in Berlin Iraq's Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi (62) with military honors at the Federal Chancellery. It was mainly about the situation in Iraq. The country is mostly controlled the north of the ISIS-terrorist militia.Therefore, promoted the head of government for military and economic assistance.

The Chancellor receives the Iraqi prime minister Haider Al-Abadi Friday morning in Berlin
Photo: Getty Image
His country had crashed because of the oil price change its economy and hope for German help, even from the experience after reunification, said al-Abadi. Then he sent a challenge to ISIS: There were already a tuned with the Peshmerga plan to rid the mega-city of Mosul from the hands of terrorist militia.

The Iraqi Army is exploring the fighters back the jihadists who had taken just over a half year large parts of the country. The Federal Government supports the fight against ISIS among others arms sales to the Kurdish Peshmerga fighters.

Photo: Getty Images

CHANCELLOR MERKELstatement on Iraq
Source: Reuters

In the evening, Putin waiting ...

Before departure to Moscow, the Chancellor has expressed cautious on the prospects of its mediation mission. It was "entirely open whether we are able to achieve a ceasefire," she said. You may also receive further discussions would be required.

The countdown for the difficult peace mission in progress: At 17 clock Russian President Vladimir Putin welcomes German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande in the Kremlin to discussions on the Ukraine crisis.

Then it's up to Putin, "because" or "nyet" to say - "yes" or "no." Then he could kick a diplomatic solution to burp after the conflict has claimed nearly 6,000 lives.

"Everyone wants peace and assume that Russia wants him, too," said Merkel's spokesman Steffen Seibert. However, there was no sign of a breakthrough.
EnlargeTheir fate is at stake: A mother and her crying child to be evacuated from the vessel of Debaltseve during a cease-fire by bus
Photo: AP

It is not the first time that the two main EU politicians talk with the Kremlin leaders about Ukraine. But the situation has worsened dramatically since the last exchange in Australia.

On the one hand, the chance for peace seems to be great as long, as seems to have grown on all sides to compromise. On the other hand, it is clear to everyone, which would mean a failure of the talks today and this weekend: An escalation of the war with incalculable consequences for Ukraine, Europe, possibly the world. A wildfire threatens.

The flash initiative for a last-minute peace began on Thursday with talks in Kiev.Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande presented to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in front of their new peace plan.
EnlargePart One of the surprising Peace Initiative: Angela Merkel and French President Hollande in the Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko (M.) in Kiev
Photo: Imago

Just hours before the Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk had spoken with US Secretary of State John Kerry about possible arms shipments to the United States his country. Background: The pro-Russian separatists Sichen had recorded in recent weeks massive territorial gains - also thanks to the military aid from Moscow. The EU opposes arms supplies to Ukraine from now. Russia had threatened in the event of military support from the West with serious consequences.

Kerry said after the interview, the Russian president had on Thursday added a new peace plan on the table.

US Vice President Joe Biden said during a visit to Brussels, the Ukraine currently fighting for their "survival". Russia continues to be heated conflict by sending "mercenaries and tanks" in the eastern Ukraine. In this situation, the United States and "Europe as a whole" would stand behind the Ukraine.

Merkel: No territorial concessions over the head of the Ukraine away

From both peace plans, no details were first released. A report of the "Süddeutsche Zeitung", according to which the initiative separatists concede a much larger territory than forecast, the federal government had denied.

The Chancellor rejected speculation that it could have with its diplomatic initiative to pro-Russian separatists territorial concessions. "As German Chancellor, I will never deal over the head of another country away, in this case of Ukraine me with any territorial issues," she said.

Behind closed doors plead foreign policy from the ranks of the CDU, however, that Kiev should consider the separatists to make far-reaching concessions to end the conflict. Their argument: If Ukraine to flourish with the EU, will reunify the country's medium very likely. See FRG and the GDR.

Merkel stressed that Hollande and "not as a neutral intermediary road" are, but wanted to bring national and European interests. They concern the peace in Europe and the self-determination of peoples.

Hollande had protested on Thursday, the EU plan was based but "on the territorial integrity of Ukraine". However, he clarifies: "France is not that the Ukraine NATO enters. I say the Russians who are concerned about it. "

Russia is at odds with France because Paris had stopped the extradition of two warships to Moscow because of Putin's aggressive policy Ukraine.

At the end decides McCain, but US President Obama

If the initiative of Merkel and Hollande fail to go top EU diplomats to a report in the newspaper "Die Welt" assumes that the US government begins with the delivery of "defensive weapons" such as anti-tank missiles and artillery to Kiev.

The spokesman of US President Barack Obama, Josh Earnest, however, emphasized in the discussion on possible deliveries would you look closely consult with Berlin. Merkel's opinion "means the President a lot." Obama welcomes Merkel on Monday in Washington.

Also at the Munich Security Conference on the weekend is likely to turn to the Ukraine crisis everything.
EnlargeOn Friday bus convoy reached the besieged city for days Debalzewo to evacuate civilians more
Photo: Reuters

In the eastern Ukrainian city Uglegorsk close Debalzewo be offered reporters on Wednesday after heavy fighting a scene of destruction
Photo: AP

Misery of war is growing: 1.6 million Ukrainians on the run

Meanwhile, the suffering goes into the combat zones of eastern Ukraine on.

According to eyewitnesses, we now prepare a full evacuation of the embattled town Debalzewo. Last about one third of the population had persevered in its 25 000-inhabitant city that is because of their railway junction for both sides of high strategic importance.

On Friday accordingly rolled from two sides convoys of buses on the city. Government forces and rebels on site seemed to have agreed on a truce to bring again thousands of civilians to safety. They had been nearly two weeks to live without electricity, heating and running water.

Meanwhile, now 980 000 people have fled the territory of Ukraine, the refugee agency UNHCR said in Geneva on Friday. In addition, some 600 000 people had fled abroad from the violence.
In Ukraine, the Satdt Debalzewo is surrounded by separatists - Infographic

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