Sunday, February 1, 2015

MAT captured ammunition depots, destroyed 130 fighters & More...

MAT captured ammunition depots, destroyed 130 fighters APU, 5 tanks, BMPs 1, 5 ACS, 4 trucks, 6 mortars and warehouse BC

02/02/2015 - 0:52

Summary per day from militia News New Russia.

The second half of February 1, 2015 and the night of 1 to 2 February.

The situation on the frontline units DNR and LC with the troops of the junta remains tense. During the day intense fighting took place mainly on Debaltsevskom tactical direction.

Clashes took place near the village of Uglegorsk, Debaltseve and Chernukhin.

Night Bandera systematically shelled civilian infrastructure and the position of the militia. Recorded at least nineteen cases of punitive artillery.

At Donetsk direction:

at 18.15 from Bogdanovka multiple rocket launchers Ukrainian fascists fired units Defense Ministry DNI position near the village of Peter the Great;

18.25 from experienced artillery bombardment militia positions in the area of ​​the October;

18.05 in the artillery fire was on Olenovka;

at 18.10, at 20.03, 20.15 and 01.05 to 20.50 from Novotroitsk, Maximovka and Volnovakha using MLRS and artillery bombardment was carried out MLRS units militia defenders in the area Dokuchaevsk;

at 18.35 from Novgorod multiple launch rocket systems committed to the position of fire attack army units DNR located near Panteleymonovki;

18.50 and 20.05 was conducted by experienced shelling Yasinovataya.

As a result of shelling settlements DNR killed 2 and injured varying degrees of severity 7 civilians.Destroyed 23 houses and 6 of municipal infrastructure.

The situation in the Donetsk Airport remains tense. On the part of settlements Water, Swallow and experienced armed forces units DNI position overnight under fire multiple rocket launchers and artillery 5 times: at 18.10, 18.30, 19.00, 20.55 and 02.00.

During the night, Bandera reduced fighting ability, and tied up in the zone of the punitive operation additional forces.

According to intelligence Kurakhovka (13 km west of Donetsk) airlifted unit Ukrainian security forces of more than 400 people. Punishers housed in the school building.

For the last evening Bandera was carried out covert installation of anti-tank and anti-personnel minefields on the eastern outskirts of Pershamajski (10 km north-west of Donetsk).

Lugansk direction:

Bandera group continued to increase its troops. During the night, marked the arrival in the area of ​​the village Dam (23 km north of Lugansk) units

punishers of up to two mechanized mouth reinforced tank company and a mortar battery.

Position militia and civilian objects were shelled three times:

18.00 multiple rocket launchers fired Perevalsk margin;

at 18.30 from Alder artillery Bandera suffered fire attack on the bridge, just south of Luhansk Villages;

18.50 shelled positions Armed Forces militia LC near the Bold.

Lugansk shelling during the night is not fixed.

Mariupol on the direction of active hostilities was not conducted. Bandera group continued to increase troops in the city. In the area of ​​Mariupol Airport marked the arrival of a mechanized battalion, battery ACS.

In just a day as a result of clashes total loss of power structures of Ukraine amounted to 57 killed, 5 tanks, BMP 7, and 12 artillery pieces and mortars. Militia captured two field warehouse with plenty of ammunition to the MLRS "Grad" and tube artillery.

February 2

The situation in the area of ​​operations remains tense.

Clashes of varying intensity were near Debaltseve west of Donetsk and Lugansk northwest. The most violent fighting took place on Debaltsevskom direction.

Ukrofashisty systematically shelled positions of militia and civilian infrastructure. Recorded at least twenty-two cases of punitive artillery.

At Donetsk direction:

at 12.40 from Staroignatovki mortars were fired on positions of the DNI in the area Novolaspy.

at 13.45 from the Glorious was dealt a blow to the fire militia near Elenovka.

Resumed shelling of Donetsk. Today, their intensity was the highest since the resumption of hostilities Bandera. With the firing positions in the side of the settlements experienced and Swallow punishers 8 times shelled residential neighborhoods of the capital DNR. At 11.05, 11.25, 11.40, 12.00, 12.25, 14.40 and 15.10 multiple rocket launchers shelled Kiev district, and at 14.00 by Marinka fire blow was struck by Petrovsky district of Donetsk.

The situation in the Donetsk airport remains tense. During the day, from the settlements Water and experienced artillery and MLRS defenders airport fired 5 times - at 9.45, 13.05, 13.25, 14.30 and 15.40.

At Donetsk direction the enemy was defensive battles in areas Water, experienced, and Avdiyivka Yasinovataya, artillery strikes inflicted by the Ministry of Defence units DNI, affix the commanding heights.

Defenders of Donbass raid actions were fighting for the retention of control over the strategically important highway Artemivs'k - Debaltseve. Our units, partially blocking the north-east Chernukhin continue to fight for the possession of the village and inflict fire damage.

Lugansk direction:

Civilian objects and positions militia fired seven times:

at 10.05 from Kryakovki artillery bombardment position of the People's Militia LC near the village of Prishib;

10.45 in multiple rocket launchers fired units militia defending near Pervomaisk;

at 12.10 on the part of the MRL was carried out Peredelsky shooting on the outskirts Shishkovo;

at 13.40 from the Crimea was dealt a blow to the firing of militias in the area Sentyanovki;

15.20 was conducted in a mortar attack on army units LC, defending on the southern outskirts of Luhansk Villages;

at 15.12 and 15.50 from mortars shelled the southern outskirts Raevka.

Mariupol on the direction of active hostilities have been taken. DNR Division of Ministry of Defence held previously occupied lines and positions.

Just one day loss Ukrainian security services were as follows: 130 people killed, 5 tanks, BMPs 1, 5 ACS, 4 trucks, 6 mortars. Destroyed ammunition depot.

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