Sunday, February 1, 2015

"New Russian sensation": "The first lady of New Russia"

DONBASS | PMOP "Berkut" 
Today at six fifty-seven am

"New Russian sensation": 
"The first lady of New Russia"

Of course you CAN Understand That power has always Been A great Temptation to use it for personal Needs. You CAN See That the Status of the Leader and His Family must be emphasized, But WAIT! We're Talking About the Republic, the title of Which is not an Accident emphasized by the word 'Folk'. Now there are Those WHO Will begin to throw shit at us, But we're always for the Truth and do not cover, for whatever Strontium Barricades They expect May. 

People have right to know A. Know for example, it is not the Goal of the Wives of the new Government of Donbass an expensive Property and or A Luxury car. No, of course we Would not mind, But it is the power of Authority and when it should be paid generously is not at a time when people are hungry sitting in basements. 

Then what do you want to be Different from Those in the role of the Opposition Advocates Which? Initially, the Republic HAD to Mark the symbol of the Struggle of the people. And not A symbol of A new Elite. A Story of WHO WAS nothing Will now Become everything! This is A very interesting example in respects to Mr. Tsarev, WHO first Stole the Ukraine, and now ran in New Russia, to Perform some Unknown role, it is not clear for what purpose and for what Though powers. Indeed, in recent years, he lit up, with scandalous news About Anna Netrebko and the Flag of New Russia. And for how he Beautifully Told A year ago About the FACT That we are All Russians. After Hearing the Elite, what do you Say . Or not? The first MP WAS not without sin?

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