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Non-delivery of arms Ukraine: the staff cards do not lie

Non-delivery of arms Ukraine: the staff cards do not lie


February 5, 2015

The proclamation of Angela Merkel in Davos its "road map" - somehow repay the acute phase of the Ukrainian crisis and begin discussions on free trade zone with the EU and Customs Union EAEC - immediately followed the expected reaction. Armed Forces of Ukraine quickly went on the offensive, while the US talked about supplying this country modern weapons. Already called the sum of $ 7 billion, which was planned to be involved in the implementation of these purchases.

In the traditional approach of the main content of the combat mission is generally considered the defeat of the enemy in this band or to the direction of action and the mastery of one or another region or abroad - only Washington, DC, Malvern, Pennsylvania, and joined them Kiev did not rush to show so generous gallantry towards Frau federal chancellor. The defeat of one side or another someone else and mastery than whatever could bring the end of the acute phase of the crisis, which should be avoided at all costs.

Therefore, against the civilian population actively involved DRG, while for militias American advisers adapted to modern conditions and lowered Ukrainian generals local stratagem formulated in his time in Kiev hairdresser SI Shklyar with Big Vasylkivska, 10: "Two steps left, two steps to the right, step forward and two back. " Ukrainian generals ended the same schools and academies, advising that the separatist Russian officers, and not the worst diplomas. Therefore, the "boiler" and other kind perdimonokl they really like something could be avoided. But it is necessary, Stepan ... NOT!

At least in order to convince members of Congress and the Europeans that no cut (to start) above billion, without the promised supplies Fuhrer, I mean American tycoons MIC, a new weapon of retaliation against the Russian bear young liberal democracy not resist. Bear, if necessary, draw on the "Walt Disney";However, when you sell shares on the stock exchange tarnished, do you hlopochesh about making them a really dripping?

And work started. New York Times reported that after the new Ukrainian army defeats senior US officials and military again began to consider the possibility of supply Kiev "defensive" weapons. Interestingly, by the way, one to defend, who dared to besiege the mother of Russian cities? But serious people are not up to such trifles. The supply of arms supported commander of NATO in Europe Philip Breedlove. US President's national security Susan Rice, who before muttering something against the supply of weapons to Ukraine is ready to review its position. Start the supplies called for eight former senior administration, including former candidate for the post of defense minister Ms. Flournoy and former head of the armed forces of NATO, Mr. Stavridis.

On Sunday, February 1 were hastily published excerpts from the joint report of the Atlantic Council, Institute named Brookings and the Chicago Council on Foreign Relations: to "deter Russia from supporting the rebels' need to improve for her" and price risks "of the" resumption of offensive operations "that whatever that means.

In this case, the main thing - the increase in the volume of "direct military assistance" Ukraine, and expansion of the range, including "lethal defensive weapons." Only in this case, Ukraine will be able to protect themselves. From the report it is not clear who attacked the Ukraine, but it is secondary. The main thing is that on this occasion this week in Kiev comes to US Secretary of State, John Kerry, and expect to participate in the negotiations chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey. And the White House has said it is considering "other options that can help a negotiated settlement of the crisis." As you know, from Washington's perspective there is nothing that helps any negotiated settlement of the crisis, as new orders for the US military-industrial complex.

In general, the preparation of massive supplies of Kiev American heavy (expensive) weapons employed a lot of serious people. Only in vain. I would have asked, but did not order a private think tanks to write what he wants to read the bosses. In my disposal a much more effective tool. Stretches - clear as day. All of this - empty worries: a long journey in The Big House White Phillips was about a lady who messed things up.United staffs too. Both decks.

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said: "The military way this conflict can not be solved - and I say this, including American friends, who are considering the supply of arms ... perhaps that will be more dead ... These policies are being implemented at the negotiating table and never - under the muzzles of guns. " Read once, twice, and thought. Is Dr. Steinmeier - a naive person? Since when his American friends worry dead? Yes, the Ukrainians, who's counting? And what for them to political decisions? Then I realized. The head of German diplomacy diplomatic language warns Germans joker. And they are not going to keep it in the sleeve.

Therefore, the US has already begun statements panicky retreat to advance quite prepared positions.Here's a typical example: Bloomberg view titled "Why the supply of arms Ukraine entail unpleasant consequences" now asserts that the United States and Europe do not know how to react to the new round of confrontation in Ukraine. This is not quite true. The new round of confrontation, as well as all the old, organized the US and they know why. Bloomberg states that the EU is likely to believe that there is no need for tougher sanctions, while the United States tend to supply lethal weapons. However, the supply of weapons could lead to the opposite effect, because they can create in Ukraine the false impression that the defeat of Russia for the United States prepared for anything, including "risk to induce Russia to expand the war." The conclusion is this: as long as NATO does not want to see Ukraine in its composition, and Russia regards the reception of Ukraine into NATO as a "red line", the United States should not climb on the Eastern Ukraine.

On the Eastern Ukraine United States has long been snooping, and currently working on residential areas DRG seeking to destroy as many civilians, partly made up of Americans, and in part they are prepared and instructed. Smokescreen media is intended primarily for domestic consumption: the White House to provide arguments for an explanation to donors why it was not possible to place military orders, which seemed to have been already in his pocket.

Der Spiegel assesses the upcoming conversation Federal Chancellor Merkel with President Obama as an explosive. All political forces in Germany "wall to wall" convinced that the Ukrainian arms supplies to negate the diplomatic efforts undertaken previously. Magazine just did not mention that in this and was standing in front of the US administration task - to negate the diplomatic efforts, thereby disrupting the initiative Merkel on a free economic zone with the EU Customs Union and the EAEC, and at the same time give donors the opportunity to earn the party on military orders.

Next week, German Chancellor Angela Merkel will visit Washington "to negotiate the summit G7» (scheduled for June in Bavaria) with US President Barack Obama. On Monday, the White House said that the two leaders will meet in Washington on 9 February. The statement said that Obama will Merkel at the White House, and that the visit "underlines the importance of the US-German cooperation in the global arena." In addition G7 summit talks in the program included discussion of the crisis in Ukraine, relations with Russia, the struggle against the Islamic State of Afghanistan and Iran, as economic policy, trade and climate change.

German Chancellery, without going into details, dryly informed that Merkel's visit to the United States and Canada will be held from 8 to 10 February. If we consider that these days the Federal Chancellor to visit more and Ottawa for talks with Prime Minister Stephen Harper, it is easy to guess that in the discussion of, say, the climate is allocated no more time than it takes to say "today is bad / good weather" . Dr. Merkel will arrive in Washington on a rainy Sunday, but heavy for Obama conversation is likely to continue on Monday, when weather forecasters promise a pleasant light snow. And the next time there is a summit and have someone to discuss.

Never before in the history of the German leader did not arrive in the US so heavily armed. We are talking about dossiers, extensive excerpts of which bring in assistants Merkel. When an American sysadmin was forced to flee to Russia, he brought with him an unprecedented amount of data downloaded from certain servers. There are kept small and large secrets, but no intelligence agency does not hold in electronic form dirt on itself, its management, government and major donors of political parties. That kind of thing can be said in commercial quantities, provided the German BND American detained by Europeans when trying to carry through the Ukrainian-Slovak border tens of millions of dollars in counterfeit "superbanknotah."

Soothe Der Spiegel: absolutely nothing explosive in the upcoming conversation is not. It will not take place in a raised voice, and almost in a whisper, and close the door zatvorёnnye not leak no sound. Even if Frau Merkel would start to beat interlocutor feet. The portfolio of the Federal Chancellor, except for the impeachment of US President, securely hidden electric chair, lethal injection and gas chambers for more important people. With regard to "discuss the crisis in Ukraine, relations with Russia, the struggle against the Islamic state ... Economic Policy and Trade" in her papers so interesting, that "the importance of the US-German cooperation in the global arena" now reduces to the fact that Frau Merkel tells Mr. Obama that it can be done in Ukraine, and what not. And in relations with Russia, too. Listen have carefully look into the eyes of the devotees. Notes to memory allowed to do and even encouraged. With regard to the German magazine kidding. Der Spiegel has a reliable source in government circles, and Wolfgang Buchner's no secret that the federal chancellor is flying to Washington to discuss some kind of summer summit, and with a single purpose: to smack kicks withdrawn from the trust comrade Obama.

In streams flowing from all sides of disinformation is difficult to engage in dialogue about the positions of the parties. Thus, in an interview on February 3 "Echo of Moscow" Director of the Institute of Political Studies Sergei Markov said: "I believe that Merkel is on the way and Wilhelm Adolf Hitler: Germany pulls in a possible conflict with Russia," to which he replied leading: "You saying that Merkel is on the way Hitler and the rest of the world believes that Vladimir Putin seems to come to this dangerous path. " This is what is called and talked. In reality, Putin only manages to dodge this dangerous path on which it is by all means try to involve those who are on the Gazprom-vengardovskoy station is considered to be "rest of the world", while Merkel is its most important ally against Obama, who in an earlier interview Sergei Markov named one "of the most important politicians in the world."

Merkel also believes Obama is one of the most important, but not his responsibility to call upon. On the contrary, it is a natural desire to take advantage of the interlocutor evade responsibility to privately convey to him hidden from the public negotiating position in Germany.

Germany knows that the coup in Ukraine are the United States. In detail. Ukrainian neo-Nazis from financing through "NGOs» NED and IRI, killings of demonstrators and employees of the Ukrainian Interior Ministry special forces Berkut on Independence Square prepared on the basis of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Poland Ljashko neo-Nazis on the direct orders of the Presidential Adviser on the US national security Susan Rice, the mass murders committed by the same trained NATO neo-Nazis in the House of Trade Unions in Odessa - and up to the latest developments in the Donbass.

Germany is well known that the US intervention in Ukraine aimed, on the one hand, to strengthen the LIH distraction by the Kremlin to support the most dangerous enemy of terrorists Bashar al-Assad, on the other - at destabilizing and weakening Europe and clipping it from the Eurasian markets.

Germany is known that the tremendous efforts made by the White House to force the Congress military assistance to Ukraine, carried out by order of the largest donors to the Democratic (and Republican) party - the asset management company Vanguard, which controls, among other things, the lion's share of the US military-industrial complex. This company has solid assets in Germany, including Deutsche Bank and insurance company Allianz. Thus, if necessary, the federal government is able to inflict damage Vanguard, significantly higher than the expected profits from arms supplies to Ukraine.

Germany estimates the American and Russian interference in the internal affairs of Ukraine as approximately equivalent. At the same time Germany understands the concerns of Moscow events taking place in Ukraine, but sees no reason for the US intervention. However, as part of the allied duty Europeans to join in sanctions against Russia, but did not apply equal and equally justifiable sanctions against the United States. Moreover, sanctions against Russia were applied in response to measures such as which repeatedly receives a plurality of states in such situations, but none of them for it is not subject to sanctions.

Germany considers the ongoing US policy of economic destabilization of Russia is extremely dangerous for Europe in general and Germany in particular. Part of this policy is carried out by the White House, in collaboration with Vanguard destabilization of Ukraine. In this regard, Merkel will push Obama to abandon the requirement of planned deliveries to Ukraine modern heavy weapons. In addition, during this trip, she drew a US president its "red lines", which are now the White House will not be allowed to cross.

For these reasons, Der Spiegel assesses the upcoming conversation with Obama, Merkel as "explosive."However, the explosion did not happen. Of course, after all taken by White House political and public relations efforts too clear rendition of "circle - march!", With not even «backward march!» And unusual on Pennsylvania Avenue, although in the NATO version «kehrt - Marsch!» Can be misunderstood patriotic public. Order and began almost immediately after the announcement Steinmeier organized plum little more adequate than the former, customized analytics.

One way or another, nearly allocated billions to eat something the US military-industrial complex, of course, will eat, but who does he give this time. Card, as you know, do not lie. Especially when the fortune teller has called the Party Committee. Of course, I would object. US, they say, the leader and all that. Well, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Only with him - not to me but to where it took his own opinion: in the New York Times, Sergei Alexandrovich Markov or dancer Alexei Venediktov.

At Angela Merkel, of course, has no intention to take a manual control of the White House. But now the Germans felt coming from Ukraine US threat to themselves, will closely monitor the situation. It has borne fruit, confusing maps initiators of the conflict. For example, after the Malaysian Boeing major international provocations in Ukraine was not. Starting next week, the control will be even tougher.


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