Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Secretary of State Kerry threatens that a #NewPackage of #Sanctions is coming soon

Secretary of State Kerry threatens that a #NewPackage of #Sanctions is coming soon
New entry titled "New Package" by el_murid .

Secretary of State Kerry said that the new package of sanctions against Russia developed, approved and will come into force in the case of aggravation of the situation in Ukraine . He was supported by the Europeans, but their sanctions may be imposed not begin earlier than the beginning of March - that is, within a few days.

In fact, we are talking about the go-ahead Poroshenko - now any provocation on the part of Kiev is without a doubt regarded as an escalation of the conflict, and guilty of it has already been assigned in advance. This, of course, Russia.

It is strange that the Russian leadership continues mirotvorstvovat in a situation where it consistently cornered accruing penalties. It is clear that if the current package does not lead to the desired outcome for the West, will be developed by a new one. If Russia gives up, followed by new requirements - now on the Crimea, and again in the course will be put sanctions and restrictions. Tactics permanent retreat and attempt to please absolutely hopeless. Any talk about what we need to buy time and to something there to prepare, look ridiculous, but by and large, is criminal. 

In March of last year, Russia had the opportunity to solve Ukrainian problem, which she refused. Over the past year could be prepared for anything, instead we got a collapse of the economy and more cowardly behavior management. There is no doubt that within a year if the current cowardly policy, we find ourselves in an even deeper crisis.It is not clear what Russia bargains for their constant attempts to appease the "partners" - while this sale ends unchanged digressions, not only in Ukraine. 

In the same Syria all the previous policy of containment crumbled, the territory of Syria bombing, now openly threatened with death President Assad - at our completely incoherent reaction to what is happening. It is obvious that the West is clearly tracks the loss of capacity Russia in the international arena and immediately enjoy getting superiority. This "gain time", which bargains for Russia - by the way, at the cost of bloody Sabbath in the Donbas - can not be converted into a change of policy and the elimination of the country's problems. 

Medvedev Liberal government in terms of impact is ready to deal with the reserves of the country, giving it to the banks, and the industry continues to die with no real lending rate, in such circumstances, dreams of import substitution transformed into another cunning plan. 

In general, as long as it can be stated that the aggravation of the crisis, in which led the country comprador current mode. Out of it is not clear and is in the field of sacred knowledge - it can only believe, because otherwise absurd.

Absurd Video:
John Kerry on Further Russian Sanctions Over Ukraine

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