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Ukraine after the Maidan: complete lawlessness instead of "dictatorial" laws.

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Ukraine after the Maidan: complete lawlessness instead of "dictatorial" laws.
Because nothing has changed. Rather, changed - it became much worse. But maydaunam hard to admit it. I confess that they once again fucked ...

A year after the coup government was completely destroyed
________________________________________ Despite the so-called regolyutsionnye changes in Banderostane (junta occupied territory of Ukraine), we have - so far - can talk. Alas, just say - do something we do not have the right. Yes, it does not have the right, because, firstly, the law Banderostane no more, as well as the law, freedom, and other delights, who a year ago provided us with a dictatorial "Yanukovych regime, and, secondly, not have, because the new government has them. And not only them, but you and me. Here let's deal. 

Well, just to make it clear to the terms, the revolution that happened a year ago in Ukraine, can not be called a revolution, because revolution - the fundamental change of the political system of public government. What has changed in Ukraine after the Maidan? Removed as President? No. Parliament destroyed? either. And the Prime Minister we have left. That is, the form of government is the same. And the Constitution that the same laws and the same. 

However, neither the Constitution nor the laws are not respected authority today, but it's little things. Because it is the same tomorrow. Ally zhidobanderovtsa Poroshenko - Nicholas Bulatetsky and his advisor Yuri Butusov believe that the Pindos-junta Bandera surpassed Yanukovych By the way, about the laws. 

As we all remember, the active phase of last year's coup began after the adoption by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine the so-called "dictatorial" laws Yanukovych. Do not argue, took them in violation of parliamentary rules and procedures, insolently, so to speak, defiantly. And then opposition tried, they say, to sculpt humpback, that is, to lie, that she tried to resist this. Well, tried, tried so ... But let us remember that it was for the laws? 

Well, not allowed to drive in a convoy of vehicles more than five without the consent of the traffic police (maximum punishment - deprivation of rights for two years, the removal of the machine). This law is then canceled, as "dictatorial." You recall what led a movement that's "mournful string" battalion "Aydar"? Remember, huh? Go ahead. According to the laws work news agency without registration entailed a fine up to 2,000 non-taxable minimum citizens, the news agency is any site with news. 

Within three months, the site should be registered. Ostensibly this was done for the sake of censorship. And what? Today we have no censorship? And you can like this, as I am now, on the central TV channels here say that? Yeah, Wait! But now even the state news agency "Ukrinform" allows himself stupidly alter interview question of cutting, feeding information to the opposite sense. Not to mention a private agency zhidobanderovtsa Kolomoiskiy ukrofashistsky UNIAN banderokanal "1 + 1" and other flushing cisterns, in which become most banderizovannyh and opindosennyh Ukrainian media misinformation. 

But okay, go ahead. The so-called "dictatorial" laws to criminalize defamation, distribution of extremist materials - from 2 to 3 years in prison, as well as the denial or justification of crimes of fascism. And as was the law on liability for desecration or destruction of monuments fought in World War II. And now the Ukrainian Ministry of Education recommends that do not use the term "Great Patriotic War" and "fascist invaders." And what do we have today? Everywhere destroyed and desecrated not only monuments to Lenin, but also monuments to heroes of the Great Patriotic War, which the new government is not even such calls - they now have a new World War II - with their own people, in the Donbas. 

And Prime Minister ukroreyha zhidobanderovets Yatseniuk, then There was no Great War Otechetsvennoy with the Nazis - just aggressive Russia in the form of an aggressive Soviet Union invaded Democratic uSrainu that mistakenly was part of the Soviet Union invaded and democratic Germany with a democratically elected president of Adolf Hitler. And remember where it all started this whole today orgy? When there was no war in the Donbass? 

It all starts with mayhem, with violations of the laws and the Constitution of Ukraine. Banderostan turned into a fascist state. With a truly dictatorial laws. Just today, yet no one protests ... But those "dictatorial" Yanukovych laws that have been adopted by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine 16 January 2014 and which, in fact, began the most acute phase of confrontation maydaunov in Kiev against the Ukrainian government, compared to the current total lawlessness was at least some indication of rights Banderostane. 

Today we have a complete lack of rights.No, I will not argue that the procedure violated and then, and the laws were very far from perfect, and some, such as, for example, the prohibition of holding meetings, rallies, marches and demonstrations in violation of the established order, were aimed at suppressing any protests. But this law is not, and why the protests in there. And the junta they really do not like. But some of these "dictatorial" Yanukovych's laws were not dictatorial. But it was canceled, but some of those truly dictatorial laws was quietly accepted the Pindos-Bandera junta. For example, was initially canceled the draft law №725-VII on Amendments to the Criminal Procedure Code with respect to criminal proceedings in absentia. 

So what? And what then this law was passed, even in a harsh manner and today every citizen Banderostana be convicted in absentia. And correspondence you may have your property confiscated. Do not think that the laws against Yanukovych and Azarov, the laws against you. Because these laws and finally trampled the Constitution and the law in Ukraine.

 I have already talked about this before. And today, for example, when some acting military commissar of Belgorod-Dniester district of Odessa Major Frolov signed a decree which forbade soldiers to leave the area stock that do not have on hand the mobilization orders and personal agendas than flagrantly violated the constitution and the Ukraine, and the law on mobilization, then what we're talking about? Commissar of Odessa, by the way, asked journalists not to sow panic. "Sam ordered I did not see, understand. But commissar support," - he said. So what about the laws we talking about? Oh, yeah, those dictatorial laws dictator Yanukovych. 

Well, Well, let's talk about those laws. So, one of the "dictatorial" The law prohibits participating in a mass rally in the helmet, mask, or by using another method of masking, use of open flames, fireworks, weapons, special means of self-defense, tear gas, and so on., and also participated in the action in clothes similar to the form of military or police officer (15 days or a fine of up adminaresta 250 lows. And so maydauny showed the so-called creative, coming on as a protest in pots on their heads. What plunged the world into shock. 

But creative maydanutyh PR has always evoked personally I have doubts as to their adequacy. For example, while in the Donbass kill children, these stupid ass suit eating cake in the form of a child. But let us return to our sheep, who opposed the then our laws. How to protest then? But now recall how under the Verkhovna Rada ukroreyha protest maydauny? And cops junta struggle with this, and uses force in the same way as it was then. 

That's just today any freak, wearing a mask, can break with patriotic slogans in the office or Street beat anyone, pointed to the man and shouted that it was Putin's agent. By the way, here personally for this "national activists" in disguise - I already talked about this fascist whore whose name Vita Zavirukha that allegedly soldier battalion "Aydar . " But, you know, if then the police beat protesters wearing masks helmets - it was a bad and violate the laws of Ukraine. 

Because after all it was a peaceful demonstration. Today protesters in masks beat huntovskih cops in helmets and while this is considered normal. As is normal firing of artillery shells and rockets at residential areas. Ukraine is increasingly becoming similar to Serbia ... But no, if you shoot ukrofashistskie troops and fall into a peaceful city - it is "anti-terrorist operation" and if these militias shot protects against ukrofashistskih militia troops and fall in Novorossiysk city - this, of course, unheard of brutality. At the same time really prove who and where to shoot today is very difficult. However, no one proves too much, because the law of libel and news agencies there, so any banderoizdanie or channel can carry every heresy and refer not even my grandmother, which sells seeds on market and talks about the geopolitics in the context of the events in Ukraine. 

By the way, we all remember how to vote those "dictatorial" laws? Handles. And then all the media screaming that this is a violation of the rules. And as voted for the budget in the new parliament ukroreyha, remember? And for what budget? 

And finally, I want to remember how to get started - with the question of what has changed in the country? So where is the promised one year ago the European integration and visa-free regime with the ECC? Where European salaries and pensions? Where the cheapest gas own production to a record low price? Where billions of dollars in investments? Where the fight against corruption and cleansing power of the oligarchs? Is it possible to take seriously to the lustration, which hosts the so-called "patriots", catching some officials and thrusting them into the garbage cans? What are the tariffs for utilities today? 

Are punished warlord Maidan ukrofashist Kubiv collapse of hryvnia and embezzlement of budget funds? What is the current dollar exchange rate? What is the national debt? Why and where are the foreign exchange reserves of NB ukroreyha? Someone will answer at least these questions? Do you know why no one responds?

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