Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Ukraine has only one option - to recognize the independence of the DNI, LC ...

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Today at 3:30 pm
Ukraine has only one option - to recognize the independence of the DNI, LC ...
Otherwise - do not pull them back into your mess. According to Minsk agreements that are binding, Poroshenko agreed to pay all pensions, benefits, etc. Now, do a rough calculation - how much Ukraine should Donbass. 

1. The total population of Donetsk and Lugansk about 6.5mln. pers. 

2. Retired general statistics - it's a third of the population, or about 2.25mln. 

3. Conditionally divided equally, because of the pensioners in the occupied territories of Ukraine. Obtain - about 1 million. 

4. To this add approximately 1 million 200 thousand people with disabilities, orphans and other socio-dependent population. Total: 1.2mln. 

5. The amount of pension, social-payments, benefits - of course all different. Therefore, we take the average value - about 2,000 hryvnia. 

6.Thus, for 1 month Ukraine should Donbass 1.2mln x 2000 = 2.4mlrd. hryvnia. 

7. On average, Ukraine does not pay all that from June 2014, ie, in February 2015, it is 10 months. Multiply, we 24ml. hryvnia. 

Result: According to Minsk obligations Poroshenko and all Ukrainians, as taxpayers are obliged to DNR and LC least 24mlrd.hryvnia. Such a colossal sum in Kiev of course does not have, and even if there was the money, they would not spend on "Separatists", Nazi "toads" would gobble it up. It turns out that the only way out - is to officially abandon the NPT and LC, and to recognize their independence.

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