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#Ukraine's Poroshenko confirmed he planned withdrawal of troops from Debaltseve

#Ukraine's Poroshenko confirmed he planned withdrawal of troops from Debaltseve
18.02.2015, 13:51
President of Ukraine Petr Poroshenko confirmed the planned withdrawal of troops from Debaltseve. He told this today before flying to raid zone. In addition, Poroshenko said that 80% of the security forces have left the area Debaltseve.

President of Ukraine Petr Poroshenko flew today at area military operation in eastern Ukraine. Immediately before departure Ukrainian leader made ​​a statement which confirmed the start of a planned withdrawal of troops from Debaltseve, saying that 80% of Ukrainian soldiers have already left the area, according to RIA Novosti.

In this Poroshenko once again denied the existence of the so-called boiler near Debaltseve. "Withdrawal indicates that there is no boiler in the area Debaltseve was not" - he said.

Earlier in the administration of the head of DNR reported that hundreds of Ukrainian law enforcers in Debaltseve surrender arms. In addition, representatives of the DNR said that Ukrainian commanders left Debaltseve, Ukrainian troops there demoralized, mobile communication in the city.

Combat "Donbass" Simon Semenchenko also reported the withdrawal of Ukrainian troops from Debaltseve: "The withdrawal of Debaltseve carried out planned and organized." "All the stories on the control of Logvinova were tales - pumpkin into a carriage. Track Debaltseve - Artiomovsk we have no control because of Logvinova "- quoted Semenchenko RIA Novosti.

Ukrainian media also report that many soldiers come out of the city on foot and are on track to Artiomovsk, pick them up Ukrainian units. In particular, the city on foot leave the 168th Brigade and the 40th battalion of territorial defense "Kryvbas". It was also reported that part of the break with the battle.

Debaltseve - a city of regional importance in the Donetsk region and one of the largest railway junctions of Ukraine. At the end of July last year Debaltseve and neighboring villages took control of the security forces. The strategic importance of the city due to the fact that debaltsevsky "language" juts into the territory of the DNI and the LC, endangering cities like Gorlovka, Yenakiyevo, Shakhtarsk, Lisichansk and Stakhanov.

February 17 Defense Ministry spokesman Eduard DNR Basurin told reporters that surrounded by Debaltseve is about five thousand Kiev security forces. According to him, the authorities intend to transfer DNR soldiers surrendered their families.

Оригинал новости RT на русском:

White lie: Poroshenko conceded defeat victory

President of Ukraine Poroshenko suddenly decided to visit the Donbass. Of course, that part of it which is controlled by the security forces. Before departure, he reiterated that the district Debaltsevewas not and there is no boiler , but it is no longer there and the Ukrainian troops. Contradictions in the statements of the Kiev authorities have already noticed, not only journalists. Even sharper than react to them citizens.

Indirect evidence that the situation for the Ukrainian military in the area Debaltseve catastrophic became clear after the day on February 18 Poroshenko urgently decided to fly to the Donbass. However, the supreme commander of Poroshenko tries to pass off as a great victory.

"We have held and hold Debaltseve under our control. No environment was not. Our parts and units planned out and organized: out completely with weaponry, tanks with infantry combat vehicles, with a self-propelled artillery, with motor vehicles. This proves the combat capability the armed forces and the effectiveness of the troop commanders, "- said the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

What kind of efficiency Poroshenko said is not clear. The situation in the zone of the so-called anti-terrorist operation in his army is critical.By lunchtime on Debaltseve raised the flag of New Russia.

But in Kiev do not notice or do not want to see. That Debaltseve of Ukrainian troops left on their team from Kiev immediately picked up by local television stations, instilling confidence, it seems everyone - including myself that the tasks performed Ukrainian armed forces.Debaltseve came from 80% of the parts. The President can not do without populistckih statements.

"I want to say that these actions were confounded Russia, which only yesterday demanded that the Ukrainian military to lay down arms, raise the white flag and surrender. Ukrainian military honorably supported by high rank Ukrainian Defender of the Fatherland , and, as I promised, gave the teeth those who tried to surround them. They came out Debaltseve "- said the head of the Ukrainian state Poroshenko.

However, these same warlords statements President diverge dramatically. Combat "Donbass" Semen Semenchenko directly writes: pot really is. And hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers lay down their arms and surrendering.

"There is a white lie. If it is saving people, or preventing panic, it is permissible in time of war. If it is a white lie your ass, it's unacceptable. To pay for it lives. Ilovaysk - lie Uglegorsk - lie Logvinova - lie Donetsk airport and Debaltseve not represent strategic value - a lie. In response to criticism of the system responds aggressively. Split and attempts to discredit the volunteer movement - it goes from there, "- emphasizes Semen Semenchenko.

Already next week at a meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on National Security and Defence commander intends to raise the question of the resignation of the Chief of Staff Muzhenko. The apparent defeat does not hide the leader of the "right sector" Dmitry Yarosh.

"The possible negative developments under Debaltseve wrote and spoke some time ago. Now the situation has become very difficult. Our losses increase disproportionately and quite tangible - said dizher extremist organization Yarosh. - Why are not carried out actions on unblocking virtually surrounded by subdivisions - is unclear. Why no counterattacks in other parts of the front - a mystery. Why is not declared martial law, as promised by the president - the same question. "

The President of Ukraine held a meeting of the National Security Council. In the meantime, on the background of failures at the front in the Ukraine everything goes to a complete collapse of the economy. Hryvnia February 19 newly updated historic low, the price of bread soared immediately by 12 percent. Until the end of the year gas prices will rise by almost four times - up to 280% and for heating - in half.

These figures voiced by the chairman of the National Bank of Valery Gontareva, adding: increasing utility tariffs Ukraine has agreed with the IMF to obtain additional $ 17.5 billion loan.

And this is the reality in which Ukraine remembers the anniversary of the bloody events on the Maidan . In Kiev protest again, just like last year. In rallies only one thing in common: both then and today the main demand of the protesters - change.

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