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Preparing Kiev for a Nuclear War - is the new way of Addressing Officials and Nationalists Corruption

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Preparing Kiev for a Nuclear War - is the new way of Addressing Officials and Nationalists Corruption 

The Latest in corruption schemes, just another salt to the wounds of the Maidan

In early February, Prime Minister of Ukraine Yatsenyuk instructed GosChS work system in responses to questions about where to hide in case of nuclear emergency. It is now clear why they arrested and lustrated emergency officials. 

Trade fear became the "gold mine" for the government, under the control of the media helps them to intimidate the Ukrainians. In Ukrainian media pumped disturbing atmosphere: the aggressor may be about to attack Kiev, to bomb or Rakta-nuclear attack, and bomb shelters are not ready. Journalists are investigating, figuring out how easy is it to find shelter ordinary townspeople and the condition of the premises, these really are. 

In the end, it turns out that in the center of the shelter to find simple - you need to move toward the subway. But the inhabitants of sleeping areas are out of luck - there to the nearest underground station - a couple of kilometers go. Residents of the private sector offer Kiev authorities hiding in cellars. However, such is not at all a help. However, in addition to the list of shelters in a text document, recently appeared on the site Kyiv city administration interactive map shelters. 

Moreover, it became available for download mobile application "Bomb shelters and shelters in Kiev." Description of the program states: "The map displays a list of shelters in Kiev, describing the type and location.The map is made ​​on the basis of publicly available data from the Internet. The program has the ability to search for the nearest shelter with paving pedestrian route to it. " However, according to journalists " ", in a mobile application one significant disadvantage - does not include the actual check of shelters available to any resident of the capital. 

In addition, journalists complain - the bomb shelter is in poor condition, needing a great deal on their arrangement. After all, according to the rules in the shelter should be drinking water and canned stock, electricity, water and sewerage, telephone landline. Also in the repository must be the engines that pumped air, and a few filters that purify it. In order to inspire people theme further, Ukrainian media redirect them to stalkers - it's something they know where to hide. 

"Under the street Vladimir yet from imperial times is a huge underground shelter. Visually, this warehouse, where documents are stored. And still there is room for torture: closed cells, as in a prison. Under Stalin, they are actively used, if the person did not want to testify, "- says Ivan stalker. "From the metro station" Khreschatyk "is a secret passage to the underground city that can accommodate 200 thousand people. 

There is infrastructure, electricity, water, food, and even a sauna there. City - in excellent condition. The drainage system is working properly, normal humidity. There stationary diesel station, fuel supply is not enough for one year ", - says on condition of anonymity officer of the SBU Igor. "In the underground city - clean and tidy.Products are delivered back regularly for storage. As soon coming to an end shelf life, these products apart the local workers. You can negotiate with the assistant warden "- adds Ivan stalker, who works as a security guard here for many years. 

According to him, there is a tunnel under the Khreschatyk, which begins near the area of Bessarabia and ends near Independence Square. Before the tunnel could enter from an underground deli, but now store moved, and the entrance to it is closed. At the end of investigative journalism " "it becomes clear how commercial purposes prepared this text:" to residents of the capital could sleep soundly, you need to give shelter to the proper state. 

And while it did not receive matching funds from the city budget, to expect that the wipers and the master, as if by magic, all repair facilities, it is not necessary ", - says Ukrainian media. We can only sympathize with the people of Kiev being threatened by nuclear war and forced to shell out money for senseless and crazy projects with a huge corruption component. 

However, the majority of them supporting Euromaidan are themselves to blame for their current situation.

Germanwings Flight 9525 Crash: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know / UPDATE

Germanwings Flight 9525 Crash: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
March 24, 2015

(Flickr/Aero Icarus)

A Germanwings Airbus A320 has crashed in the Alps of southern France on its way from Barcelona to Düsseldorf. All 150 people onboard are presumed dead.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The French President Says There Are Likely ‘No Survivors’


Germanwings Flight 4U9525 was an Airbus A320 traveling from Barcelona, Spain, to Düsseldorf, Germany, with 150 people onboard, including crew. French President François Hollande has stated that there are likely no survivors. Germanwings is a budget airline owned by Lufthansa.

The flight took off from Barcelona at 10:01 a.m. local time and was scheduled to arrive in Düsseldorf at 11:49 a.m. local time. German aircraft control states that the plane went down at 10:37 a.m. local time.

It was flying between 34-38,000 feet over the French Alps when the pilot sent out a distress signal.

2. It Crashed Between 2 Mountain Peaks in a Crevasse

French officials place the location of the crash near the French mountain village of Digne-les-Bains. Digne-les-Bains is a remote village that is hard to access, 30 miles north of Nice.

MSNBC reports that debris has been discovered 50 miles away in Barcelonnette, France, which is not to be confused with Barcelona, Spain, which is much further away and the origin of the aircraft. The plane crashed between two mountain peaks in a crevasse.

View image on Twitter

3. Something Catastrophic Happened

The Airbus A320 was traveling at high altitudes of 34-38,000 feet when air traffic control sent out the distress signal “7700,” which is equivalent to a Mayday call. The pilot did not send out the distress signal, however.

. altitude & speed chart of . Aircraft entered a steep but constant descent.

Airline controls report that they lost the plane’s signal at 6,800 feet. Because of its original altitude when the distress signal was sent out, birds and similar airplane obstructions can be ruled out. Weather was also ruled out.

View image on Twitter
Last position of Germanwings flight at 09:40 UTC 

Something catastrophic must have happened to incapacitate the pilot from landing safely, as there were numerous other airports to land at nearby: Nice, Marseille, alongside with smaller ski resort airports that are common in the area. Oddly, its descent was also in line with what would be typical for an airport approach.

The Associated Press reports:
"The owner of a French Alpine camping ground says he heard a series of loud noises in the air before a Germanwings passenger plane carrying 150 people crashed to the ground. 
Pierre Polizzi told The Associated Press the noise began at 11:30 a.m.
“There are often fighter jets flying over, so I thought it sounded just like that. I looked outside but I couldn’t see any fighter planes.”
“The noise I heard was long – like 8 seconds – as if the plane was going more slowly than a military plane speed. There was another long noise about 30 seconds later.”
4. There Were Several Schoolchildren Onboard

Because it’s a German airline traveling from a popular German vacation spot back to Germany, it’s believed that a majority of the passengers onboard were Germans. Spain’s deputy minister has stated that it’s believed at least 45 of the passengers on board are Spanish. MSNBC also reports that there were some Turks onboard.

However, identities are still unknown.

The Local, a German newspaper, is reporting that there were schoolchildren on board. They write:
"Some 15 of the victims were German students returning home after a student exchange trip with Catalonia’s Giola Institute, a secondary school in Linars del Vallès, a staff member confirmed to The Local."
View image on TwitterView image on TwitterView image on Twitter
Photos: Rescue workers get ready in Seyne les Alpes, France - @ActuSecours

5. Experts Don’t Believe It’s Terrorism Related

Airbus planes are flown every day, every minute and are known to be highly technological. Airbus planes have lots of computers onboard that keep the pilot in tight parameters that are near impossible to deviate from.

However, as the France 24 interview above with scientific journalist Geoffrey Wise discusses, there seems to be a striking resemblance between the crash of flight 9525 and another Lufthansa flight incident that took place in November 2014, which dealt with a frozen airplane part and a similar descent trajectory.

View image on Twitter
Germanwings A320 D-AIPX is one of the oldest A320 with serial number 0147 and was delivered in Nov 1990

This particular Airbus flying in Flight 4U9525 was an older model delivered in November 1990.

According to the French interior minister, one of the blackboxes has been recovered.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 17: The Top 5 Conspiracy Theories

MH17 was shot down on the border of Russia and Ukraine today. As of yet, no one has claimed responsibility for the tragedy. But could anyone else be behind it? Click here to read more

Sam Prince covers social media trends and breaking news for Heavy. He also writes for the South China Morning Post. He is a New York City-based actor and singer who tours internationally with a Four Seasons tribute band and has appeared on various television shows and Broadway. Email him at and find him on Twitter @thesamprince.
March 26, 2015 7:34 am

UPDATE 3/26/15 @ 7:30 AM: Experts are now beginning to believe something nefarious might have occurred as it seems one of the pilots of the flight had been locked out of the cockpit.

Lana Laishevskaya
Posted #RT  #France

French President accused the US civil aircraft in a plane crash | Comte
Hollande furious accuses the US of the German aircraft accident, claiming that America wants to write off the blame on France and Europe, thus taking revenge for the fact that they refuse further confrontation with Russia. The mysterious story crashed in the south of France on 24/03/2015 Airbus A320 D-AIPX GermanWings takes a sudden sharp turn. French President Francois Hollande and his indictment - Barack Obama has 150 victims on his conscience. Warplane shot down that side.
Posted caused a sensation and immediately got into the focus of attention - the French president accused the United States shortly after this tragedy, which is not unique in history. Hollande accuses CIA - the most famous Intelligence Agency of the United States - as well as being responsible for the massacre of Charlie Hebdo.

François Hollande angry about German Wings launcher
François Hollande angry about German Wings launcher

German Wings D-AIPX: Hollande accuses US launch?

The mysterious story of the crashed in southern France on 24/03/2015 Airbus A320 D-AIPX of German Wings takes another dramatic turn: Well, the French President François Hollande mixed into the debate. His indictment: Barack Obama had the 150 victims on his conscience. The US has shot down the machine.
The controversial message caused a sensation and was immediately of mirrors ,FAZ , SZ and Focus addressed. That a French president accused of an allied NATO nation so soon after such a tragedy that would be unique in history, would Hollande not recently been the CIA - the most famous intelligence agency of the United States - accused of responsibility for the Charlie Hebdo massacre ( AMR reported ) ,
Hollande in the wording: "Those damn A-Merde Rikaner have done it again!Having already in 1988 the Iran Air Flight 655 shot down, now had an airplane of our partners in Germany to believe it! You want to push us in the shoes of Frenchman and blackmail us so that we increase the pressure on Russia. Fucking A Merde Rikaner! "
Hollande's outburst was not without echo from Washington. President Obama spoke of a "great disappointment and a deep breach of trust", which Hollande had committed. Secretary of State John Kerry spoke of "a barbarous language of the 19th century" and Alt-government adviser Henry Kissinger warned Hollande that such rhetoric could quickly lead to a "Regime Change in beautiful France".
Experts believe meanwhile that Hollande may not could be to blame for the tragedy. In 1980, a historical parallel occurred when the Italian passenger machineItavia Flight 870 was of Italian NATO warplanes at Ustica (Italy) accidentally shot down because they were in at that time in a dogfight with Libya; Italy covered up the tragedy over 30 years. Something similar could now be undermined by the French Government, which seeks Hollande possibly to cover up his verbal attack on the United States.
So far, however, no theory to crash German Wings D-AIPX can withstand critical examination. Media expert and editor of the tabloid Kai Diekmann advises the press for restraint: "About Fast judgments, lurid headlines and claimed that anyone knew already sure what happened, must be regarded as idiotic."

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Denmark Judges ‘Astonished’ At WT7 9/11 Video Shown In Courtroom

Denmark Judges ‘Astonished’ At WT7 9/11 Video Shown In Courtroom 

Three judges in Denmark watched a video of the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7 (WTC7) last week, and expressed “shock” at the collapse of the building – having never seen it before.

“We got the opportunity, for once, to present a video of World Trade Centre 7 collapsing, in court, … at that time I recognised a state of astonishment among the three judges…. I understand, as usual, that none of them had heard or seen the collapse of Building 7 before.”

The exchange came as part of an appeal in the Eastern High Court in Copenhagen to a libel suit which was dismissed by a lower court. Niels Harrit sued over comments by Journalist Søren K. Villemoes calling him a “crackpot” over Harrit’s description of the building’s collapse.

The legal consideration at issue is whether the Weekendavisen journalist’s statement was libellous, comparing Niels Harrit with creationists and holocaust deniers, but the presentation of evidence against collapse from fire is a key point. The video of the collapse was looped and shown 3 times during the case.

Harrit also highlighted to the judges the fact that the Building 7 collapse was not part of the official 9/11 Commission report. He mentioned that the judges wanted to clearly understand his statements and he explained that the official investigation did not include analysis of the Building 7 collapse but part of a separate investigation years later.

You may want to download it before  they remove it...


"Fear & Pain in Chernukhin, Militias feed those remaining in the village population bread."

What could Russia expect from an #OSCE investigation led by the son of #Bandera "#Bociurkiw" ?

Please meet Michael Bociurkiw
the Nazi OSCE Ukrainian / Canadian
SMM head.

This guy here is the head of the OSCE inquiry team responsible for the elucidation of the MH17 downing. 
Edit: He may be the spokesperson rather than the head of the team, as labeled in below link.

Please meet Michael Bociurkiw.

He's the son of a Ukrainian nationalist, who as many others of his kin, has found refuge in Canada post WWII.

The father, Bohdan R. Bociurkiw, was a prominent member of the numerous and influential Ukrainian-Canadian diaspora, made a university career as a specialist of Soviet policy and interactions between the Soviet state and the Ukrainian religious organizations (mainly focusing on the Ukrainian Uniate church).

The father was a convinced anti-Soviet militant.

The son has never hidden his pro-Maidan loyalties.

EuroMaidan in Vancouver:

(Notice the red-black flag of the Ukrainian nationalists in the right corner).

Post Crimea Flag Ceremony in Maidan:

Call to Arms:

Marusya, the sister of Michael Bociurkiw, is a writer, a representative example of the new English-speaking Canadian-Ukrainian prose and an associate University professor.

Her writings mainly deal with multiculturalism, her Ukrainian roots, and her bisexual identity.

You can find an example of her writings here:

Basically the whole family seems to me a typical example of the diaspora Ukrainian intellectuals well adapted to their North-American homeland.

What could Russia (or we) expect from an OSCE investigation led by Bociurkiw?

I guess that the answer is obvious.



Always fresh updates and articles here:

Every war ends with peace talks, so begin the negotiations before the war.

Michael Bociurkiw
Canadian writer Michael Bociurkiw has worked as a journalist in Canada, the US and Asia. He’s also served for more than a decade as a staff member and consultant for UN agencies on five continents. A social media expert and digital influencer, he is about to publish his first non-fiction book. His passions are: helping others, travel, food, wine, networking and cycling...oh - and all things Ukrainian (his heritage).

Entries by Michael Bociurkiw

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Just as I had tossed the last of my questions to the...
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Rescuing Ukraine's Tarnished Image

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An elderly Ukrainian woman waiting patiently to cast her ballot in last year's Parliamentary elections. Credit: Michael Bociurkiw

OSCE staff - are gunners for the APU

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That was all, and it is clear - Head of OSCE Mission in Ukraine Bandera son! Michael Botsyurkiv appointed to lead a special monitoring by the OSCE mission in Ukraine, the son of Bandera. 
Michael-Michael Botsyurkiv born in Canada, the son of Bohdan Bandera  Botsyurkiv, a prominent figure in Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church and the local  Ukrainian community in Galicia.
What made Canadian writer who has worked as a journalist and an expert in social media in the U.S. and various Asian countries, and then more than a decade and was a member of the consultant various UN missions on five continents, take a position in the Ukrainian opposition? It turns out that all Ukrainian and Ukraine - Michael Botsyurkiva special passion associated with the nuances of its origin, which the West know anything, but prefer to keep silent in unison ...

Michael-Michael Botsyurkiv born in Canada, the son of Bandera, a prominent figure in Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church and local Ukrainian diaspora. His father, Bogdan Rostislav Botsyurkiv, was born in 1925 in Galicia, in what was then Poland. By the beginning of the German invasion of Poland (1939-41), father of the current head of the Special OSCE monitoring mission in Ukraine, studied at the University in Germany, in Frankfurt am Main. Breakup "second Rzeczpospolita" gave him the opportunity to engage actively in the Ukrainian national movement. Later, during the Second World War, accidentally (or not ...) hit the Gestapo, concentration camp Flossenburg and secured after 1947, when he emigrated to Canada, welcoming reception in postwar northern part of the Western Hemisphere. There married compatriot - western Ukrainian woman. Vasilishin faith, who bore him three sons and three daughters.

Their higher education Botsyurkiv Sr. finished only in 1954 at the university in the Canadian province of Manitoba, and defended his thesis in 1961 in the University of Chicago on "Soviet church policy in Ukraine: 1919-1939." He taught political science (specializing in the politics of the USSR, Soviet Ukraine and the relationship between church and state in the socialist camp), first (1956-69) at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, and then (1969-92) at Carleton University in Ottawa. Edmonton founded the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies, and in Ottawa - Institute of Soviet and East European Studies, who first headed. Devoted himself to the study of national politics and human rights in the former Soviet Union. Also studied the problem of multiculturalism in Canada, where he held the positions of the relevant state.

These facts from the biography Bogdan Botsyurkiva well known to the older generation, with "politprosvetnyh" meetings on Fridays. Then he exhibited as one of the two main anti-Soviet Ukrainian nationalists in the environment of the ocean (the second was the U.S. permanent representative to the UN Konstantin barbarians). Relatives and Bogdan Mihaila actively attended the Maidan, this writer saw them there with my own eyes, and support the demonstrators passed on behalf of the Canadian Ukrainian diaspora and most of the Canadian state. They underlie the tough stance of Canada address the Russian Federation in connection with the Ukrainian crisis. It remains to wonder whether Michael Botsyurkiv be objective arbiter incident downed over the Donbas Malaysian plane? And most importantly, who gave him the status of an arbitrator, and why Russia did not protest against this nominee? 
Central News Agency Novorossia