Tuesday, March 17, 2015

And Pauline meets Angels...#SaveDonbasDonbasChildren

Angels, meet - I, Pauline
And me killed ...By Ukraine Nazis
Drunk, screaming brutes - tanks crushed dreams. 
No more light on me this, not going out with her ​​friends to me in the summer. 
Flies up my soul ... It's a pity because life .. was so good! I'm just beginning to live! 
How easy ... take and kill all! The army came to protect us? No !!! You came - to rob! kill! Army? 
Stoned creature - ... fought with their own people! 
Well you think of a single country ?! 
Who then leads you war? 
How many of us will go up forever, something you already used the blood drunk! EVIL goes, feasting on the planet .. no forgiveness, if children are dying ...

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