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Children of the Underground: In the basement of the #Donetsk Basin are thousands of kids...

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Children of the Underground: in the basement of the Donets Basin are thousands of kids 

(VIDEO) According to UNICEF, about seven hundred thousand residents of Donbass, including minors, are in need of clean drinking water, another 35 thousand people need normal sanitary usloviya.Krome, as a result of armed conflict training in schools interrupted nearly 25 thousand children. 

Instead, the lessons they have to hide in cellars and bomboubezhischah.V city Pervomaisk in one of the bins 120 people hiding in the summer of last year. With adults in the shelter also live 12 children who are very serious conversations and have no means child outlook on life. Among them, five brothers and sisters family Tytarchuk. Children watch and look after each drugom.10-year-old Bogdan already an experienced fighter versed in military technology and even the sound can determine where hit the target. 

Despite his age, the child said, What are the features of the different attacks orudiy.- sometimes hear the shot rang out, and then something breaks down. Some instruments are whistling while others rustle - says Bogdan - somehow we were sitting on the bench and saw a glow in the sky. Grandmother flew over the debris, we immediately ran home, barely climbed in the door. Very scary bylo.Bogdan with sisters and brothers live in a bunker for eight months. 

During this time, the 10-year-old child out on the street no more than ten times. After killing his friends, he has ceased to climb vozduh.Teper Bogdan is interested in is not child labor: interested in politics, followed the news from Kiev on the radio and makes his vyvody.- 

Because of the war I lost my classmates and friends, some died, someone came to the orphanage, while others left for Russia. I'm here to do nothing at all, I'll go crazy. Yes, and we are often hungry, yesterday once eaten, and soon all the food is finished, - complains Igor malchik.Samy older boy, who turned 15 years old, feels safe only when he returns to the bunker. When the truce, he was the first time in four months, went out of bomboubezhischa.

Esli day all is quiet, the teenager helps parents to recover the National Guard under house destroyed by shelling, but the night is coming back to the shelter that can withstand a nuclear blast.Igor worried that the past six months is not learning, and the school destroyed by exploding snaryadov.- 

Where is the certificate now receive? I want to become a web designer or programmer, but I feel that I finish school and dreams of a future career will not come true - is experiencing a graduate of the ninth grade - if I do not get a certificate, then I will not work, I can not go on uchilische.

Samaya youngest in the basement - Sonia. Almost half of his life she spent underground in a bunker celebrated the second day of her rozhdeniya.- two years, so she was seven months is here. Eat in a bunker learned. As soon as the fighting began and shelling, daughter stopped talking, though before she knew 13 words - says mother Sonia Natalia - in the shelter she learned to speak again, learned a lot of new words. 

For my birthday Sony adult children promised to prepare a special dinner, do chicken soup. Residents Pervomaisk for six months saw no meat, mostly they eat cereals, which brings humanitarian convoy of Rossii.Hudenkuyu and quiet girl named Sabrina. The girl says that she now almost smiling. Here baby is cared for aunts, her parents in the city trying to make a repair destroyed doma.- And then smile and nothing much boring home want to miss brother and parents. 

After all, in the bunker, I'm already in the summer - says Sabrina. Sabrina has found refuge in her friend Anna, who is hiding in a cave in autumn, even now, during the regime of silence girl afraid to go ulitsu.- I was here when our house broke. 

I want to have to sleep in a normal bed, take a walk on the street with friends to see the school to finally - a sword ...

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