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In Donbas: Now's the Time, That Clearly Defines Who Is, & Who Isn't...Anti-Fascist

Calculation "Cliff": she Elena "Mel", husband and son. 

In Donbas: Now's the Time, That Clearly Defines Who Is, & Who Isn't...Anti-Fascist

"The whole family to continue the work of their ancestors. Calculation of" Cliff ": she, Elena" Mel ", husband and son. In the piggy bank medal" For the Defense of Slavic "," For Military Merit "for the defense of marinating! At the door there was a small coffee figure of a woman in military uniform with a stripe Novorossia. For a moment it seemed that we were not in Moscow, and the DNI, again. We had a long conversation with Lena soulful" Mel "opolchenkoy from the Donbass, one of the first who woke Russian Spring 2014. 

The main values ​​for Lena - family, genus and just cause ancestors. defend the homeland of her ancestors, the same does now the whole family - Lena herself, her husband, son and ex-husband, hand in hand. Itself "Mel" compares with the Scythian Baba, strong, loyal, able to be a mother, and wife, and a warrior. In parting, we took pictures of Lena in Red Square, where left to the Great Patriotic War of her grandfather.

Lena, tell us a short biography, please. - I was born in the Donetsk region in Gorlovka. Horlovks became the northern outpost of the DNI and now, unfortunately, is subjected to a massive bombardment. There I lived and studied. Profession and Education I have a lot, it's not going to tell. In Artemovsk received a diploma in violin teacher, now a territory occupied ukrami. But not very long ago took a violin in hand, more recently played the piano. Raised the kids, cook outlet group as an artist-designer showcases and designer wood. 

When the Donbas began last spring rallies, protest movements, I took an active part in, preparing the referendum, many speak in public. I just heart breaking from happening, I realized that I could not sit at home and watch it all on TV. My son was going to war, and my husband too, and the whole family went to the Slavic languages. We decided to see how it's really like, then there were videos that Slavyansk tanks. It was April 24, the very first sample militia. 

We spent the night at the checkpoint with the guys, even if they did not have any weapons, stood with bats, clubs, who with what he could. Friend of my husband brought from Slavic PCA 1942 with 6 cartridges, echo the last war. And that was our only weapon at the time. At the same time was the first raid dill. In Slavyansk already felt the beginning of the war. Greatly influenced us Igor Strelkov treatment, and 25 May, we again came in Slavic, and the next day were already in the village Semenovka where we started fighting way. 

We stayed there until the retreat from Slavic, where I received a contusion of medium gravity, and then I was taken to Donetsk, although I resisted. But on July 1, I was again in Semyonovka, July 5, we retreated, arrived in Donetsk and moved to the area Saur -Mogily after were on the hill at the Petrovsky, then in marinating. This is probably the most difficult time, there we were completely surrounded, but it was a defensive task to stand up to the end. Then he moved on Dmitrovka, where they were also different combat missions. What to do in the militia? Everything from combat duty before cooking. 

We had a machine-gun crew cliff, family - son, husband, and myself. Husband - Vladimir, call sign "sedition", son - "Young". With us fought my ex-husband, the father of her son, his call sign "Sailor" (not the one that is fighting the garrison Motorola - approx. Ed), he received the George Cross, for the fact that, in spite of everything, in the most dangerous moments deliver the product to "the road of life." August 5 injured my son, while his friend was killed. I missed all this pain by itself as a mother, could imagine that a woman feels when her son dies. As a result, tempered, courage. Now serving in the military commander with the rank of ensign in Donetsk.

In Moscow, I was, to solve health problems and spend time with relatives who live here, as I have held various meetings, chat, collect their order for the children - there is most necessary. Guys my now Uglegorsk. During the war, I chronicled, diary, I want to write and then, based on his memoirs, has a story to tell, as a woman and as a fighter. Besides, I was always interested in the history of the Great Patriotic War, I know that Donbass freed heavy losses. Recently discovered a children's book about the events of that time in marinating, where I took part in today's fighting, and now I feel doubly pride and responsibility. 

We continue the case grandfathers, fathers, and hope that our day will come too Victory. My ancestors did not fight it in Donbass during the Great Patriotic War, but military affairs for us in the family. My grandfather went to the front with the Red Square, in his many honors, he came to Berlin, my great-grandfather received the George Cross posthumously for the Battle of Port Arthur. 

Donbass in 1957-58 was moved from Moscow to my mom, she liked it, she met the Pope and 48 years lived in Donetsk land. After the death of his father moved back to Moscow, and now hard going through all events, it's hard because all her family in the war, but she once told us, "You in eternity to take a worthy niche." Your son went to battle - this is due with the features of family education, do you think? - Our family has always honored the sacred deeds of our fathers and grandfathers. Son, and always went to war in camouflage airsoft fond. When he said, "Mom, I'm going to war," I said to him: "Son, the most interesting thing that I also gathered, went together." 

Although it is not accepted that fought alongside the mother and the children, because it is emotionally difficult. But we were lucky, we had, my husband and my ex-husband have been together hotspots. It is a pity that my son received a severe contusion, rupture eardrums, shrapnel wounds, but it was operated in Moscow, and now went on the mend, and back in the ranks. The doctor said, "Your best medicine - your age." Adulthood he met on June 18 in Semyonovka in combat. A woman does not have to hard for the war? - It is not true when they say that the war is not terrible. Scary, especially when you see the enemy - is beyond words, everything inside bubbles and trembles. But I was always equal to our women and I want to say that many of them are those who enter into the militia. 

We like real Scythian women, strong, sturdy, which are always at their husbands, they are very good and weapons possession. I do not think that women in war is not a place I sometimes even their peasants cheered up when the situation was very critical, cheered their word, a smile. Always tried to feed the tasty, something thought out, even if it was tight with the products. And it was my sister, and mother, and comrades. Now that's greetings from Uglegorsk me pass, say they do not have enough. 

As seen happening here in the Donbass, from Moscow - you and those with whom happened to talk? - In fact, I see here a very large number of patriotic people who are aware of everything happening in the Donbas. They constantly monitor the information on the Internet, get to the heart as well as what is shown in the TV news, only gives the overall picture, I see it. I am very glad that we support the bulk - not quantitative, and qualitative terms. The fact that one ideological, decent man who stands for truth and conscience, worth hundreds of plankton. I can roughly say, but a lot of plankton - indifferent, which floats themselves in his mind some of his little thoughts revolve. And how you treat your enemy? You see opportunities to put them on the right path?

Now is the time, when clearly defines who his, and who is a stranger, who is a man and who is not a person. They are completely reformatted. We also received this ukropovskuyu screen information, but I did not take it, and longed to see and hear more. Yes, even our soldiers, who from Kiev - proof that we caught other vibration and form another world. On their side Bandera Nedobitko and our grandparents came to Berlin and they were not conquerors, and have always been liberators. In fact, it is necessary to know the story, you have to dig it, we must remember grandfathers, to honor its roots. And Fascism - this is a very terrible thing. 

We did it all heard and seen, as peaceable defenseless population. It did not people, and two-legged creatures. This infection, which you just need to eradicate and destroy. I'd had such a parallel - when you take pain medication tablets pain like passes, and the problem remains, and there must also be a deeper work. So do not understand, when prisoners are released, and then they come back and do not openly flaunting, in an interview to talk about it. But commanders know better. The main thing is that it quickly ended. I'm sorry for all of their fallen comrades, for me, the death of any soldier - like an island in the heart. I would not say that motivates me a sense of revenge. There is a very good word - revenge. Understand unpunished evil increases, and the "turn the other cheek and forgive" does not suit me. 

There is a natural selection and the best people are the best, and worst, but the chances are gone. There are many organizations that are engaged in humanitarian assistance, arrange social events, there is a need for so many initiatives, in your opinion? - I think, let them there will be many, but their work is to be effective is the most important thing, so I do not see anything wrong. Donbas need any help, despite the fact that many have fled their homes, many left - and that those who have nowhere to go and who have nothing. 

I do not know how in the future it will all be restored, we have all the infrastructure is broken, if after the war in the Soviet Union was the enthusiasm, but now we all have different ideologies, different views, and there is no addition of national unity, as it was before. But as they say, "We few, but we vests" - to restore, have built up. How do you, a resident of Donbass, a participant militia relates to new understandings of the world Minsk? - Politics is politics, what can I say, there is nothing to even comment. And initially it was clear that their party is not going to abide by the truce. Armistice we have seen, we know how they were and how they came to an end. 

Are you ready, residents of Donbass, to agree on a compromise to remain a part of Ukraine, if the change of government in Kiev or other changes occur? - I do not want any of Ukraine, I'm a child of the Soviet Union. My dream - that was the Soviet Union again, so you want to make it all recovered quickly. Everywhere the former Soviet Union there are patriots, people sane. I believe in the victory of our cause is just. Where did you get rewards? And tell us the circumstances of his injury, please. - It's a medal for the defense of Slavyansk. In fact, we were always in Semyonovka, together with our commander Dmitry Zhukov, "Cedar". "Cedar" - the best, the kindest commander. 

Here it is, by the way, from Kiev - the answer to all the questions, it is not reformatted. This is for Military Merit - for marinating. Generally, Marinovka - it was such a crucial point in the South boiler if we lost ground, then it would be the end of everything, but we survived, albeit with the loss. There just came fighters after Stepanivka I fatten them and bandaged. injured while in a secret foxhole with my husband, we went on duty for days, while very intensified shelling, he did not stop, day or night, all kinds of artillery used, just tough this square was bombed. Nerves have passed, I think, if we were not together with her ​​husband, stand it would have been impossible. 

For me it is very important that the war I was there with relatives. Even at the time I was born grandson, and I thought, how can that be, do not live up to this event, and in the hearing began to proclaim that all will be well. And when three meters away from us, "the 150-ka" exploded, I was shell-shocked, maybe because I was without a helmet, but I held on. It was the last explosion, and when I could already look out of the trench and saw that green stuff from left alone charred toothpicks. When it came home, began to lose consciousness, called a field doctor, who said that I need to send in Donetsk. 

What then was - I resisted because of all the forces Points! Anyway, I could not morally be in a quiet Donetsk, where all the walking, drinking beer, eating ice cream and walk their dogs, and went back to Semenovka. As this event changed your attitude towards life and death? What helped you survive in a fight? - After a concussion, I felt even more how beautiful life is what you need to cherish every moment, to love their loved ones, try not to offend them, because everything can suddenly end. And before that I really loved life, but fell in love with her ​​even more. It was such a rebirth, a wonderful event. Slightly to the left and to our left a wet spot. I know that there is no death, there is only a change of dimension. 

But we want to be helpful in this shirt in this shell benefit, to fulfill its mission, I believe that if life is selfish is wrong. I want to live not for themselves but for others. I honor the ancient way of our ancestors, mop the right, the way they lived originally, helped each other, everyone was busy with his business and one was a brother to each other - it was good. There is also the commandment "Love thy neighbor as thyself" - the other commandments and do not need to, if you keep it, you will live like human beings, and we have many people live on the principle of "want", to the detriment of others. And if for the coming months, as do you think will be the new Russian Spring? - Again, it all depends on how you decide policy, and then the situation will go out of control or not. 

Generally, the spring is always exacerbated hostilities begin these mud, dirt, which complicates the movement of machinery. Do not want to predict. All are tired of war, especially my people, the war speaks to us very severe pain. If there will be peace ... But you know, this world is the matter - if not to end fascism once and for all, will be those who will pick up the idea, and it will revive again. 

Now the descendants of remnants of Bandera doing the same thing as before, only more and more perverted form. But we also have the blood of our ancestors. And it really sneaks to tears, it is so sacred. I during the war is felt these songs, movies ... especially the military, Mark Bernes song "The Cranes Are Flying" I have already just can not listen without crying ... "

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