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Preparing Kiev for a Nuclear War - is the new way of Addressing Officials and Nationalists Corruption

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Preparing Kiev for a Nuclear War - is the new way of Addressing Officials and Nationalists Corruption 

The Latest in corruption schemes, just another salt to the wounds of the Maidan

In early February, Prime Minister of Ukraine Yatsenyuk instructed GosChS work system in responses to questions about where to hide in case of nuclear emergency. It is now clear why they arrested and lustrated emergency officials. 

Trade fear became the "gold mine" for the government, under the control of the media helps them to intimidate the Ukrainians. In Ukrainian media pumped disturbing atmosphere: the aggressor may be about to attack Kiev, to bomb or Rakta-nuclear attack, and bomb shelters are not ready. Journalists are investigating, figuring out how easy is it to find shelter ordinary townspeople and the condition of the premises, these really are. 

In the end, it turns out that in the center of the shelter to find simple - you need to move toward the subway. But the inhabitants of sleeping areas are out of luck - there to the nearest underground station - a couple of kilometers go. Residents of the private sector offer Kiev authorities hiding in cellars. However, such is not at all a help. However, in addition to the list of shelters in a text document, recently appeared on the site Kyiv city administration interactive map shelters. 

Moreover, it became available for download mobile application "Bomb shelters and shelters in Kiev." Description of the program states: "The map displays a list of shelters in Kiev, describing the type and location.The map is made ​​on the basis of publicly available data from the Internet. The program has the ability to search for the nearest shelter with paving pedestrian route to it. " However, according to journalists " ", in a mobile application one significant disadvantage - does not include the actual check of shelters available to any resident of the capital. 

In addition, journalists complain - the bomb shelter is in poor condition, needing a great deal on their arrangement. After all, according to the rules in the shelter should be drinking water and canned stock, electricity, water and sewerage, telephone landline. Also in the repository must be the engines that pumped air, and a few filters that purify it. In order to inspire people theme further, Ukrainian media redirect them to stalkers - it's something they know where to hide. 

"Under the street Vladimir yet from imperial times is a huge underground shelter. Visually, this warehouse, where documents are stored. And still there is room for torture: closed cells, as in a prison. Under Stalin, they are actively used, if the person did not want to testify, "- says Ivan stalker. "From the metro station" Khreschatyk "is a secret passage to the underground city that can accommodate 200 thousand people. 

There is infrastructure, electricity, water, food, and even a sauna there. City - in excellent condition. The drainage system is working properly, normal humidity. There stationary diesel station, fuel supply is not enough for one year ", - says on condition of anonymity officer of the SBU Igor. "In the underground city - clean and tidy.Products are delivered back regularly for storage. As soon coming to an end shelf life, these products apart the local workers. You can negotiate with the assistant warden "- adds Ivan stalker, who works as a security guard here for many years. 

According to him, there is a tunnel under the Khreschatyk, which begins near the area of Bessarabia and ends near Independence Square. Before the tunnel could enter from an underground deli, but now store moved, and the entrance to it is closed. At the end of investigative journalism " "it becomes clear how commercial purposes prepared this text:" to residents of the capital could sleep soundly, you need to give shelter to the proper state. 

And while it did not receive matching funds from the city budget, to expect that the wipers and the master, as if by magic, all repair facilities, it is not necessary ", - says Ukrainian media. We can only sympathize with the people of Kiev being threatened by nuclear war and forced to shell out money for senseless and crazy projects with a huge corruption component. 

However, the majority of them supporting Euromaidan are themselves to blame for their current situation.

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