Friday, March 6, 2015

Putin issued an ultimatum to Obama: Russia will take Kiev, if the US sends arms to Ukraine

World War III
Putin issued an ultimatum to Obama:

Today at 22:07

Vladimir Putin announced an ultimatum Barack Obama if the US decides on arms supplies to Ukrainian groups in the Donbas, the Russian army will open to Ukraine and Kiev will take.

This was on a talk show Shuster Live said Verkhovna Rada deputy Anton Gerashchenko, referring to the data that it received from analysts during a trip to America.

"Ask them one question: why President Obama so stubbornly refuses to comply with a formal decision of the Congress has to provide Ukraine with weapons? I was told that President Obama, his advisers warned Putin that if America is to supply weapons to Ukraine, Putin will be decided on what to bring troops to advance on all fronts, to reach Kiev.

Because if America will supply the weapons, the dynamics can be improved in the direction of Ukraine, we wrest Donbass, make the blockade of the Crimea, and on Putin loses.

Second Putin's ultimatum, I'm told - if someone will give Ukraine a weapon, it will take a decision on the principle of Hugo Chavez and announced the nationalization of all American and European investments. They are about 700 billion US dollars. For example, last year, opened in Naberezhnye Chelny factory Volkswagen. It invested in a couple of years, billions of euros, "- said the Ukrainian deputy.


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