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The conflict between Peter Poroshenko and Igor Kolomoisky saber-rattling their private battalions

Capitulation Kolomoiskiy backfire in the Donbass

March 27, 2015 
New Russia

The conflict between Peter Poroshenko and Igor Kolomoisky, apparently, was a critical point.

Kolomoisky, exciting offices oil holdings, swearing and sending journalists complementary Kiev power band "Radio Liberty", saber-rattling their private battalions rapidly roll down, losing face, influence and friends.Poroshenko, in contrast, shows that not swallowed the insult with "rigorous selection" and strictly uses the power resource to "drive stalled" "jerks oligarch". During the week, the sofa strategists expected the spiders in the bank locked in uncompromising struggle and harassed each other to exhaustion, however, Valtsman suddenly showed a willingness to act quickly, systematically and tough. And the consequences of this short-lived bout may be very negative for the New Russia.

The active phase of the conflict of the two most influential oligarchs started last week, and at one point it seemed that the political situation destabilized so that a strong fight is inevitable. However, it soon became clear that Kolomoysky or overestimated their abilities, or underestimated the possibility of Kiev, or received a "friendly advice", and then suddenly "Request to resign." But this conflict did not begin yesterday, not last week or even this year. And its resolution will begin literally tectonic changes of the Kiev political elite.

Igor Kolomoisky with his partner in the group "Privat" has long ranked among the richest people in Ukraine with the multi-billion dollar fortune. However, most of the time he spent in Switzerland and went unfounded rumors that he is a national confederation. Much later, he admitted that he had a Swiss passport, but there are citizenship of Israel and Cyprus. It's no secret that having a huge business empire Kolomoisky clashed with Viktor Yanukovych.

No wonder that the Dnepropetrovsk oligarch is considered one of the main sponsors of the Maidan, which he used to topple President shortsighted. Of course, he is not alone, is not he slips on Khreschatyk European ambassadors, diplomats, US Senators, etc., their organizational role and funding were the key, however, and its contribution made businessman, which is not concealed. Just after the coup, he insisted on appointing himself-favorite for the post of governor of the Dnipropetrovsk region, where there is a significant part of its business. In the next two months to be seen with the naked eye, it increases the power - during which time there was a battalion of "Dnepr" existing at the expense of Kolomoiskiy and having much higher level of equipment than the APU. Then there was a "Odessa Khatyn", four days after which the governor of Odessa was the native of "Private" Igor Mace, and the streets of the city was flooded with armed groups "to help the police." Then speculated that Kolomoisky and Poroshenko had a hand, and a fragment of a burning house Unions even entered the pre-election video Poroshenko.

In turn, when Poroshenko was approved by the American curators and actually approved for president, there is little doubt that the two oligarchs sooner or later face a hard conflict. Unlike Kolomoiskiy, Poroshenko quite actively involved in politics before, was at different times Sovnatsbeza secretary, head of the Central Bank, foreign minister and head of the Ministry of Economic Development - all this did not prevent him to develop a billion-dollar business and be one of the richest men in the country. Despite their different business profile oligarchs - at Poroshenko - food industry, including the chocolate industry, automotive industry and the service sector, while Kolomoiskiy - industrial enterprises, banking, - both owned by powerful media assets. In this Poroshenko "Channel Five", the portal «» and a number of others have Kolomoiskiy - TV channel 1 + 1 sites, "Glavred" and some other assets. The first pick among the oligarchs politicians began last summer, but in an open confrontation escalated conflict only now.

What was the stumbling block? In the Verkhovna Rada a bill was introduced to reduce the proportion of shares that are required to make important decisions in companies where there is a share of the state - from 60% to 50% + 1 share. This means that Kolomoysky losing influence in a number of companies, including the oil "Ukrnafta", where he had 43%. This was followed by management to fully state "Ukrtransnafta" suspended protege Kolomoiskiy Alexander Lazorko pumping out millions of hryvnia to chuck daily. In an attempt to retain control of the state-owned company tycoon comes back with the gunmen, accelerates present and passing mothers journalist radio "Freedom", and then at night went to the presidential administration, and in the morning gets a "reprimand" for unethical behavior. The next day, with his retinue Kolomoysky breaks in the office of "Ukrnafta", but there is information in the media that "Privat Bank" blocks government accounts for billions of hryvnia.

After that, experts have begun to seriously compare the potential of shapes, finding that the determination Kolomoiskiy, its reliance on Israel and the European financial circles seriously complicate life Poroshenko.However, this does not happen. Within two days Poroshenko signed resignation Kolomoisky, head of the SBU Valentin Nalyvaychenko announced the disarmament of militant groups outside the control of federal institutions, and Interior Minister Arsen Avakov starts a criminal case on charges of corruption and fraudulent schemes on Kolomoiskiy closest associates. And during the meeting of the government was arrested the head of the State Service of Ukraine for Emergency Situations Sergei Bochkovsky and his deputy Vasily Stoetsky.During the searches were found documents about the Cypriot offshore (remember passports Kolomoiskiy). To top it off, the officials declared a "special operation" to find those "who killed the Ukrainians", but in reality - the hunt for militants Kolomoiskiy.

In general, the Ukrainian policy of the last decade is unthinkable without "Western partners." Independence in 2004 was intended to push the presidential absolutely pro-Western Viktor Yushchenko. However, it is not very graceful efforts have led to the fact that five years later, no revolution was not able to put it back "to rule" - the election in 2010, he scored a shameful 5.45% and fifth place. It is quite understandable desire of Washington to spend their resources efficiently, again not to be mistaken with the choice of a protege. Viewed from this perspective, the past year can be regarded as "the creation of conditions that are close to nature," in which every politician, tycoon, politician oligarch could express themselves and show whether he is ready to become the "father and leader" in This single colony. One of the key points here certainly was and remains the allocation of IMF loans. After lengthy approvals, it became known that the IMF will provide $ 17.5 billion Kiev, five of which the first tranche were transferred on March 15.

As the version we can assume that the American puppeteers who use tools like the IMF, speaking without equivocation, for economic colonization of the country, but do not like to lose their money, gave Poroshenko pass the final test, so to speak, on the initiation of - control of public finances. From that, he will be able to cope with the oligarchs competitors or not, will depend on its future. The result - a legislative initiative that turns into a mere shareholder Kolomoiskiy state corporations, do not make decisions, and dividing dividends, use of the whole power resource for stripping the team of the Dnepropetrovsk oligarch. And as a small illustration may be added that Kolomoisky took a statement "on their own" after talks with US Ambassador Jeffrey Payette. Later he told me that Kolomoisky said that "the law of the jungle will lead to the collapse of Ukraine."

" appointed by the President Poroshenko appointed precisely because it was at that time an empty place, talking head, to give a semblance of legality Junta, had grown "meat". He appeared leverage and control structures, and its security forces, if not loyal to him personally, he, as president, supported by the West. The Americans did not hesitate to openly take sides Poroshenko, Ambassador Payette directly opposed Beni. President through Nalivaychenko (head of the SBU) demonstrated a willingness to enter into "Privat" and other enterprises Kolomoiskiy commandos and simply nationalize the bank, and for the high-handed billionaire invite experts to death "heavenly hundred."Billionaire and owner actually Dnipropetrovsk and surrounding areas had no choice, how to write a resignation letter"- says publicist Michael Onufrienko Kharkov.

How will the conflict - hard to say. Defiantly arrogant, defiant behavior Kolomoiskiy, building its Khanate in close contact with the Israeli partners and the Jews of Europe, could so bored Poroshenko and Co. that he or dodavit and sent to prison for corruption, killings organization, elimination of competitors (the reasons are many, especially that "Ukrainian freemen" last year, he emphasized and not hiding), and maybe he just remain apolitical businessman with a number of assets that are not involved in sharing out the total.

" It's not just the loss of the post. Thus the feudal and autocratic boss, sends all year Poroshenko does not mat is deprived of Finance huge area and the possibility of its budget to feed its punitive battalions. Deprived the team of assistants, which will be cleaned Kiev criminal charges and resigned. Deprived of the opportunity to redistribute the financial flows of state enterprises, the same "Ukrnafta" and "Ukrtransnafta". In fact, Kolomoysky converted into ordinary oligarch without political and public life. And in terms of war and dictatorship growing increasingly this means not only an end to the flow of fabulous profits, but also a deprivation of property. Not legal - why public scandals? Just sit on the company appointed Director Junta, financial flows will be redirected to other pockets, and after the war Kolomoysky, like many other billionaires, will remain with the naked and barefoot, to rob thread enterprises, except where rusty iron and brutalized by permanent employees unpaid wages nothing No " - writes Onufrienko.

However, quite pragmatic conclusions can be done now. Poroshenko sustained initiation, received carte blanche from Washington to further action, and with it the first official batch of US armored "Humvees" to which Poroshenko personally pasted Ukrainian flags. At the same time, and there are suggestions that after Kolomoiskiy "nibble" first rich Ukraine Rinat Akhmetov. In fact, after this alternative oligarchic power centers in Ukraine (and other after the "revolution of dignity" is not available) no longer remain. According to the latest ranking by Forbes, by the end of 2004 in Ukraine were five billionaires. Donetsk tycoon and one of the sponsors of family Yanukovych Rinat Akhmetov, son of ex-president Leonid Kuchma, Viktor Pinchuk, co-owners group "Privat" Igor Kolomoisky and Gennady Bogolyubov, as well as the "meat king" and a member of the administration of President Yuri Kosyuk.

The other oligarchs war and crisis "kicked out" from top, including the most Poroshenko. It turns out that after stripping Kolomoisky and "work" with Akhmetov, the oligarchs who can actually encroach on the power of Poroshenko, simply does not remain. Therefore, the consolidation will occur, voluntary or not, complete or not - it's not so important, what is important is that Poroshenko receives more threads for building governance structures across the country.

" Care Kolomoiskiy as governor of Dnipropetrovsk region will mean a reconfiguration of political and economic fields in South-Eastern Ukraine. In place of the main zhYdobanderovtsu is Reznichenko man out of the cage Poroshenko, who earlier in the feeding has been given to Zaporizhia region. Some mistakenly believed that the cause of the conflict in energy assets, but first and foremost, is to establish political control over areas of the South-East, which previously unchallenged rules Kolomoysky. Starting an open attack on the mini-empire Kolomoisky, the junta centralizes power, eliminating the main parallel center of political and military solutions. All this got permission from Washington, and that led to a quick capitulation Kolomoiskiy. This whole story shows how may vary by clicking the Ukrainian domestic political situation and how far from simple Ukrainian definition of their own destiny, and how even the ghouls from the leadership of the junta over her no power ", - said military analyst Boris Rozhin.

Everything that is happening, it is important not only for Ukraine, but also for the breakaway republic of New Russia. Minsk agreement respected in so far as, while the United States, meanwhile, are beginning to open in Kiev supply of military equipment and equipment. There is little doubt that when the warmer, the military campaign in the DNI and LC starts with a bang, and the "Minsk" is not to blame - the war pumped Americans, and they are not among the negotiating parties. And it can lead to serious problems in the New Russia.

The last major victory militias began fighting near Debaltseve that lasted for several weeks and have led to a fairly large losses as part of Ukraine, and by the militias. Despite the fact that the militia had several months of relative truce, which can be used to create a structured army with trained Novorossia completion, a working technique and clear command, miraculous victory did not happen.

"The main problem of the system of military construction VSN was that, firstly, to do everything for the worst patterns of the worst times of the Soviet army, and, secondly, to do everything as if to fight the army was going well, at least a year. Better - two. To begin with, someone sent militia staffing for infantry brigades, which are reduced in the body, and on the other parts of the corps command. They say, Come quickly rose to the places! Quickly all "Makhno" recorded in the state along with their Old Man, and where people do not have - scored! Who would not agree - will be left without PX. Brainstorming disagreed and, as a result, he was right "- writes blogger« kenigtiger », participated in debaltsevskoy operations as a liaison officer.

In his report, he does quite hard and impartial review of the status of the armed forces at the end of the LC sufficiently large military operation. According to him, full force structure set up during this period failed.Service logistics and technical support works extremely inefficient, often more than half the vehicles, artillery, tanks incapacitated minor breakdowns, there is shortage of specialists in various military specialties, the almost complete lack of communication, coordination between departments and consequence - failure to combat missions, increased losses and military defeats.

In addition, there were qualitative changes in the Ukrainian forces, there appeared motivated fighters, who also are very tough, and when they will be more than the militias, the situation threatens to become deplorable.

" By the beginning of our winter offensive against the side of the enemy proved a sufficient number of people who were not not care. Our propaganda insists that on the other side there are only three kinds of people - conscripts who are driven into battle by force, there Natsik who drive to the front of recruits, and that in fact - chmoshniki cowardly, and there are Polish and other mercenaries, and from which expect at least some resistance. The reality turned out to be such that, in addition to all the above types, at the front on the other side were in significant quantities are people who do not do not care. It is unlikely that their source was and is the love of Poroshenko, Obama or some even political leaders. Motivation may be different - from revenge for their fallen comrades to protect his family from the onslaught of "Colorado". I do not know where they have willingly fight to the death, but they are quite confident held in many places, as long as against them for direct fire is not rolling out the "big sniper" T-64 or T-72. That's what these people stumbled our offensive "- he states.

Resume. The victory in the battle for Debaltseve was very difficult for VSN and bloody, sometimes the situation teetered on the brink of defeat. Hush systemic failures that led to the difficulties and heavy losses, and do not deal with them is absolutely lose next time. Shapkozakidatelstvo, self-glorification and underestimation of the enemy's command VSN can lead to the fact that, by analogy with the Second World War, after a successful winter counteroffensive near Moscow, we may obtain an analog Barvenkovsky boiler in a situation similar to the then Soviet ambitious attack on Kharkov. Then defeat near Kharkov led to a massive retreat of the Red Army and the Caucasus to the Volga and the battle for Stalingrad. Similarly, after Stalingrad in the spring of 1943 the advancing Soviet part in another battle for Kharkov were defeated counterattack Manstein. In the case of Novorussia could end irreparable loss of trained personnel and a turning point in fighting x "- he concluded.

A number of systemic weaknesses recognizes a military journalist, often in former DNI and LC, Vladislav Shurigin.

"I have carefully read your work. I can say that you did a great job and I think at the moment the best of the public.All those who reproached thee alarmism and whining, just do not know the real state of affairs ", - said Shurigin.

He, however, believes that we should not exaggerate so, military construction in progress and, given the situation, managed to win a victory thanks to the smooth running of Staff, who put the problem and sought to achieve them. He stresses that the DNI almost managed to eradicate "mahnovstvo" embedding squad leaders in the military structure.

Nevertheless, the problems should not be a blind eye. Against the background of the fact that the junta will soon become stronger, pumped American weapons, military equipment, military experts and money, it is not clear what is going to strengthen and improve the republics of New Russia.

Is not entirely clear, and how it looks in the Kremlin, where not comment on the resignation Kolomoiskiy and related events. Comment on this they should not be, but to respond to a different level, probably worth it.With all due respect to the militias, in the history of a very few cases when "yesterday tractor and miners" not only to change the power, but also to build a state. But even then, they sensitively directed commissioners, policy advisors, controlling the execution of tasks in themselves serve an important political function. Many militia leaders, warlords showed their best side, for they voted in the elections, they organized their military units, which turned into the backbone of the BCH. However, apart from personal courage, choices and solutions to everyday problems republics should be state-building, including military construction in a very short time frame and limited resources. Whether they will cope with these problems, or will not "Robespierres"?

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