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What could Russia expect from an #OSCE investigation led by the son of #Bandera "#Bociurkiw" ?

Please meet Michael Bociurkiw
the Nazi OSCE Ukrainian / Canadian
SMM head.

This guy here is the head of the OSCE inquiry team responsible for the elucidation of the MH17 downing. 
Edit: He may be the spokesperson rather than the head of the team, as labeled in below link.

Please meet Michael Bociurkiw.

He's the son of a Ukrainian nationalist, who as many others of his kin, has found refuge in Canada post WWII.

The father, Bohdan R. Bociurkiw, was a prominent member of the numerous and influential Ukrainian-Canadian diaspora, made a university career as a specialist of Soviet policy and interactions between the Soviet state and the Ukrainian religious organizations (mainly focusing on the Ukrainian Uniate church).

The father was a convinced anti-Soviet militant.

The son has never hidden his pro-Maidan loyalties.

EuroMaidan in Vancouver:

(Notice the red-black flag of the Ukrainian nationalists in the right corner).

Post Crimea Flag Ceremony in Maidan:

Call to Arms:

Marusya, the sister of Michael Bociurkiw, is a writer, a representative example of the new English-speaking Canadian-Ukrainian prose and an associate University professor.

Her writings mainly deal with multiculturalism, her Ukrainian roots, and her bisexual identity.

You can find an example of her writings here:

Basically the whole family seems to me a typical example of the diaspora Ukrainian intellectuals well adapted to their North-American homeland.

What could Russia (or we) expect from an OSCE investigation led by Bociurkiw?

I guess that the answer is obvious.



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Every war ends with peace talks, so begin the negotiations before the war.

Michael Bociurkiw
Canadian writer Michael Bociurkiw has worked as a journalist in Canada, the US and Asia. He’s also served for more than a decade as a staff member and consultant for UN agencies on five continents. A social media expert and digital influencer, he is about to publish his first non-fiction book. His passions are: helping others, travel, food, wine, networking and cycling...oh - and all things Ukrainian (his heritage).

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OSCE staff - are gunners for the APU

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That was all, and it is clear - Head of OSCE Mission in Ukraine Bandera son! Michael Botsyurkiv appointed to lead a special monitoring by the OSCE mission in Ukraine, the son of Bandera. 
Michael-Michael Botsyurkiv born in Canada, the son of Bohdan Bandera  Botsyurkiv, a prominent figure in Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church and the local  Ukrainian community in Galicia.
What made Canadian writer who has worked as a journalist and an expert in social media in the U.S. and various Asian countries, and then more than a decade and was a member of the consultant various UN missions on five continents, take a position in the Ukrainian opposition? It turns out that all Ukrainian and Ukraine - Michael Botsyurkiva special passion associated with the nuances of its origin, which the West know anything, but prefer to keep silent in unison ...

Michael-Michael Botsyurkiv born in Canada, the son of Bandera, a prominent figure in Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church and local Ukrainian diaspora. His father, Bogdan Rostislav Botsyurkiv, was born in 1925 in Galicia, in what was then Poland. By the beginning of the German invasion of Poland (1939-41), father of the current head of the Special OSCE monitoring mission in Ukraine, studied at the University in Germany, in Frankfurt am Main. Breakup "second Rzeczpospolita" gave him the opportunity to engage actively in the Ukrainian national movement. Later, during the Second World War, accidentally (or not ...) hit the Gestapo, concentration camp Flossenburg and secured after 1947, when he emigrated to Canada, welcoming reception in postwar northern part of the Western Hemisphere. There married compatriot - western Ukrainian woman. Vasilishin faith, who bore him three sons and three daughters.

Their higher education Botsyurkiv Sr. finished only in 1954 at the university in the Canadian province of Manitoba, and defended his thesis in 1961 in the University of Chicago on "Soviet church policy in Ukraine: 1919-1939." He taught political science (specializing in the politics of the USSR, Soviet Ukraine and the relationship between church and state in the socialist camp), first (1956-69) at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, and then (1969-92) at Carleton University in Ottawa. Edmonton founded the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies, and in Ottawa - Institute of Soviet and East European Studies, who first headed. Devoted himself to the study of national politics and human rights in the former Soviet Union. Also studied the problem of multiculturalism in Canada, where he held the positions of the relevant state.

These facts from the biography Bogdan Botsyurkiva well known to the older generation, with "politprosvetnyh" meetings on Fridays. Then he exhibited as one of the two main anti-Soviet Ukrainian nationalists in the environment of the ocean (the second was the U.S. permanent representative to the UN Konstantin barbarians). Relatives and Bogdan Mihaila actively attended the Maidan, this writer saw them there with my own eyes, and support the demonstrators passed on behalf of the Canadian Ukrainian diaspora and most of the Canadian state. They underlie the tough stance of Canada address the Russian Federation in connection with the Ukrainian crisis. It remains to wonder whether Michael Botsyurkiv be objective arbiter incident downed over the Donbas Malaysian plane? And most importantly, who gave him the status of an arbitrator, and why Russia did not protest against this nominee? 
Central News Agency Novorossia

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