Friday, March 6, 2015

Zakhar Prilepin brought targeted assistance to residents of Donbass

Summaries of the militia of New Russia
"Zakhar Prilepin brought targeted assistance to residents of Donbass" 
Reporting from Lifenews. 

Nizhny Novgorod writer together with volunteers personally handed over humanitarian aid to people affected by the war in New Russia. The money collected on the Internet, Prilepin bought everything needed for normal life to people from the affected areas of the southeast Ukraine. The writer personally traveled over hundreds of addresses and gave humanitarian aid to large families, the disabled and the elderly. 

I blogged two paragraphs of text, it is elementary words: "I'm going to New Russia, and I will give away all by himself." I'm not doing this for the first time and people probably will trust me - reminded the writer. - We have collected 12.7 million rubles per week - this huge funds. Prilepin also said that, even when it came to the Donbass, bills to help local residents continued to expand, despite the fact that the writer is asked to stop transferring money. 

So, according to the writer, in two weeks he will come back and bring a new humanitarian aid for the remaining money. - I was told that one Ukrainian commander collected humanitarian aid, in the end, he gathered 75 thousand hryvnia, and we collect the same amount per day - says writer and volunteer. - People send money from all over Russia, from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad. The money came not only from our country, have also been translated in 18 countries, such as Denmark, Australia and the United States. 

I note that it is not only immigrants but also people who are deeply sympathetic to New Russia. Most of the funds went to the medication, because after outgoing calls orphanages, boarding schools and hospitals, it turned out that even after the transfer of humanitarian supplies from Russia in the region is still not lack of medicines, baby food and personal care products. In other words, everything that is in today's environment of Donbass impossible to buy due to lack of regular supply. 

A writer with a group of volunteers visited the families with children, the disabled and the elderly, and personally handed them humanitarian aid. The team has traveled to more than a hundred addresses in two weeks. "

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