Saturday, April 11, 2015

April 11 - International Day of the liberation of Nazi concentration camps.

Today at 6:12 am

April 11 - International Day of the liberation of Nazi concentration camps. 

Biographies of these people - these are real lessons of courage for the younger generation. What happen to live in the light of the former concentration camp inmates - not to forget them nor death factory, neither the fascists that meaner animals! at Auschwitz. Buchenwald and Auschwitz , Mauthausen in the same row ... Who fell into the hands of the devil, the Germans - visited, frankly, to hell. The whole earth shook with grief, not spared the beasts and children! Mouth monstrous - crematorium Every day, devouring people. 

In the world of horror - torture, mockery, alive at the stake directly harness ... It's best to wash the skin on, girls, From it because poshyut gloves!And the soul ledenela fear, horror ghetto shall never flee! How many lives thrown on the block! Is Well, you can forget this ?! And all are prisoners - strong in spirit! And still people in the dungeons. 

Let the dead rest in peace, those who survived - a nod to the ground! Every day is running out of former prisoners of concentration camps. And the gray-haired men, and women. Be to them, for God's sake, good! For fathers, mothers, brothers, grandfathers Creek soul against all evil! 

And on the eve of the anniversary of the Victory Pain poems in me sprouted! G.Korolёva. Many countries are memorable events, meetings of former prisoners , the commemoration of the dead, the worship of their memory, placing flowers on the graves and burial sites of victims of fascism.

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