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By July, We'll See Just how Dissatisfied Europe is with Kiev

By July We'll See how Europe is Dissatisfied Kiev  

by yurasumy 

From Doublet came reports that leading European countries are dissatisfied with the actions of Kiev to resolve the Ukrainian crisis: 

1. France news report claims that Kiev violates the agreement Minsk 2

2. This is the opinion of the leadership of the country and could lead to the disruption of the agreements: " Peter Poroshenko had failed to adopt a law that would guarantee the holding of local elections in the eastern regions of Ukraine and the implementation of decentralization. Kiev sets conditions that were not specified in Minsk ", - told the publication source Surrounded by President Francois Hollande. 

According to him, the Russian leader Vladimir Putin on this basis accuses the Ukrainian leadership in non-compliance with the agreements. This policy provokes Kiev militia on a new offensive, which this time could lead to a drop in Mariupol . 

Comment: You can deceive their people, but no one from Ukraine will not be able to cheat, because Europe has already decided not to indulge the Kiev regime. The EU fully enjoy all the delights of the short-sighted policy, which he led for the past year and is now trying to influence the situation. 

1. Nedogovrosposobnost current regime in Kiev ochevina was from the beginning, but now this began to speak openly. 

2. Merkel showed Yatsenyuk "yellow card" Visit of Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk in Germany, which took place April 1 and 2, ended unsuccessfully. One of its results was the postponement of the International Finance donor conference for an indefinite period. At the conference, the Ukrainian side had planned to raise $ 15 billion bailout. 

"Apostrophe" it became known that initiated the transfer became just the Germans, who made ​​it clear to Mr. Yatsenyuk that await him real reform. According to experts, in the West are seriously worried that the funds received by Kiev via the IMF and the EU will disappear without a trace. "In Germany, the head of the Cabinet show the latest" yellow card ". About Brother's attention to the fact that if he did not carry out reforms, he should not be expected to support, in any case, from Berlin " According to him, the German side was one of the initiators of the transfer of the conference of potential donors, and linked its implementation with strict Ukraine's compliance with the Minsk peace agreements. " 

Therefore, and in July - no deadline for the conference, if the ATO will continue in the area of clashes, the responsibility of the Ukraine ", - said the source publication. In addition, the European partners would like to know exactly on what specific projects will the money collected at the conference. Yatsenyuk also said that the team of the Prime Minister decided in any case to hold a conference in Ukraine international character even without the participation of serious investors . "We are actively preparing for it. 

The whole preparation would engage Abromavicius (Minister of Economic Development and torgovli.- "apostrophe"), but he flunked the case. Therefore took people Yatsenyuk "- said, without naming names of responsible persons for organizing the conference . 

Comment: Berlin openly expressed their dissatisfaction with what is happening now in Ukraine. And he is dissatisfied with the actions of official Kiev. As France and Germany guilty of disrupting the Minsk-2 is believed to Ukraine. And as a consequence denies last in any support. It is worth noting that the original donnorov conference planned for October 2014. Then, in February 2015. 

The decision was made ​​in Minsk to hold such a conference in May 2015 has already disrupted (though Yatsenyuk wants to do a show for the internal audience, which can only deceive "gullible" natives). Given the fact that Berlin and July does not consider the real term we can assume that there do not believe in ending the war if the current trends persist.

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