Saturday, April 11, 2015

Compliance by Kiev to the Minsk Agreement, Lies with its European & US Supporters

Compliance by Kiev to the Minsk Agreement, Lies with its European & US Supporters

International Court of Justice of the United Nations

Minsk agreement violation allegations - that others are part in, have signed into actions of international agreements, so that when they are signed to, they are committed to follow them regarding each sovereign states contractual rights. Of course, in international law, the principle of good faith performance of these obligations, or it is still known as pacta sunt servanda, depends upon all parties involved being accountable. 

But, unfortunately, some of the mechanism that guarantees that each state will perfectly fulfill their obligations, have not taken place in Ukraine. Involved, is a high sense of justice among the participants of the contract. Unfortunately As far as I know, in the Minsk Agreement it does not provide any mechanism to resolve such disputes, should they arise. In principle, there is a theoretical possibility to transfer the dispute to the International Court of the United Nations. 

It takes such disputes, which arise due to non-performance of its obligations under the contract. But I think, most likely, will be undertaken political efforts to seek new opportunities forced Kiev to fulfill obligations. After all, the bulk of the responsibility for the implementation of Kiev Minsk Agreement lies with the European partners cooperation too. In this case, we consider it as part of their assurance that the Kiev government will perfectly fulfill its obligations. 

So maybe it makes sense to apply it to political colleagues in Europe in order to put them on this kind of bad behavior of their wards in Kiev. I'm not sure that Europe will go on sanctions against Kiev. The mechanism of sanctions is quite controversial. The fact is that just this is in violation of the principle of sovereign unequality. No such a body of the world, and the more one state can not punish another country on the grounds that it is seen as a violation of international law - there is no international law. 

Therefore, the very policy of sanctions, I am deeply convinced, is a violation of international law in and of itself. And here I would like to point out exactly what Russia's position is in just a very constructive, and not rough symmetrical response. And it will be beneficial to further develop the political situation. If we return to the situation in Ukraine, the XX century has given us many examples of solving such crises. 

The most successful example - separation of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The center, which was at that time in Prague, did not apply any force to hold half of the country under a single artificial state of Czechoslovakia. The process was peaceful and even without resentment. In this case, it is very close to the situation in Ukraine, because we clearly understand that there can be no artificial state, composed of two different parts, with a different mentality. Absolutely no sense to somehow hold the territory by force. If the process has entered into the mainstream of the peace talks, it would benefit both sides, at least, would not be of such colossal casualties. 

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