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Crimes against humanity in Ukraine, the bombing of a School

Crimes against humanity in Ukraine, the bombing of a school

The April 1, 2015
Olga Luzanova

Ukrainian President Poroshenko kept his word: " Our children go to school, and the children of Donbass stagnate in the cellars. "

This section of the investigative journalist Olga Luzanova provides photo and video evidence of the bombing of the impacts of Kiev scheme aimed directly against residential areas and schools in the Donbass.

Civilians were deliberately targeted.

These war crimes were ignored by the mainstream media. They have not been recognized by the Commission on Human Rights of the UN.

The human rights of children have been flagrantly violated by the Kiev regime supported by the United States, in contravention of international law.

M. Ch. GR Publisher
Photos and video by Olga Luzanova

We recall that last October, President Poroshenko highlighted the contrasts between the perspectives of Ukrainians and those of the population in the Donbass in a speech held in Odessa. The president promised, in particular:

" Our children go to school and kindergarten, while their lie low in caves! "

Until now, the Ukrainian government has done his best to keep his word. Here is a child living in a basement, according to the will of the President of Ukraine.

The acting commander of the command of Perevalsk asked me to make a brief visit to a small town that had to end up close to the front line. Ukrainian forces fired on the residential area of the city until the day when the militia took Debaltsevo. We took the road that I knew very well.

We drove through the city, where I could see all the consequences of the bombing. We approached the school from the back and we saw a football field with a huge crater in the middle. Then we saw another crater due to Hurricane missile near the school.

We found a large piece of missile, which looked like an aluminum bucket mushy, inside the building, but the number of distinct traces proves that it was part of a Hurricane missile battery.

The school was not a single intact window on the facade overlooking Debaltsevo.Obviously the shots were not directed at random - we saw that all attacks on schools were direct hits.

We made the school tour - its facade facing the territory controlled by the militia remained almost intact.Incidentally, this school was one of the most beautiful in the region Perevalsk she had obtained a grant for its renovation two years ago and was therefore completely refurbished.

And now the spotlight on the book with the hammer and sickle, and the phrase "Peace in the World ", which adds more sorrow to the whole scene.

The state of the building was no less terrible overturned furniture, broken window frames, glass shards and plaster debris on the floor, fragments of wood and bricks everywhere, everything is broken and drilled holes .

In a half-ruined hallway, panels with the portraits of the heroes of the Great Patriotic War, killed again by the Ukrainian bullets. No one was forgotten, nothing has been forgotten.

I would point out that respect for the memory of values ​​has always been an important part of our school education.In the light of the conflict in Ukraine, one of the most important instruments currently used in Ukrainian schools is the distortion of history - especially by replacing the names of Soviet hero by the name Banderistes. Yet people of Donbass remember their true history, we have not learned only in school but also our grandparents, who have seen this story with their own eyes and we were told again and again, and we will never forget.

Video 1 min, English subtitles

I heard a child's voice outside - a little girl approached with some adults, she pointed toward the most damaged part of the school, saying: " My class was there."Vika five years, was very sad for his school; almost all of his friends have left the city, and now she and her family have to leave too.

I entered the classroom where Vika and other first year students attended classes. Again, the same scene: broken glass everywhere, destroyed windows, broken furniture, walls pierced holes ... Books abandoned on a shelf ...

Someone wrote on the board: " Death to the fascist invaders "
Donbass children do not go to school ...

Translated by Diane, read by dd for the Francophone Saker

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