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Czech and Slovak reservists rebelled against NATO

Czech and Slovak reservists rebelled against NATO


Representatives of four non-governmental organizations at once, CSLA, PS, WWII, the National Security Council, bringing together reservists and reserve officers of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, have made ​​a public statement that caused shock waves in Europe. According to the group «Szent István Légiója », the soldiers said they are ready to defend their homeland, but under no circumstances are not going to support NATO in the "war" against Russia. 

The document named "Memorandum" and published in the Facebook group, which unites members of the CSLA, PS, WWII, the National Security Council. We publish this translation of the text of the memorandum:

"For the first time since the end of the 2nd World War, we again see a real threat of war. Therefore, we consider it necessary to make the following statement; 

We, Czechoslovak soldiers left, unanimously reject any opportunity to participate in battles that are planning aggressive geo-political elite using NATO and the support of our governments. We are sworn to protect our homeland, the Czech and Slovak Republic. We are sworn to protect the freedom and independence of our proud and sovereign states, for which our ancestors laid down their lives in the world wars. 

We focus on these vows in a civil initiative and we want to cope with the crisis. Our freedom and independence for a long time threatened by a system of representative pseudo where elected representatives do not have to defend the interests of the voters, and adopted laws represent only the personal interests of legislators, the interests of political parties and groups of economic interest. 

Our homeland is under pressure from global elites and economic interest groups that are incompatible with the power of citizens through a system of representative democracy. Our Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms is now distorted and constitutional laws are violated by the lawmakers. Legislative power is privatized, the executive branch is politicized, and the judiciary is flawed because the subject to lobbying and pressure from our governments. 

The results: an endless state budget deficit, de-industrialization, privatization of property of the Republic, looted budgets, food and energy dependence, the privatization of natural resources, pensions and the health of citizens. Our country was illegally stripped and plundered, enslaved its inhabitants, national infrastructure passed into the hands of Western corporations. 

Destructive chaos and despair dominates the society. For this reason we, Czechoslovak soldiers in reserve, while recognizing our military oath, affirm the need to protect our people. We definitely reject participation in the ranks of the NATO aggression against the Russian Federation or other Slavic peoples. We also intend to resist against the further elimination of our democracy, freedom and independence. 

We come together in a crisis situation and, using our civil, military skills and experience are going to create a strong organized civil pressure on the entire length of time required to defend their patriotic goals. We swore allegiance to our homeland, the Czech and Slovak Republics.We, Czechoslovak soldiers, reservists, will fulfill the oath! ". 

In response to this memorandum in the Western social networks a heated debate, inform segodnia.ru . During the debate of the Europeans supported the Czechoslovak reservists, while others supported the position of NATO and the position of reservists called "intolerant" and even rebellous.


Oleg Gornostaev
04/14/2015 - 7:07
While Donbass hold back the tide ukronatsistov running into battle, like a flock of sheep at the click of the American whip intensified Russian liberals and hang out near them subversive public.
One of the information resources, combining traditional liberal views Russophobia, elegantly disguised as concern for the future of Russia, announced a literary contest "Sixteenth republic." Participants will propose to consider what would have happened if, instead of the fifteen republics in the Soviet Union there were sixteen, and this is the sixteenth would have been at the center of Russia. What could be this successful sixteenth republic? What is the path of economic development and the state has chosen? Etc.
Russian and foreign liberoidy just fixated on Russia, as if her pebble converged.Won the world's many problems, and they all thought of Russia, and how to bring happiness to its people. The contest "Sixteenth republic" - from the same series.
In the US, the Lakota Indians announced the creation of the republic sovey a few years ago. But do not want something our liberals and their sponsors to establish contests on "The Republic of Lakota in the center of the United States" (Lakota live in Nebraska, North. And South. Dakota, Wyoming, Montana). But on the subject of strange sixteenth republic in central Russia - always welcome.Even Prize winners promise - $ 1,000, $ 500 and $ 300.Takova fee for future traitors, if any exist.
Skillfully speculate as to ruin Russia, creating in its center a new republic, describe what you are seen its economic, ideological and political system, as it overcome external challenges and consolidate and get a few dollar bills.
The aim of the liberals - to create a provocative situation, a kind of bait, which bite those who are willing to serve for dollars though Satan. Especially against the background of the bourgeois grumbling "Putin, go away!". These Judas fly off the light russophobia like moths.
The calculation was correct. Responded to the call liberal proponents of Ingermaland Republic (the Leningrad region). Its adherents call to secede from Russia and create a Slavic-Finno-Ugric republic, which will populate the Ingrian Finns, Vaujany, Izhorians and Russian. But these Russian should become anti-Russian, ie, Russophobia. Then they will be sovereign Ingermanlandii ideologically comfortable and psychologically comfortable.
The initiative of the Russian liberals immediately picked Ukrainian neo-Nazis.On their resources, they called on everyone to participate in the competition, and reflect on the sixteenth republic in Russia. Indicating that the Finno-Ugric peoples of Russia harassed and repressed're coming out neo-Nazi found thus justify his anti-Russian hysteria and called Finno-Ugric activists vigorously follow the path split Russia, creating independent Finno-Ugric republic.
Hardly among the Russian Finno-Ugric peoples there are naive people who believe in the sincerity of the Ukrainian nationalist tales. But it is important to understand that the subversive activities in this direction is not the first year. For Ukrainian nationalists looming shadow of Estonia, on the basis of kooky Russophobia, and for Estonia - the omnipresent shadow of Washington and Brussels.
The results of their work in front of the Finno-Ugric scanty. Too close relations between the Russian and Finno-Ugric that these fraternal bonds could break the overnight foreign ideology.
But you can ruin the state, using not only the national question. You can bet on socio-economic aspects. For example, the 16th republic in central Russia, where all people have equal rights, and the republic itself transformed into an island of well-fed and relaxed lifestyle. On paper and in the mouth of the Russian liberals will. But not in reality.
In reality, virtual sixteenth republic will become a zone of instability. It is for this purpose and will be created to cut in half and Russia continue to pursue the destruction that still remain from Russia.
Italian theologian Aurelio Palmieri somehow counted Poles accused that they have subjected the Catholic faith to their selfish nationalistic interests, and his actions have inspired Little Russians and Belarusians hostility to Catholicism.Palmieri believed that the Poles not only helped the Catholic Church, how many have done her problems.
It is the same with the Russian liberals. They not only helped the cause of adoption of liberal ideology as their nasty deeds inspired Russians dislike to her.Theoretically supporters of liberal ideology can be full participants in intellectual discussions, but they have a bad habit of mixing intellectualism Russophobia.Because of this, the word "liberal" and "Russophobe" become almost a synonym.
Russian liberal XIX century was not always Russophobe. He sincerely believed that Russia could become stronger, armed with ideas of liberalism.
Russian liberal twentieth century almost always - russophobe. He knows that the liberal idea destroy Russia (the story is proven empirically), but longs for it, that is, the death of Russia, and even willing to push the Russian youth to the treacherous little thoughts, such as "And if we do not create instead of a single Russian sixteenth republic?" .

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