Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Irish journalist: Europe's Media has embraced US's "Putinmania" for new Viewers

Irish journalist: Europe's Media has embraced US's "Putin-Mania" for new Viewers
April 13, 2015

Vladimir Putin's name needs the Western media for better sales of its circulation - said a journalist from Ireland Brian McDonald. The trend is gaining momentum against the backdrop of the start of election campaigns in the United States and Europe.

Nowadays rarely there are days when the name of Vladimir Putin does not appear in the world media - said in an article on the website Russia Today Irish journalist Brian McDonald.

"When I first came to Russia, I was struck by how often Putin and Medvedev were on Russian television screens. But it turned out to see them as often - no need to go to Russia. On the BBC, Sky News and CNN, they appear to the same regularity, "- said the journalist.

According to MacDonald, the Western media have made of the phantom Putin, who takes part in everything that happens in the world and this paranoia can be compared in terms of the fact that it was in the era of the "cold war."

"In fact, his name is mentioned even in sports reports about the" Manchester United "- said the journalist, assuming that the edition with the image of the Russian President on the cover sold better.

"When David Cameron arrived at Buckingham Palace to announce the dissolution of Parliament, I already knew that Putin will play a central role in the campaign," - says McDonald. A similar situation, he predicts, and in the case of the US primaries.

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