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Psychopathology of Ukrainian Nationalism

Psychopathology of Ukrainian nationalism

(First experience, please do not kick your feet!)
One of the sources of nationalism in western Ukraine
Vitaly Skorohodov.

Ukrainian nationalism, like the others, is partly a natural origin, and partly - artificial. On the formation of the natural part of the author ukronatsionalizma interesting and clearly explains the proposed article ...

Ukrainian nationalism , as a phenomenon that has arisen in the western regions of Ukraine during its stay under Polish control. At first he wore the national liberation character, as the Polish yoke bends Ukrainians role of cattle and third grade. Were almost completely destroyed Ukrainian school, there was not a single Ukrainian university , those Ukrainians who could make his way to higher education, received it in Polish universities, but the lucky was negligible. The remaining residents were assigned the role of draft animals and servants.Such a situation could not cause resistance, and this wave formed Ukrainian nationalism.

The current situation has left a heavy imprint on the entire population of the Western Ukraine, to generate both a range of psychological problems , which the older generation handed down to their descendants. Unfortunately, with the advent of Soviet power and the union of Western Ukraine with the rest, in the minds of these problems have not disappeared, and continued to live and cultivate. After the collapse of the USSR and the come in the country of chaos and lawlessness, they are even more acute.

I, as a physician, is interested in the problem of mentality of Ukrainian Nationalists, which I will try to uncover.

The inhabitants of the western regions during the years of the existence of servitude developed persistent destructive mental changes, manifested in the "Stockholm Syndrome", frustration, inferiority complex and a paranoid state.

"Stockholm syndrome" manifests itself in the fact that western Ukrainians there was sympathy between the victim and the aggressor. Under the influence of a strong shock hostages begin to sympathize with their captors, justify their actions, and ultimately identify with them, adopting their ideas and considering their sacrifice necessary to achieve the "general" purpose. In the western dialect of a great many words of Polish origin. Even modern Ukrainian national anthem - a blueprint from Polish. Subconsciously, they still maintain a sense of dependence and admiration for the Poles and Europeans.

Long-term existence in unconditional submission of Austria-Hungary and Poland, persistent discrimination, led to the development of an inferiority complex - psychological and emotional sensations man, expressed in a sense of inferiority and irrational belief in the superiority of others over himself. People suffering from an inferiority complex, see themselves as something small and disadvantaged. Many on its soil develop depression and even suicide attempts.

In modern conditions of inferiority complex single-parent families and contribute to social orphanage when his parents left to work abroad, and the children are left with elderly relatives, and sometimes even to themselves. In adults, the inferiority complex is the reverse side of megalomania, and in fact, and in another case prevails proud when people subconsciously want to stand out among others. Contributes to the emergence of an inferiority complex and material inequality in society, when a small group of people have everything, and most mired in polunischete.

Often characterized by attempts to compensate inferiority complex flaunting the role of victim.Young guys to mask feelings of inferiority are often observed increased aggression and alcohol consumption, as well as status symbols, such as sports cars and motorcycles, expensive things, fashion "outfit". Today, however, this complex is not unique to the Ukrainian nationalists, but for most of the country's population.

Also personality traits of Ukrainian Nationalists is the presence of cognitive dissonance - a state of discomfort experienced by a person after receiving the message or action contrary to his knowledge, opinions, or "self-concept". More easier - positive emotions a person has in confirming expectations and implementing plans. Negative same appear when between plans, dreams and realities of life there is an unbridgeable gulf. The emergence of these emotions is cognitive dissonance.

When a new independent Ukrainian reality came into conflict with dreams of a beautiful Zamozhniy life, ukronatsionalistov came collision of excitation and inhibition in the central nervous system and developed this phenomenon. It is more typical for mature representatives of the nationalists, who remember life in the USSR, and comparing it with the current promised them independence, understand how their "divorced" 20 years ago.

If we translate this into a more understandable language in some marketing, this meanspostpokupochnoe regret . Bad mood, irritability, anger and desire to be rid of the slop - Here are the signs of this disease. Very good condition cognitive dissonance passes Latin proverb:"Post coitum Omne Animal triste est" - " after intercourse every creature longs . " A more clear - you bite the apple and suddenly feel the taste of herring. So with nezalezhnіstyu : instead of gold barrels - barrels of beer, which temporarily brightens negative experiences, but the hangover looks even more disgusting.

Frustration - a negative mental state due to the inability to meet the different needs. This condition manifests itself in feelings of frustration, anxiety, irritability, finally despair. In fact, this is when our desires do not coincide with our opportunities. This feeling has arisen among Ukrainian nationalists, when, after the proclamation of independence in 1991, instead of beer rivers fat in chocolate and cream in galushok that do jump into the mouth, they found themselves in conditions of capitalist reality and were forced to survive in it, digging themselves bread hard work .

Some of them broke down psychologically, some have moved to the nationalists and some left Ukraine forever, now preferring to give advice on how we live here, far away. Particularly acute frustration after the Orange Maidan, which for some reason they are called revolution.When their Messiah spat on all his campaign promises and became involved arranging their personal affairs, bees and Glechik, these people were in a stupor. Since the situation was not resolved with time, and only exacerbates the life of the population is getting worse, there were two mental reactions - avoiding unjust world and sabotage themselves, as well asexacerbation of paranoia .

With regard to care, it may be a departure from reality in fantasy, dreams and dreams. Our ukronatsionalistov is manifested in dreams start Europa , although we had already joined theWTO , and Ukraine but trouble for it brought nothing. In the fantasies of how, instead of driving to work in Muscovy and build cottages there, we were shaft trample "Muscovites" and will work with the Ukrainians, and will induce aliens arrive here the order, the Americans will give us a whole bunch of loans and forget about that they should return and other delusional fabrications - have each their own. Or are people just pretend hoses and go into a defensive stance Durikov:

"I'm all right" - Funny Durikov.

"And I'm here to do with it!" - Durikov stupid and irresponsible.

"Have pity on me!" - Durikov unhappy with mournful eyes.

"You are all fools!" - Angry Durikov.

"I do not want to think about it" - Just Durikov.

If the situation is not allowed to continue, it starts the self-harm - the men begin to smoke, get drunk, night long playing computer games or sit out on the Internet, women eat a lot of sweet, silly and deliberately commit yourself harming behavior, rush into depravity, give birth to yourself a few lovers, and then go into apathy - once you are callous and do not understand me, such an unusual and air, then I will die.

A classic example of frustration - an excellent pupil syndrome, when the girl at the school was the best pupil of the most clever and beautiful, and then, coming to the big city to study reveals that around like her, thousands. At the same time it set to "# yaluchshevseh" faced with the reality, and with a weak type of mentality develops frustration, a sense of insecurity, frustration, anger and despair.

These people get into the pose of the victim , there comes disruption of consciousness and inability to solve practical problems arising. When frustration resulting from the combination of these conditions exceeds the limit, which is currently the subject can sustain a person becomes closed and disturbing; he feels that something is wrong, and in the end he develops paranoia.

About paranoia as harakteriologicheskom ukronatsionalistov property should be discussed in more detail. Paranoia - a mental disorder characterized by suspicion and well-established system of overvalued ideas, acquire, with excessive severity, the nature of delirium. This system usually is not changed; it would be quite logical, if the initial pathological ideas were correct, but at the core beliefs of the Ukrainian nationalists on the idea of ancient ukrah descended from aliens, title of the Ukrainian nation and the universal mission of the Ukrainian nationalists.

Paranoia exists in two forms: a paranoid personality disorder and paranoid delusions.People suffering from paranoid personality disorder tend to always see in your actions hostile motives. Any ambiguity resulting information they regard as another confirmation of their conviction that not only the world around them hostile, but there are people who seek to harm them directly.

Assuming a hostile world and trying to avoid unpleasant surprises, paranoid personality are constantly in a state of tension and apprehension. That this was the reason that ukronatsionalisty all their troubles blamed communists then, the Russian, the Jews (I deliberately use the word, which they refer to all Jews). Because of this, they are hypersensitive, prone to disputes groundless, envious, constantly hostile to all who do not share their beliefs and ideas that are prone to unprovoked aggression. Feeling uncomfortable in the company of people who have higher status or intelligence, paranoid personality best converge with people poorly educated, compliant and dependent.

As a rule, paranoid personality traits and overvalued ideas eventually transformed into a paranoid delusions , which can manifest itself in the form of persecution mania - terms of some enemies, "all our fat z'їli moskalі i kommunyakі" , Russia wants us dead and the other is as delusional thoughts . Megalomania and grandeur: the Ukrainian nation - the titular of the world; ukry - the most intelligent and beautiful creatures in the universe.

Although this disorder is not considered to psychosis , people exposed to it, often have great difficulty in relationships. They tend to be very critical of others, not taking, however, criticism.

Today in Ukraine formed psevdoobschestvo paranoid , and to get out of this state need a whole range of efforts, ranging from changes in the education system, reformat the information space, wider outreach to the media, the formation of people of normal moral values ​​.

After several centuries of stay in the bosom of Western civilization, the people of Galicia fully embraced all of its steel plant and Russian opponents of the project. They are deeply rooted sense of menshovartosti which they passed, and their children and grandchildren.Descendants of riflemen and Bandera nourish their hatred of everything Russian insults of the past.

Instead, to educate children on the best moments of the Ukrainian history - the joint struggle against the enemies, building a new society, they arrange dancing on the graves and live their defeat and betrayal of their hetman. They are ready every day to remember the troublescaused to them Moskal, forgetting that good what to do for them first Russia and then the Soviet Union.

Moreover, half of the leaders of the USSR it was the Ukrainians from the eastern regions. This is exactly klyatі kommunyakі headed by Stalin taught Russian, living in Ukraine, the Ukrainian language and collected pieces of Ukraine. It is here they have developed industry, opened thousands of schools and hundreds of Ukrainian universities have set up hospitals and clinics with free medical care, built a city and gave people free apartments, built roads and power, created everything eaten through successfully for 20 years.

What made ​​them Bandera Ukraine - first ass licked Hitler, and when he realized that no Square he had not seen the Fuhrer and Ukraine, he will not become destroy their comrades, and then ordinary Ukrainians who supported the Soviet power. Part of Ukrainian Nationalists and ukronatsistov dreams of Ukraine, in which they dorvutsya to trough and will be hosts of the ready at any moment to leave the country and love Nenko afar. They are fed by Western intelligence agencies and domestic oligarchs.

Chief evroevrey Kolomoysky recently stated "Freedom": "Hopefully, the more it will gain the electorate, the closer it will move towards the center. Better than those nationalists who openly say what they think, than those who are silent, but do everything behind ... " So, without realizing it, ordinary Ukrainian nationalists become a "fifth column" of Zionism and transnational capital in our country and will be used these powers to its dismemberment. In this case, the tip of their cynically aware of all the consequences that may result from the growth of ethnic conflicts in Ukraine, but in the pursuit of money or a warm place in power, ready to throw the country into chaos ethnic conflicts.

Counter this is still possible . Therefore all really thinking people should stand united against manifestations ukronatsizma and chauvinism, but in the case of the rise of neo-Nazi tendencies in society, have apparently let Galicia float freely under the Polish-American ensign.

The article used materials

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