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US diplomat: Ukraine should recognize the loss of the Crimea

US diplomat: Ukraine should recognize the loss of the Crimea
April 26, 2015

Former US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul gave a very detailed interview to "Ukrainian Pravda". And despite the obvious bias of this publication, the diplomat tried at least between the lines to convey to the Ukrainian real attitude of Washington to the conflict in the country.

The media and political and academic community in Ukraine is trying to convince the public the idea that the collective West fully and unconditionally support the current regime in Kiev and all his actions. That friends from Washington and Brussels will defend Ukraine until recently the Americans and Europeans. However, former US Ambassador Michael McFaul made it clear that the attitude towards Kiev and its current policy in the West is very controversial. Yes, today McFaul is neither US Secretary of State, or even a senator, however, given its proximity to Obama, the former ambassador words can be regarded as a kind of message from the White House Ukrainian regime. And requests to behave decently.

So, Michael McFaul clearly explained what the Ukrainians in Ukraine will steps to exacerbate the situation. For example, the supply of US weapons, which the Ukrainian authorities to achieve with perseverance worthy of a better cause. "Some people in the White House believe that if it happens, will be escalated. They believe that if the supply of weapons, and then there will be an answer Putin ... and who will be sent to his answer? Not for us. On you. So if you think that the military needs such help, my answer is - we must help those who are willing to get an answer Putin. " Very ambiguous statement, which shows that the Ukrainians Kiev have to understand all the consequences of their actions and be ready to account for their steps.That if Ukraine will continue to hold political and military provocations, then it will have to save herself.

However, current US administration, according to McFaul, will be ready to go to the exacerbation only if there is a provocation from Putin, if the peace process will be derailed Russia. Moreover, the US is not going to beat Ukraine Crimea. "I just do not want people to overestimate the ability of the West. A military operation we do not go, obviously. Americans are not willing to fight for the Crimea ... We must be realistic in this regard. Sometimes I feel that people want more from Americans than myself "- says Ukrainian journalist Michael McFaul. The perfect outlet for Kiev in this situation would be to recognize the loss of the Crimea in exchange for some concessions from Russia, but this decision has yet realistic option does not match any of the political situation, much more of the priorities of the current Ukrainian society.

West wants from Kiev does not relapse, and reforms. "I believe many of my friends in the White House so believe that the most important question here - whether successful reform and democratization in Ukraine. This is the most important thing. And everything else is less important - what Putin will do, and so on, "- said McFaul. And while that friends in the White House are not satisfied with any reform or democracy. Probably will not be satisfied as measures to de-Russification of the country, and more precisely the methods to achieve this goal, which threaten to further split in Ukrainian society.

Theoretically, the United States need not just surviving Ukraine - they need a successful Ukraine. A State which can demonstrate the former Soviet space benefits from the exit of the Russian sphere of influence. "For Putin unsuccessful reforms - that's what he expects that he wants to show the world -" I was right. " For him, this is the main problem. And so for us the most important task - to show that Putin is not right, "- said McFaul. However, in practice, "to show that Putin is not right" will not be easy. George W. Bush failed to implement this strategy with a much more favorable conditions in Georgia and Ukraine after the first of the Maidan (when the country was not in a loosening of the state as it is now). In the meantime, all the events in Ukraine - Garbage lustration industrial collapse, glorification of Nazi collaborators - show former Soviet Union, Putin right after all.

The Russian president, by the way, also became a topic of discussion. "Putin still people of the Soviet Union. He believes that if something is a plus for America, it means minus for Russia ", - says Michael McFaul. - Putin is the theory that America wants to destroy Russia and all countries that are considered to be our enemies, that we organize the revolution everywhere.As if people do nothing - neither in Egypt nor in Ukraine or Russia. He believes that all makes the CIA. " And partly it is right - though not so much in relation to Putin (who still is a pragmatist), but in relation to the Russian political and academic elite. Indeed the majority of armchair political scientists and journalists prevailing view that the US is the initiator of various processes in the world. And they are respectively broadcast these ideas to the masses, which leads to serious underestimation of Russian society of internal problems that have arisen in the territory of Ukraine the same, as well as in Georgia and even Armenia. Spend so much effort to find and explain the "hands of the State Department," in Russia do not want or can not accept that in the occurrence of these processes have wine and Russia. And while in Moscow did not realize the chances of the emergence of new Maidan new post-Soviet countries will continue to exist.

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