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Gary Greenberg decided to explore sand under a microscope, take a look at the photos

Gary Greenberg decided to explore sand under a microscope, take a look at the photos

How does the sand under a microscope. The sand - a mixture of small grains, which are produced as a result of destruction of rocks. The scientist Gary Greenberg decided to explore the sand and look at it under a microscope, and what came of it, you can take a look at the photo. The professor made ​​the pictures with 3D microscope with 250 × magnification and then processed results on the computer. As a result of this study was surprisingly very beautiful pictures of crystals, each of which does not look like each other. Increasing the sand under a microscope to see how much he has given unique and beautiful from the inside. Each crystal has its own color and form, and in one inch of sand there are several thousand. In each region, the sands of differently shaped so that when you study them in the microscope, you see very different shapes and properties of these crystals.

Marina Sergeeva

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Ukraine is Waiting for Default as Money from the IMF will not be an Answer

Bankers stifle Ukraine

Posted May 21, 2015

For those living outside of Ukraine , it is important to note some aspects that are commonly overlooked networking and media analysts. Here's to them we will focus.

The first and most important conclusion: In the West, there are powerful forces that play against Ukraine. Again. In the West, there are powerful forces that play against Ukraine. Otherwise, the story of a default would simply not there. In the US, there are an influential group, more precisely, an alliance of groups who would very much like to use Ukraine as a powerful battering ram against Russia, but the fact that it requires money, money and money again.

But with the money and the clan Clintons, and the Republican neo-conservatives - a big problem, not in the sense that they are poor, but in the sense that finding and "put on the table" from 60 to 100 billion dollars for the sake of "Ukraine project "- a very trivial task.

Many vsepropalschiki have extremely simplified picture of the world in which there is an absolute evil monolith - the political elite of the United States, which is completely subordinated to Europe, and which may be all or almost all. World vsepropalschikov there is only one solution of the Ukrainian question and European Affairs.

Ukrainian defaulted postponed until June

Kiev mode they offer immediately destroy by force, citing the cries of "if you do not do it now, it will get stronger, and then capture the Crimea and Moscow with the help of his new army and American money!", And they offer to Europe to fight, because "it It lies under the United States. "

Such citizens (especially those of them who work under contract in the "creation of a patriotic opposition to the Kremlin"), very nervously react to the following questions:

1. Why does the United States have not yet printed ofigliard dollars and not give them to Kiev for the army, rescue the economy and so on? After all, the United States - a powerful country, economic problems (in terms of vsepropalschikov) and it does not have to wait for the American crisis - stupidity. Why is that? Trying to save on your "main project against Russia?"

2. Why is the United States, if they control the EU, the ECB did not make print for Kiev ofigliard euro? There's even an argument about the "save" does not work, because then the United States would finance the creation of a powerful battering ram against the Ukrainian Russian people's money. This is a dream, not a scheme!Why is this not done?

Honest answers to these questions demolish super simple (and therefore harmful) vsepropalschikov picture of the world. They have to look for, or very, very crazy theories, or come to the obvious idea that it is not so simple.

For example, the most radical politicians in Washington do not have access to the printing press. Washington "hawks", who more or less control over foreign policy, the EU can make to take sanctions (see how they will renew them), but can not force the EU to fund the Ukraine, or announce an oil embargo against Russia.

The situation with the default adds interesting details to the picture of the world:

1. The IMF obviously plays against Ukraine, which, in view of the conflict through Lagarde - the US Congress, it seems logical. I recall the plot of the conflict: Head of IMF demands that the United States abandoned the "controlling stake in the IMF" and transfer funds under the control of the developing countries. This requirement results in Washington "hawks" in the rage.

IMF actually made "accelerator default." On the one hand, Kiev had been promised money (enough to not starve to death), but their production is linked to the restructuring of the existing debt to the Western Ukrainian private foundations and to Russia. If the IMF does not put this condition, we would not be discussing the upcoming Ukrainian default.

Russia's Finance Ministry immediately sent Kiev and regularly repeats its uncompromising stance. Some citizens regret that Russia does not include the "acceleration clause" of the conditions of release Ukrainian Eurobonds, which allows you to claim 3 billion right now, but that would be the wrong decision.

Three billion block

It is much better for everyone would be if the default mode of Kiev will not provoked by Russian and Western investment funds.

Here there is a second interesting aspect: the top Western investment funds do not want to help the Washington radicals - clan Clintons and neocons. It is obvious that they are under pressure and desperately need to write off the Ukrainian debts, but the effect is absolutely zero.

In world practice, can be counted on the fingers of cases where private foundations agreed to debt relief in circumstances where other major lenders (like Russia in the case of Ukraine) did not agree to write off. As I predicted, the demarche Siluanova, who in March publicly revealed the position of Russia, played against Ukraine:

"From the point of view of world financial practices Siluanov did not even hard, and cruel - to the point of sadism. The fact that these are usually negotiated with the creditors of the country on the brink of default lead to the maximum silence in order to be able to "push" a good environment in individual negotiations with each of the creditors, none of whom do not want to be a chode and write off more than written off others.

Siluanov violated and trampled upon the principle of non-disclosure and gentlemen revealed not only the fact of negotiations with Russia, but also clearly indicated that no write-offs. Thus, he put all other creditors of Ukraine in an awkward position.

They have a choice: either to publicly admit that they write off debts and suckers for political reasons (in this place career fund managers - Ukrainian bond holders can be safely flushed down the toilet) or to demand full payment of debt following the example of the Russian Ministry of Finance. "

In judo, there is a reception "tsukkomi dzhime" which involves smothering the enemy without hands, and lapel of his own kimono.It turns funny: like no one beat the opponent and not the throat, only pulled the kimono, but it is lifeless. With default of Ukrainian situation is similar.

In the role of lapel stands one point of the conditions of release Ukrainian Eurobonds, and the item is present and those who are from Western creditors and those that now Russia. According to this paragraph, each new release Ukrainian Eurobonds should be served in a «pari passu» - that is, All creditors of Ukraine are entitled to equal treatment benefits.

This allows investment funds to demand from Kiev that he was paid under the same conditions, which requires Russia - that completely.And vice versa. For Kiev, it is a vicious circle. Of course, Western funds can refuse to pay "in good faith", but to rely on the good will, for example, the Fund Mark Mobius, who is a "purse" of that part of the American elite who hates clan Clintons, it will be very difficult.

Ukraine's future: two reasonable ways to proceed

Is there a chance that the funds lenders still break under the pressure of the radical part of the US political elite?There. But miserable. The fact that they have held so far, speaks volumes, and would not be venturing Lagarde entire sequence with chaining tranches IMF debt forgiveness, if not believed in its success.

An amusing detail can be noted angry statement Ukrainian Minifina who is angry that "the creditors committee of Ukraine" refuses to disclose its membership, talking with Ukraine "through the secretary," and generally behaves like a "unscrupulous lenders." In these opening chances for salvation of Ukraine from default - miserable.

Do Kiev chances to win in court against creditors: that is, against Russia and against the supposedly anonymous committee of Western investment funds?

Yes, but only if Ukraine will be destroyed for the sake of London as a global financial center, which is highly unlikely.

Not only that the Ukrainian eurobonds issued under English law and are sold through the Irish Stock Exchange and with the formal point of view they belong to the British special trust companies that receive money from Kiev, pay their bondholders and lead all the legal work for the maintenance of the financial instrument.

This is a very clever scheme verified on thousands of bond issues for a few hundred years in London as a modern financial center. One of the consequences of such a scheme is, for example, the fact that Kiev did not know by name, one in particular those of the Eurobonds - all the "strings" on the end of special trusts, and more - complete obscurity. Interestingly, they have also sue these British closed trusts.

Unlike many journalists who write on this subject, yours truly found and carefully read the complete terms of the issue of Eurobonds, which bought Russian. After reading all 210 pages of it turned out that, according to paragraph 13 - "enforcement of obligations" to the Ukrainian Ministry of Finance will sue London's The Law Debenture Trust Corporation plc, which is the manager of the private trust, in which Eurobonds are.

This company is engaged in the business "of coercion to the fulfillment of obligations" so long and successfully, which has earned itself a place in the index of the largest 250 UK companies, which are traded on the London Stock Exchange.

Carolina runs the company Banski - former CFO of the bank NM Rothschild & Sons (NM Rothschild & Sons), and the board of directors like a "fiscal UN Security Council," if such an organization existed.

Among the directors and owners of high-ranking officials, and appear the structure of almost all important financial houses Morgan (needs no introduction), Schroeder (Confederation of the bankers, Hitler and Margaret Thatcher), Refbouny (former East India Company) ... Only Rockefellers not.

Ukraine falls into default. Today, "Ukrzaliznytsya" - then everywhere

Given how the documents drawn up and the level of training of those who will sue the Ukrainian Ministry of Finance in London, the chance to "come off" in Kiev is extremely small.No tales of war, aggression and klyatyh Moskal will not help.

Of course, we can not exclude that the court will click, but "kidok 'creditors in the rightness of their obvious will be the end of London as a financial center, where the world's elite may carry out their transactions. Donate whether London for Ukraine? It is extremely unlikely.
What awaits Ukraine?

Unless a miracle happens, Ukraine is waiting for default. A default means that money from the IMF will not be, and that any foreign currency assets of the Ukrainian state is Ukraine (including financial assistance from countries and the governments of the West) will be subject to judicial "frozen."

Most importantly - without external financial injections hryvnia is waiting for a fascinating journey along the path trodden Zimbabwean dollars, at the very bottom of the global economy. The course will transform pensions and salaries in the dust, and bank accounts - an unnecessary throwback to bygone happiness.

Imports will really gold, and life - is incredibly expensive. Perhaps the Kiev regime wants urgently to war in order to distract the population from the sad thoughts, but this attempt will end quickly and ingloriously.

Author: Crimson Alter

Pushkov: Yatsenyuk received from Brussels a condescending kiss off on the forehead

Pushkov: Yatsenyuk received from Brussels a condescending kiss off on the forehead

The head of the Duma Committee for International Affairs Alexei Pushkov commented on the results of the summit "Eastern Partnership", which ended this week in Riga. According to policy, Brussels is not ready to meet Ukraine.
MOSCOW, May 24 - RIA Novosti. Ukrainian politicians can not win the full confidence of the European Union, which refers to its eastern neighbor "playfully indulgent," says the head of the State Duma Committee on Foreign Affairs Alexei Pushkov.
"The only thing that took Yatseniuk from the summit in Riga - playfully condescending kiss on the forehead from Junker (head of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker - Ed.). It is seen in Brussels decided - enough", - wrote on his page Pushkov in Twitter .
The only thing that took Yatseniuk from the summit in Riga - shutlivo- condescending kiss on the forehead from Juncker. It is seen in Brussels, it is enough reshili-

The summit, held on 21-22 May in Riga, a declaration was adopted which emphasizes support for the territorial integrity of Ukraine and called for full implementation of the agreements Minsk Donbass. The summit's final declaration called in to investigate the crash Boeing Ukraine and punishment of those responsible. The final document is no provision for granting Georgia and Ukraine visa-free regime in 2016.
"Eastern Partnership" includes the EU, and six states - former Soviet republics: Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Belarus. In 2014, Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia signed an association agreement with the EU.

РИА Новости

Ukraine a visa-free regime in Riga will not like ever be offered

Kiev names four countries that "inhibit" Ukraine's integration with the EU

Four European countries which depend on the process of Ukraine's integration with the European Union, currently delay the ratification of the association agreements, said the deputy head of the presidential administration of Ukraine Valeriy Chaly.

Ukraine a visa-free regime in Riga will not like ever be offered
Man photographing flags of Ukraine and the European Union
MOSCOW, May 24 - RIA Novosti. The deputy head of presidential administration of Ukraine Valeriy Chaly in Channel 5 said that some European countries are delaying ratification of the Association Agreement in Ukraine and the EU, said MigNews .
According to policy, the process of Ukraine's European integration is slowing because of four EU countries - Cyprus, Greece, Italy and Austria. In connection with this Chaly said he hoped that the state will accelerate work on the agreement. For this reason, the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko met in Riga with the prime minister of Greece, Federal Chancellor of Austria, and "has always supported dialogue at the highest political level with the Prime Minister of Italy," the politician said.
In Riga on May 21-22 held a summit of "Eastern Partnership". Ukraine expects from the summit on the issue of promoting the introduction of a visa-free regime with the EU. However, the European Commission said earlier that Ukraine visa-free regime in Riga will not be offered. On Thursday morning, German Chancellor Angela Merkel also said that the easing of the visa regime is not yet possible.
On Friday, the head of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker at the press conference after the summit said that the European Commission will present a new report on the progress of Ukraine and Georgia on the path to a visa-free regime with the EU about by 15 December. Prime Minister of Latvia Laimdota Straujuma reported that the European Union could move to a visa-free regime with Georgia and Ukraine in 2016, when the European Commission will present a positive report.
The "Eastern Partnership" provides for political association and economic integration between the EU and Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. The last three countries last year signed an association agreement with the EU.

РИА Новости

Thailand expels Americans

Thailand expels Americans
Added: Malifisenta | Date: 5/24/2015 | Source386
Thailand asked the United States for five days to remove the US Air Force aircraft involved in air defense exercises Guardian Sea, ended on Wednesday. This RIA Novosti reported with reference to the newspaper Bangkok Post.The American side at the end of the exercise a few times makes a request about the possibility to stay on Phuket Island to use the airport for humanitarian operations to search for ships with refugees. However, the United States was rejected by Command of Thailand, they are required to remove the planes and troops before next Friday.Thailand unhappy constant US intervention in humanitarian activities to resolve the refugee crisis-rohindzha who spend Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. Refugees rohindzha last year and a half en masse leave Myanmar and smuggled to Malaysia and Indonesia

Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Junta began Evacuating

The Junta began Evacuating 

Flight. This condition is characterized by a short word of the Ukrainian elite. Foreign advisers actively huntovskogo dismissed from the government. Businessmen capital withdrawal. Just a few hours ago, did not withstand the depressing sight of what is happening in the Square honest heart Estonian girl Janicki The measure, and she left the post of Assistant Minister of Economy of Kiev Aivaras Abromavichyusa.

This is not the first case of its kind: before that resigned ukroamerikanets Alexander Borovik and Georgian Jaba Ebanoidze. Even the notorious "hawk" John McCain - and the birds' brains enough to refuse to cooperate with the regime Poroshenko. The diagnosis needs no comment: flow in holds Ukrainian ship has reached a critical level, the one when the alarm is declared the boat and all the channels are beginning to broadcast distress signals.

Well, it is clear who first seeks salvation - very intelligent, though unpleasant gray rodents. At first, the appearance of western ministers and advisers absorbs some of the optimism of the Ukrainian society: finally realized the long-suffering European dream. Even the overseas Vikings, who arrived at the Square leaky "Titanic" believed in his vocation - to lead the people of the Baltic and Georgian way in the civilized world. Alas, the dream did not come true.

Soon begin to figure out what was sent from Tbilisi Minister of Health nothing at all savvy in medicine, and the hot girl with the name of the Estonian The measure instead economy is interested in self-portraits in the genre of "nude". Yes, and invited persons have come to understand that encouraged them as extras, and then "pomatrosili and cast." And we invite them to summon from Uncle Sam supposedly another loan servicing debt, but in fact - to "cut" the masters.

And since inviting the parties have already grasped everything, the answer will be the guests who will get not only all the bumps, but the bone. The most intelligent of the strangers is understood, therefore we began to pack his bags. Fleeing foreign advisers can not be considered desertion: it seems that the West has given up on Ukraine, thereby giving the go-ahead huntovskim assistants to the position left.

It seems that Square is indeed prepared to default, again leaving their positions in the economic sector advisers: to be the scapegoat nobody wants. In parallel with the changes in the government are very active understandable movement of capital in the business. For example, the former Donetsk oligarch Rinat Akhmetov decided to terminate in the territory of the DNI and the LC activities of its own network of filling stations "Parallel" and supermarkets "Brusnichka."

I think that Rinat Leonidovich went to such a move without purpose. Most likely, the full and final falling away from the Donbass in Ukraine - has already been settled question (however there words of the autonomy as they try to sweeten the bitter pill!), And as a rich man's cheaper and easier to sacrifice Donbass assets than to buy the sponsor's reputation rebels. Whatever it was, but the wisest people in the Ukrainian politics and business, already understand the inevitability of the collapse of the country, and have their places in the boats. Some people even have to part with a portion of the state, but it is a small fee. In the East, even in such cases, they say: "Praise be to God that only took the money!"


Sen. Rand Paul: NSA Filibuster: His Notable Quotes

Rand Paul's NSA Filibuster: His Notable Quotes

By Andrew Desiderio - May 21, 2015

In an impassioned rebuke of the National Security Agency’s surveillance capabilities, Sen. Rand Paul spoke for more than 10 hours on the Senate floor Wednesday to filibuster a Patriot Act provision used to legally justify the bulk collection of telephone data. Congress faces a tight deadline to reauthorize or change the law, which expires June 1, with its Memorial Day recess starting at week’s end. Nonetheless, the candidate for the Republican presidential nomination held forth (relieved at certain points by several fellow senators). Here are some of his most notable quotes from the marathon session.

1. “I will not let the Patriot Act, the most unpatriotic of acts, go unchallenged. At the very least, we should debate. We should debate whether or not we are going to relinquish our rights, or whether or not we are going to have a full and able debate over whether or not we can live within the Constitution, or whether or not we have to go around the Constitution.”

2. “The president began this program by executive order. He should immediately end it by executive order. For over a year now, he has said the program is illegal, and yet he does nothing.”

3. “We have to decide whether our fear is going to get the better of us. Once upon a time we had a standard in our country that was ‘innocent until proven guilty.’ We’ve given up on so much. Now, people are talking about a standard that is ‘if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.’ Think about it. Is that the standard we’re willing to live under?”

4. “Why don't we see any questions from the press? Why don't we see anybody from the media saying, ‘Mr. President, it's illegal, you started it, you are performing a program that is collecting all of the phone records from all Americans, it's been declared illegal from the second highest court in the land, why don't you stop?’”

5. “I think we've made the [collection] haystack so big, no one's ever getting through the haystack to find the needle. What we really need to do is isolate the haystack into a group of suspicious people and spend enormous resources looking at suspicious people, people who we have probable cause.”

6. “Nobody ever was fired for 9/11. Instead of firing the people who didn’t do a good job, we gave them medals. The guy who did a good job, I don’t know what happened to him. And what we did was we decided we’d just collect everybody’s information. That we’d sort of scrap the Bill of Rights.”

7. “Who gets to decide who’s an enemy combatant and who’s an American citizen? Are we really so frightened and so easily frightened that we would give up a thousand-year history?”

8. “Any time you make an analogy to horrific people in history, Mussolini or Hitler, people say, ‘Oh, you’re exaggerating, you’re talking about, it’s hyperbole.’ Maybe it is. … But I would say is that if you are not concerned that democracy could produce bad people, I don’t think you’re really thinking this through too much.”

9. “You don't know who the next group is that's unpopular. The Bill of Rights isn't for the prom queen. The Bill of Rights isn't for the high school quarterback. The Bill of Rights is for the least among us. The bill of rights is for minorities. The bill of rights is for those who have minority opinions.”

10. “In the aftermath of 9/11, the Patriot Act was rushed to the floor. Several hundred pages. Nobody read it … But people voted because they were fearful and people said there could be another attack and Americans will blame me if I don't vote on this.”

11. “Any time someone tries to tell you that metadata is ‘meaningless, don't worry, it's just who you call, it's just phone records, it's not a big deal’ -- realize we kill people based on metadata. So they must be pretty darn certain that they think they know something based on metadata.”

12. “You wonder why your government's completely broken? We lurch from deadline to deadline, and it's on purpose really. We do deadline to deadline because … ‘we've got to go. It's spring break, we're going to be late for spring break, and we've got to go, so we've got to finish this up before we go.’”

13. "Let’s say tomorrow that there was a president, that we elected a president that eliminated the bulk collection of data. Let’s just say it happened. What do you think would happen? People are like ‘the sky would fall. We would be overrun with jihadists.’ Maybe we could rely on the Constitution. Maybe we could get warrants. … If you make the warrant specific, there’s no limit to what you can get through a warrant.”

James Arkin contributed to this report.

[18+] Execution militiaman and his pregnant wife, presumably battalion "Donbass" Video

Antimaydan Odessa Novorossia
[18+] Execution militiaman and his pregnant wife, presumably battalion "Donbass" Video

18+ SECOND today is shocking stuff from Bandera Punisher. [18+] Execution militiaman and his pregnant wife, presumably battalion "Donbass" Video penalty militias and a pregnant woman was found in the phone of one of the executioners Ukrainian battalion, the people's militia liquidated LC.


Prosecutors LC announced liquidation liquidation Ukrainian saboteur, the phone is found shocking record.Prosecutors LC during the special operation revealed Ukrainian DRG consisting presumably of 3 persons, one of whom was eliminated. As the press service of the Prosecutor General LC, to withdraw from the neutralized terrorist mobile phone revealed shocking cruelty of its video, which filmed, as members of the punitive battalion "Donbass" carried hanging militiaman and his pregnant wife. The Office also published photos from the liquidation of Ukrainian hangman-saboteur. The first material came out a little earlier: maybe it's fake, but from Bandera scum what you can expect

The living conditions of the elderly and children of the workers in Donbass (photographs)

National Council DNI
The living conditions of the elderly, children of the present workers of Donbass (photographs)

Today at 2:21 am

Former officials in DONETSK complained about the "bad conditions of staying in bomb shelters." In the Holy boarding house so-called refugee officials of Donetsk Regional State Administration, spoke about the "heavy price" of living in a boarding house in Holy. According to them, the officials feel "tremendous hardship and inconvenience need attention"!

And to not to speak about the children of Donbass, living for a year in basements, wet rooms, under fire "defenders"! The living conditions of the elderly, the present workers of Donbass !?We present a series of photographs taken in bomb shelters Donbass. It depicts a bomb shelter near the mine "Trudovs'ka" in the Petrovsky district and in the town of Pervomaisk. There still are people, old people, women and children. Without light, heat and water. 

Constant shelling and terrible sanitary conditions. There is also a photo made ​​Feb. 25, 2015, in which 67-year-old in his destroyed house. In the most recent photographs, Donetsk after the ceasefire. Here are the appalling conditions of life! And sad to hear the so-called so-called workers of Donetsk Regional State Administration about their difficulties in life ...

Foreign investors have filed lawsuits against Ukraine at $ 8 billion

Foreign investors have filed lawsuits against Ukraine at $ 8 billion

Foreign investors in the international courts are going to collect from the Ukraine 170 billion hryvnia, it is more than eight billion dollars. On told Interfax-Ukraine with reference to the Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine Anton Yanchuk.

- Total assets amounted to 170 billion hryvnia - Yanchuk told reporters at a briefing.

The official said that this amount consists of 21 claims of foreign investors. He explained that in 2012 the sum of claims of 30 billion hryvnia, and in 2013 - 20 billion. Growth of volume of financial claims to explain the loss of Ukraine deputy foreign investors due "war of the oligarchs."

Speaking on May 19, the Verkhovna Rada endorsed the bill, which gives to the government the power to declare a moratorium on the payment of any external debt. The initiative for the adoption of such a law was made by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the Minister explained that the moratorium will protect state assets from the "attacks unscrupulous lenders."

Recall, back in early April, Finance Minister Natalia Yaresko appealed to Western creditors with a request to restructure its $ 15 billion foreign debt. However, she hurried them, saying that it is necessary to take a decision before the end of May that the country was not out of the IMF program. Such a proposal was brought from the creditors themselves, therefore they refused to write off the debt of Ukraine.

It should also be noted that Ukraine has until the end of 2015 to repay the Russian bonds for three billion dollars. A general government debt in Kiev on January 1, 2015, as noted in the Cabinet, 70 billion US dollars.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Why did the White House needed a temporary reconciliation with the Kremlin

The cunning plan of John Kerry

From: The cunning plan of John Kerry
May 17, 2015

The visit of Secretary of State John Kerry in Sochi has become almost a sensation, eclipsing earlier arrival in Moscow Angela Merkel. His private conversation with Sergey Lavrov and Putin immediately overgrown with rumors. Heat of the moment you might think that the Americans gave up and ready to compromise, similar to the one that was signed during the Cuban missile crisis, but we should not jump to conclusions.

The peculiarity of American diplomacy is as follows: it is ready to deliver only what is already prepared for the write-off for one reason or another. However, he deducted a point for a reason - first the State Department is party to which the object can be sold under the guise of elimination concessions, and then call the real victim preferences, favorable at the moment the United States.

Another feature of American foreign policy is that it rarely enters into a compromise even with the power of comparable power.Washington may agree to draw a similarity in the frankly lose-lose situation, as it was in Vietnam.

Where the Americans will strike the next blow?

Knowing all of the above, it is reasonable to assume that Kerry came to offer something useless than and so decided to sacrifice in exchange for real concessions from Moscow. For example, it could offer to freeze the conflict in the Donbass, and even partially lift sanctions. This kind of truce.

The problem is not that Kerry can take with them any substantial gifts from Moscow - there is a separate conversation. It is important to understand that the "ceasefire" is now the United States should be much more than Russia. And it is possible that the Anglo-Saxons managed cunning once again high prices to sell something that they have gone, and so, but free of charge.

Why did the White House needed a temporary reconciliation with the Kremlin, and how much it will last? In the second part of the question can be given an approximate answer - a year and a half.Here's why ...

In a recent interview with Igor Strelkov acknowledged that the Ukrainian army could become really serious power, but for this she needs at least a quiet year for the completion of the technique, personnel, economy on a war footing and debug their supply chains.

This year need American and European instructors to train a sufficient number of Ukrainian officers with the gun, so that they themselves began to train recruits, aimed at the mobilization. By the way, such an opinion expressed not only Fusiliers.

Also we need a year to the United States and Turkey in order to inflict the final defeat of Bashar al-Assad in Syria and to remove Russia from Tartus. Not the fact that all of the goals will be reached, but judging by the information coming from the region, work in this area has intensified considerably. However, the complete victory of Washington is highly desirable that Moscow has refused to support the Syrian president.

And finally for the year it is expected dodavit European and Asian allies to convince them to join the trans-Atlantic trade and investment partnership and the Trans-Pacific Partnership, respectively. And this is a very difficult task.

After all of the above is reached, the White House will come back to the Ukrainian issue very seriously. And Ukraine itself by that time will be more fit pinned on her tasks.

The following key points: 8 November 2016 US presidential election will be held. Democrats urgently need to present a victory on the foreign policy front. As with Russia for the specified period they obviously can not cope, it was decided to focus on more achievable goals. Perhaps the elections and will be tailored and updated the Ukrainian army offensive in the Donbass, which is also the first stage may be issued for the victory.

Another important date: December 4, 2016 to be held elections to the State Duma. Their result depends on how a country luggage suitable to this point. Recent opinion polls have registered a small decline the rating of "United Russia" and the growth of the Communist Party.

As long as everything is within statistical error, but if the trend continues throughout the year, the current leader of the Duma elections may come to a pretty confused popular.

If you take the place of the Americans, we understand that the collapse of the party conditional rating "AAA", they want to make a victorious offensive against the Ukrainian Donbass eve of Russian elections. The period between the start of the offensive and the choice should be large enough to Kiev managed to win a clear military victory and the defeat of the Russian society to recognize and be prepared mentally to the cries of "Down!"

If you add and American elections, we all the time keep in mind that we get an approximate start date of the general offensive - the beginning-middle of October 2016.

The logic of the Democratic Obama administration is simple to primitivism. One shot, they're going to kill several birds with one stone: to win the Donbass win on domestic American elections and at the same time make a political crisis in the Russian elections.

Shah black king

However, if the Ukrainian army will lose, but still with the direct participation of Russia in one form or another, the effect may be exactly the reverse, and the "United Russia" will get on the winning mood of the highest results, which very few people would think to challenge. Winners are not judged.

And yes, we briefly mentioned another important deadline - predicted a critical depletion of foreign exchange reserves of the Russian Federation by the end of 2016. The economy is unpredictable, but, apparently, Washington has in mind this prediction when adjusting its plans.

So, in all the circumstances and key dates we see that the Americans seems logical decision to delay the escalation of the conflict in a strictly defined period of time.

What will our country one year of the world? In fact, a year - a sufficient period of time for which can happen a lot of important events, especially if they bring.

First. It is desirable to remove at least part of the sanctions, especially in the high-tech industry. Even a temporary relief in this area will be a breath of fresh air for the Russian industry in dire need of sophisticated electronic components, precision machine tools, and so on. D.

This need has existed even in the Soviet period, and became close to zero, we are dependent on imports. Removal of sanctions is also fraught with absolutely unexpected consequences, for example, Russia can still get the "Mistral", if the contract is broken before.

Second. Time for retooling. If the last three years to build a new Russian military equipment at a pace, as if there is a war, then, judging by the latest news, re-equipment of the army, air defense, the Strategic Missile Forces (Navy and Air Force with a little more complicated, and there are more dates) will go, as if the enemy is already Moscow.

This suggests that the threat of foreign intervention is seen by the government as the real. In three years alone BMD-4D is scheduled to take more than 250 units, not to mention the demands of the president in an extremely short time to bring to mind and to put the troops in the Victory Parade presented technique.

US - Russia: Ukraine change in the Middle East

Third. Crimea. Establishment of life on the peninsula, including in terms of autonomous existence, is also an important point. Inspire optimism and message of the beginning of the actual construction of the bridge, although a couple of years he will not have time to finish even with the Stakhanovite rates. But there is a chance to solve the problem of water and ferry.

Fourth. "Turkish Stream" and "Power of Siberia" have to take final shape in the form of signed contracts. Now, taking advantage of the Western sanctions, Beijing and Ankara are trying to dictate to Moscow only to them favorable conditions. Removing the sanctions deprive them of such a possibility and the relationship will become more equal. More chances to create alternatives "South Stream".

Fifth. The President appears at least part time to update the elite, replacing the current "effective managers" on people, more appropriate setting. Will it be done - is another question.

Sixth. The visit of the Russian president in Tokyo was to be held in autumn, but for obvious reasons, was moved. Furthermore, under US pressure, Japan was forced to freeze all talks with Russia and to introduce even symbolic, but sanctions.

If the European Union cancels its sanctions, it is likely they will cancel and Japan. This will allow the two leaders to meet and discuss economic cooperation and a peace treaty.

And so on. The list goes on many items. How many of them will become a reality is impossible to say, because the reality is not even a "truce" by Kerry. It is very likely that the balance would once again be shuffled and a new war in the east of Ukraine polyhnet not a year and a half, and in the coming months.

What could give Russia more time, more than the designated year and a half? Only a major geopolitical event like the escalation of tensions in the Middle and Far East, which will divert attention and resources "partners" of Ukraine and outshine her on the television space. This is not ruled out, although plans counting on is clearly not worth it.

Author: Igor Kabardino

Old woman Merkel convicted of violating the oath Chancellor

Old woman Merkel convicted of violating the oath Chancellor 
Politics, BND affair, SPD, NSA, US, Federal Intelligence Service, Angela Merkel, Yasmin Fahimi, federal government, CDU, Thomas Oppermann, No-Spy Agreement, Chancellor, Bundestag, intelligence, chancellery, Tagesspiegel, US Secret Service, US Government , business, newspaper, Washington DC
The SPD parliamentary leader Thomas Oppermann and SPD General Secretary Yasmin Fahimi put pressure on the Chancellor's Office in the BND affair. | © Maurizio Gambarini / dpa

May 9 Victory Parade Streams from all cities Angela Merkel has been criticized in Germany squall, the cause of which was the investigation of the newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung, where it was found that in 2013, Washington has not given any guarantees to conclude an agreement with Berlin-spyware. 

Meanwhile, an Assistant Merkel told Germany, quite the opposite information. In light of the spy scandal that broke out between Germany and United States Clearly, Merkel's actions betrayed the German Nation as she violated her oath, this time in taking the oath Kantser in 2013, says columnist Michael Brecker Rheinische Post

"Chancellor must from time to time to remember their oath of December 17, 2013. Then Angela Merkel vowed not to prejudice his people and honor the Basic Law, "Breaker recalls. And notes that the history of the "spy scandal" with the BND intelligence thinking Merkel has kept her vow simply are naive. So, he continues, Merkel simply cheated the voters by promising that the United States will not conclude an agreement on spyware, while knowing that it's a lie. 

America has no plans to sign similar agreements with any Germany Or with any other country. And Angela Merkel must have known about it, the newspaper noted. In other publications also criticizing the German Chancellor. For example, the authors of investigative journalism, which conducted an investigation, alleged Merkel "Chancellor of concealing the truth." This Outraged journalists Spiegel - how could such an experienced politician like Merkel not understand that she is simply lying to her own people.

Vladimir Putin calls Ukraine Fascist and Ukraine’s New Laws Help Make his Case

The Great Debate
Vladimir Putin calls Ukraine Fascist and 

Ukraine’s New Laws Help Make his Case

By Josh Cohen
May 14, 2015

A member of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) waits to depart to the frontline in eastern Ukraine, in central Kiev, March 17, 2015. REUTERS/Gleb Garanich

As Ukraine continues its battle against separatism, corruption and a collapsed economy, it has taken a dangerous step that could further tear the country apart: Ukraine’s parliament, the Supreme Rada, passed a draft law last month honoring Nazi organizations involved in mass ethnic cleansings during World War Two.

The draft law — which is now on President Petro Poroshenko’s desk awaiting his signature — recognizes a series of Ukrainian political and military organizations as “fighters for Ukrainian independence in the 20th century” and bans the criticism of these groups and their members. (The bill doesn’t state the penalty for doing so.) Two of the groups honored — the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) and the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) — helped the Nazis carry out the Holocaust while also killing close to 100,000 Polish civilians during World War Two.

The law is part of a recent trend of contemporary Ukrainian nationalism promoted by those on the extreme right to break with the country’s Communist past and emphasize Ukraine’s suffering under the Soviet regime. In addition to the moral problem of forbidding the criticism of Holocaust perpetrators, the law hinders Ukraine’s European ambitions — and validates Russian President Vladimir Putin’s claims that the country is overrun by neo-Nazis.

The OUN was founded in 1929 as a revolutionary organization designed to liberate Ukraine from Soviet rule and create an independent Ukrainian state. Many OUN leaders were trained in Nazi Germany, and the group’s philosophy was influenced by Nazi racial theorists such as Alfred Rosenberg. OUN literature, for example, declared the need to “combat Jews as supporters of the Muscovite-Bolshevik regime… Death to the Muscovite-Jewish commune! Beat the commune, save Ukraine!”

The OUN fought both the Nazis and the Soviets, and many Ukrainian nationalists have argued that the OUN was primarily a national liberation movement. But while the OUN’s core goal may have been the creation of an independent Ukrainian state, along the way its members were responsible for some of the wars terrible atrocities.

Starting with a pogrom in Lviv shortly after the Nazis invaded the Soviet Union, OUN militias — with the support of the Nazis — embarked on a killing spree in Western Ukraine that claimed the lives of tens of thousands of Jews. After the Nazis dissolved these militias, many of their members joined the Ukrainian Auxiliary Police in German service, where they received weapons-training and became one of the most important instruments of the Holocaust in Belarus and Western Ukraine.

By 1943 the OUN had seized control of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA), a Ukrainian nationalist paramilitary group, and declared itself opposed to both the retreating Germans and the oncoming Soviets. Although no longer in Nazi service, the UPA nevertheless continued to target and kill Jews, herding them into labor camps for execution. The UPA also engaged in the mass ethnic cleansing of Poles during this time, killing nearly 100,000 people.

Even after the Red Army pushed the Germans from Ukraine in the summer of 1944, the UPA continued to fight a partisan war against Soviet forces well into the 1950s, before it was finally crushed by the massive power of the Red Army. It is this legacy of sacrifice that explains the Rada’s decision to pass a law honoring the OUN and the UPA.

This law echoes a recent trend of glorifying right-wing Ukrainian nationalist organizations with controversial pasts. Under former Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko, a number of leading Ukrainian nationalists were honored with a memorial at Babi Yar — site of the single-worst massacre of Jews during the Holocaust. Yushchenko also bestowed the highest government honor of “Hero of Ukraine” upon the controversial former OUN leader Stepan Bandera — a step roundly condemned by the chief rabbi of Ukraine, the president of Poland and the European Union.

More recently, radical nationalists played a key role as “shock troops” on the Maidan, and the anti-government camp was full of OUN-UPA flags and cries of “Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!” — chants that originated with the OUN. Currently, a number of OUN-UPA apologists occupy important government positions, including the minister of education, the head of the Security Service of Ukraine and the director of the Ukrainian government’s Institute of National Memory. Even Poroshenko has gotten into the act, laying a wreath in honor of the OUN at Babi Yar last year.

The draft law has a number of downsides beyond the moral problem of giving the OUN and UPA a free pass for atrocious crimes. Most obviously, making criticism of Holocaust perpetrators illegal is not compatible with Ukraine’s European ambitions. It is natural that many Ukrainians would wish to define themselves in opposition to the former Soviet Union, but as a budding democracy, banning criticism of any organizations — particularly those with such dark pasts — is the wrong way to build national identity.

Kiev also must remember that its conflict with Putin’s Russia is taking place in cyberspace as well as the Donbass. Kiev has now handed the Kremlin “evidence” for Putin’s claim that Russia is facing off against fascists. Not surprisingly, Russian state-owned media outlets have had a field day condemning the law.

Perhaps the worst effect of this law is the way it would split the country. Eastern and western Ukrainians already possess widely diverging views on recent political events such as the collapse of the Soviet Union and the Maidan revolution. The law would only exacerbate these regional differences. Historically, support for the “OUN-cult” originated primarily in the western Ukrainian regions of Galacia and Volhynia, where they are seen as heroic freedom fighters against Soviet oppression. Eastern Ukrainians, by contrast, grew up viewing these groups as Nazi collaborators to be feared and condemned rather than celebrated.

The Rada’s passage of this law has already greatly harmed Ukraine. It is now up to Poroshenko to mitigate the damage by vetoing it.

Poster's Comment:

This all comes to light amid heavy scrutiny of much of the world towards the US and EU sanctions against Russia who it seems has been the victim of a massive Western smear tactic in Western media.

John Kerry while visiting with Putin last week, addressed Poroshenko negatively for Ukraine's Minsk violations and threats of sabotaging the peace process now widely viewed as the only solution to the Civil-unrest.