Wednesday, May 6, 2015

APUs are preparing for a major offensive in the Donetsk

APUs are preparing for a major offensive in the Donetsk 

Exploration by DNR scouts discovered an impending attack by the APU. Already it is no secret that the Ukrainian army is moving along the contact line between the opposing forces a large number of heavy equipment and men. It focuses also on Novoazovskiy napravlenii. Osobenno hot in the suburbs and parts of Donetsk. In a single day, the Ukrainian military 55 times violated the ceasefire. Heavy weapons were used, according to the DNR Army was all the way up artillery heavy Tonka Missiles. V Budennovsk district of Donetsk rattled all morning. 

In addition, the press center of the ATO reported that near the village of Zhabunki that is near the village of Sands, Ukrainian battalions bombed tanks. Radios show: offensive in Donetsk Kiev already planned. The enemy is going to capture the miner's capital on the eve of May 9. But maybe this is just an attempt to crush the morale of defenders of the Republic. As of now about fighting locally has been constant in the vicinity of the airport in Donetsk. There was hosted a fight with small arms and mortars. 

Ukrainian punitive is not the first time trying to break through the defenses and come to Donetsk from Avdeevka. As a result, a fierce battle MAT rolled back to their previous positions. All day on May 6 in the city relatively near Sands passed reconnaissance drones, it is not clear why, after army units stationed DNI in these places for a year. Situation in Donetsk remains tense. As a result of a direct hits during the shelling of the Kuibyshev district of the city, destroyed two cafes (on the street Marshal Zhukov and outdoor signaling). Information about the victims after the attacks until postupala.

From: Voenkor "Russian Spring" 
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