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Designating the Murder of Odessites a "Victory" Mosiychuk Actually Admits Nazis Guilt

Designating the Murder of Odessites a "Victory" Mosiychuk Actually Admits Nazis Guilt
 02 Маy 2015 Antifa

While the rest of the civilized world really commemorates the memory of the victims of the massacre at the Odessa House of Trade Unions, Nazi scum called this day the "Day of Victory over the Russian occupiers and their collaborators," announced his holiday and say that not only remember it, but proud of what happened.

This was written in his Facebook Ukrainian deputy from the Radical Party, Oleg Lyashko and finished Nazi Igor Mosiychuk.

Designating murder Odessites day of its "Victory" Mosiychuk actually admitted that killed, burned and executed people on May 2 is the Ukrainian nationalists, not the "wind" and not themselves, as is proved by Ukrainian "investigation".

"May 2 landmark day for Odessa including Ukraine as a whole. May 2 last year, Ukrainian patriots defended from invaders and collaborators Ukrainian Odessa. Not sparing their own lives and health of our patriots smoothed Odessa from evil spirits, and confirmed it as the southern Ukrainian outpost in the Black Sea. Then there was a war with the separatists and occupiers in the Donbas. There were victories and defeats. There was plenty of heroism and victory.
But the first victory for Ukraine's fight with the ancient enemy won Odessa patriots to defend your city from the enemy. I Remember! I am proud! Congratulations, gentlemen! "- Wrote Igor Mosiychuk.

Congratulations Mosiychuk caused a flurry of indignation in social networks. People are shocked both by the recognition of the murder of Odessa citizens and unprecedented cynicism Ukrainian "patriots" as a deputy. We present below the most typical responses that left people shocked by the comments to the post inveterate non-humans.

Svetlana Studenikina How did animals need to be to stand here ... a deputy, you say? This is what kind of people they put forward such a beast rule? That you, bastard, die in such agony, which experienced these 48 people to death.

Dmitry Pavlenko Just Damn you, fat pig with a swollen brain.

Adrian Krukovich What are you proud of the muzzle and what congratulates its moral monsters!?!? Soon the wolf eat the hook and the CPA will hurt ..... !!! Hurt the sweet spot of their patrons, and because they are unnecessary throw in the trash !!!

Alexander slides This post evil acknowledged that the killing of people in the House of Trade Unions on their conscience. If it is, of course, they have. So it was not the FSB, and they - the killer.

Natalia Yurash you - mrazoty ... Even I will not apologize. What you celebrate? Murder svoih compatriots on inakomyslennya? You will not be forgiveness .... I will never - ukrainka. I Vinnychyny. My Ukraine - a spivocha, workers, good, peaceful. I you fiends, nothing in common with it ... You do not have the will comply with all ... Shame you fiends !!!

Elena Tsymbal time rasbrasyvat stones and time to collect them ... it's from the Bible, and people easier vyrazhaetsya- what goes around, comes around .... so that everything will return to normal, bastard ....

Natella Lya slogan ,, I remember! I am proud of! ,, And then stolen, there is nothing even could not think of her ...

Bruno Solarik MP - fascist.

Dmitry Lyaschenko What are you stinking pig abominable customs, Mosiychuk. And those who you pidhryukuye.

Ruslan Shevchenko Nit you shameful! They sold the country for the cookies, nemeryannom people killed, more and celebrate the murder of their fellow citizens! Burn you in hell! Be damned to 7 knee!

Marina Furdak not afraid to be next May kebab? As is known, the boomerang always returns ..............

Alexei Kanev never written comments, but could not help himself. Animal inhumane shell.

Tatiana Minin vile, pathetic Nazi! Mosiychuk remember how disgracefully zananchivali your Bandera Hero .. Fear rest of your life!

Victoria Zhizhkun look hard, painful to think, take the impossible !!! This can not be forgotten, much less forgiven ... Eternal memory lost people !!!

Sergei Bozhkov on blood came to power .... With his blood and vanish into oblivion ... So as you - the shame of the country, looking at your picture I remember punitive - Nazis from concentration camps, who admired and pardon of dogs and cats, and from made of human skin handbags and purses.

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