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How to start a third world war! EMIR KUSTURICA

How to start a third world war!

Емир Кустурица
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World War III could begin if the Pentagon rockets satellite TV Rasa tudej. I have no doubt that, in this case, the Russians responded by destroying Si-En-One. Is there any chance that someone in the break turned hot line and says enough !!! Emir Kusturica

Will there be a third world war ?! Not a man not bothering to question! Not only because the war would put an end to the culture and civilization. People who could possibly survive, not stopped to wonder what we are whitewashed in vain for thousands of years !? It is useless cultures and civilizations !? Pessimistic remember the fairy tale in which the Miller suffered from a grindstone, but we live thanks to the ability to postpone the oblivion of the most difficult questions and tasks. Until we can address the issues and tasks are brought nose. Nowhere to go, ŽMIRE before cathartic plot and drama between man and the atomic bomb!? In fact we are afraid of being burned in a nuclear hell! And what is the worst it will burn everyone. And they are trying to be good and sacrificed and scum! In the same atomic fire! Is there, then, for a man of hope, or he is definitely a lost cause!?!

On the planet is different than it was during the Cold War! Therefore, it is pointless to talk about returning to the old state of things and again to listen to Henry Kissinger to frighten us. In the meantime, China has become the most powerful economy in the world, Russia has recovered from perestroika, India turns into a giant! Military experts do not dispute that Americans have najorganizovaniju army but there are unsolvable puzzle for NATO generals who are one of the Russian rocket called Satan. It has three warheads flying toward the goal of 11,000 kilometers away in that no one knows which way to the goal.But, experts say, arrives where it should be.

The devil never comes alone! Simultaneously with this missile, and numerous innovations in the Russian arms appeared television Rasa tudej. The program is broadcast in English and looks at him about seven hundred million people in a hundred countries. The secret of success of this television is breaking Hollywood-sienenovskog stereotypes about good guys and bad guys where they regularly, Blacks Hispanics, Russians, Serbs were the villains and white Americans as long as you turn OK! RT complain constantly because congressmen or employees of the State Department.

Jim Carrey Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United States is the loudest. He's mad at RT journalists and says that it was propaganda and that this television is funded by the Kremlin. Russian authorities are silent know that in addition to Russia's errors, the right's propaganda machine collapsed Soviet Union and that everything was in correlation with the State Department. Today, this correlation is expressed through self-censorship of journalists and is based on immorality, which is also called political correctness! Kerry and Congressmen mind, then, what RT sends a signal that the world is not only determined by the fatalism of liberal capitalism, the United States introduced the world into chaos, that Monsanto produces healthy food, that Coca-Cola is ideal for cleaning wheel covers on the car and not to the human stomach that in Serbia the percentage of people who die of cancer increased sharply due to the NATO bombing in 1999, that social map of America is falling day by day, that the CIA's fingerprints on the Ukrainian crisis and that BlackWaters fired into the Ukrainian police, but the activists Maidan ?!

Did CNN live broadcasts again convince America that leads from the nineties humanitarian actions rather than wars and from fighter jets dropping bombs and not angels! In the circle of evil closes war, capital, profit, justify, the atrocities of World War II in Cambodia, Vietnam, Iraq, Serbia, Afghanistan, Syria! US Marines are all of these wars were fought with the weak, of themselves.

Insofar current tension between Russia and America about Ukraine does not look like a conflict that can grow into a nuclear war! Not only because of Satan and Armata tank, but also for those military parade at which Vladimir Vladimirovich with Chinese President talked all the time. Did they then agreed that, as occurs Rasa tudej, increase the percentage of exchange of goods across the yuan and the ruble and that this year increase of seven percent this exchange which is nothing more than an announcement falling dollar in the near future, the game on the Eurasian continent. Is that why John Kerry suddenly schedule a meeting with his Russian counterpart in Sochi and hurry! Do you have a task to convince Lavrov that Russia was better to be in alliance with white than yellow people, or have little incentive to loosen the link between Moscow and Beijing!

As time went by Rasa tudej will increasingly demystify the American dream in prime time will the truth for decades hidden from the eyes and hearts of average Americans go to their homes and be presented in perfect English, better articulated than the one used on the Si-En-Enu . What if three years Rasa tudej announce that the dollar is no longer a transaction currency in the Eurasian zone and China Infrastructure Investment Bank becoming what it is today by the World Bank! When this occurs will be more actions like the one in Kumanovo where are again visible fingerprints organizers ?! Here we see that the West and Europe do not complain about the Macedonian police and we mourn the victims of the terrorists in Paris! Which indicates that there is no cause for war will be the death of a soldier.

Not valid start a major war because of a man, he squandered his chance. It means that the third world war may begin if the Pentagon rockets satellite TV Rasa tudej. I have no doubt that, in this case, the Russians responded by destroying Si-En-One. Is there any chance that someone in the break turned hot line and says enough !!! The moment you are in atomic fire burned only the devil's work ?!

Emir Kusturica
Emir Kusturica (born 24 November 1954 in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia) is a Serbian and Yugoslav director. For his short films won him back in high school.Film directing finished at the Film Academy in Prague (FAMU). A double winner of the Golden Palm at Cannes Film Festival, the film Father on a business trip and Hades. The holder of the "Order of Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters". National Ambassador for UNICEF in Serbia became the 8th September 2007, together with Ana Ivanovic, Aleksandar Djordjevic and Jelena Jankovic. The group "No Smoking" at one time played bass guitar, and now as a guitarist performing together as a group member "Emir Kusturica & The No Smoking Orchestra". He writes. 2010 issued his autobiography titled "Death is unchecked rumors," and in 2013 released his second book, "What misery". Builder Mećavnik and Andrićgrad, founder of film and music festival Kustendorf.
Posted: 05/14/2015

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