Saturday, May 2, 2015

In the area of ​​Happiness APU fire on Militia positions right in front of the OSCE observers

In the area of ​​Happiness APU fire on Militia positions right in front of the OSCE observers 

Today, near the city of Kiev Happiness security forces fire on positions of militias LC in front of representatives of the OSCE mission. The incident was reported in the Republic of the People's Militia.

"Just at the moment when the Ukrainian checkpoint near Happiness observers of the OSCE mission to rotate their representatives, began shelling militia positions by Schastinskoy TPP", - told the People's Militia.

The shelling started at 10.15 and lasted about 15 minutes. OSCE observers could not see it, since it is in close proximity to the scene.

The People's Militia specified that all Ukrainian security forces fired four positions on the militia in the village of notation and to the village. The fire was fought with mortars caliber 82-mm automatic mounted grenade launchers.

The people's militia emphasizes that this is not the first for the violation of silence today. "At 12.40 and 12.55 of the 120-mm mortar firing positions was produced militias near the village of Groove" - ​​reported by the military.

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