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"Odessa Massacre" Ukraine Junta War-Crime, One Year Later No Investigation, No Arrests

"Odessa Massacre" Ukraine Junta War-Crime, One Year Later No Investigation, No Arrests
May 2, 16:12

It has been exactly a year since the Odessa Massacre.

It has been exactly a year since the Odessa Massacre. On that day, in the morning blaring Slavyansk second assault, the troops of the junta began to advance towards the city from the Karachun soared flares and thundered shooting battle, the country fell militia downed helicopters. Fighting was going on all day, they increased the scale - this has not been seen since the war began. But in the evening in the military reports suddenly wedged Odessa, where we started to come the terrible, surreal images burned alive and brutally tortured people who have opened a new page in the civil war in Ukraine.

Despite the fact that by May 2, 2014 the victims of this war, there were many, these murders, the biggest horror since the time of killing in Kiev, knocked out of the total number of not only the number of victims, but also a new level of brutality that was still many seemed something impossible. It is now, when for a year we have seen enough of those killed by the Nazis women and children, destroyed cities and traces of horrible fights, penetrating Odessa tragedy dulled somewhat. 

We are used to having to get used to what is impossible. But then, May 2, 2014 Odessa has caused a massive upheaval of social consciousness in which the war in Ukraine was divided into before and after the Odessa Khatyn. For many, it has become a point of no return Odessa, after which talk about a unified Ukraine's federalization, reconciliation and co-existence was possible. It was after the Odessa Khatyn, here the term fascism applied to Kiev junta has found inner meaning, as people finally see a familiar face on the books only fascism came to power and implement open terror. 

Events on May 2nd in Odessa purposefully were prepared and is not something accidental. Against the background of a growing war in the Donbass, the junta was crucial to tame Odessites, where he continued his public appearances, and there was even a local analog DC "Maidan" next to the house of Trade Unions. By that time it was smashed open resistance in Kharkov and Zaporozhye, which forces Fascist oligarchs imported gangs "a US CIA made terror Euro-maidan" all gone over to the junta militia and Blackwater foreign mercenaries. Odessa was the next on the list. After that followed Mariupol. 

The main objective of the junta was the to most rigidly suppress open resistance in Odessa and actually establish its illegal authority in the city, which until then had not been in full force of fluctuations of local officials and police. Because of its strength, the junta was not enough, in addition to the militiamen loyal to the junta, the city imported Known Neo-Nazi football ultras and militants as "self-defense". Among the organizers of the famous massacre that occurred preparations were by Kolomoisky and Paruby.

The head of the local police and the local governor Fuchedzhi (who was later replaced by a protege of Kolomoisky Mace), knew that this was to happen and pre-cleared area of police. Police and a number of other municipal services knowing that the city will clash and blood will actually were being eliminated to imported militants were free to do their own thing. 

Later, the responsibility for the Odessa Khatyn the Junta tried to blame people like Fuchedzhi who were only non-active partners, but of the organizers of the massacres that took place and from which later many were disposed of (Fuchedzhi fled to Transnistria), as there was no need for them anymore. As subsequent events showed, the forces were initially unequal . The local anti-fascists (despite the internal contradictions) exceeded the number of local Kiev loyalists and Right Sector Banderites, so at the expense of private oligarchs was imported reinforcements from central Ukraine, the enemy soon gained the advantage, and that advantage overcame the separatist protesters. 

During the armed clashes in the city, which took place almost without the aid of the police, especially in its leadership, the advantage of the enemy in numbers grew. Organizations quietly and  quickly began to assemble in the evening on May 2, and clashes started to develop in an unfavorable direction for the separatists. Under the pressure of superior enemy, some activists began to retreat to the camp at the House of Trade Unions, where actually occurred the Odessa Khatyn. 

Some people vaguely aware that there is something bad about to happen, immediately left the camp, which was the purpose of advancing Bandera. But not all were gone, some people stayed behind to defend the camp, or at least to find shelter in the House of Trade Unions, believing that it is still the time of the fight with the rebels of Kiev, not in a civil war yet, here enemies of the Junta were killed. 

The forces at this point was clearly unequal, so the camp at the House of Trade Unions was burned in a matter of minutes, which clearly shows the system is preparing for such a scenario developments. Then began the most terrible.People who tried to escape the building, there were already waiting on the upper floors, which is why the shelter turned into a trap. The building was set on fire, the Nazis began to burn, beat and kill the fleeing people, those who tried to jump out of windows, were beaten and killed on the street by those who did not hesitate to take cameras depicting what is happening. 

The cries of the wounded people echoed over the square. This happened in a country that had ambitions that it into the "European Union" was claimed to have sought. Mind you all this took place against the background of police whose inaction and firefighters who arrived on the scene exactly when an act of intimidation was completed. 

About this time in the network got the first eerie footage of what happened in the House of Trade Unions, heavily charred bodies of men who have taken a terrible death, traces of blood on the walls and the very smeared fingerprints on the glass became a symbol of Odessa Khatyn. Those who saw it could not believe that this is happening. Many thought that the allegations of fascism in Ukraine is a myth, propaganda phantom. And here the scales fell from my eyes. 

Here against the background of what happened, even battered assaults of Slavyansk faded in memory. Burned alive people strangled the pregnant woman and the triumph of the brutal blood Bandera photographed the corpses and happily reporting on television that "the job was done" on the background of applauding biomass. 

Of course about any public investigation into the massacre can nobody speak, because the investigation is actually engaged in those who organized this murder. Europe in the framework of the traditional double standard also ignored these killings. In Ukraine, it was announced that "the people burned themselves." 

Later, using the same logic, it would be reported that Donbass "terrorists were shelling themselves." Undisguised cynicism has become the norm, "crispy Colorado" became an occasion for jokes "new Europeans" happily galloping around the fire, which burned their country. What began as a protest against the refusal to sign a meaningless piece of paper, all resulted in mass murder of its own citizens, the country plunged into a collective madness twisted world of fascism.

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As an American citizen, who before this Ukraine coup started, believed in my country. Well now on this Kentucky Derby Day, and a year into the disgusting disservice my country has done to Ukraine and the Middle East, I feel ashamed to be an American now.  

I have kept up with events over the past year on several Blogs @ under My G+ Name

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