Wednesday, May 6, 2015

President Barack Obama is seeking absolute control over Ukraine

Media calling Ukraine the Newest American Colony

President Barack Obama is seeking absolute control over Ukraine, which has become "the new American colony," writes journalist Steven Landman.

Speaking to the US Congress State Department spokesman Victoria Nuland called the cornerstone of Ukraine "25-year-old transatlantic campaign for a free, united and peaceful Evropy". This is a completely absurd statement, says Landman, since the goal of Washington - it is used as a weapon against Ukraine to Russia.

According to Landman in Global Research, the United States uses for it, such as military bases on Russia's borders that threaten its sovereignty, reports RT.
Praising the success of "Nazi", in his opinion, the government in Kiev, Nuland misleading members of Congress. Her assertion that the economic reforms have increased the transparency of the actions of the government and the banking system have reduced the inefficient use of resources and reduce corruption. All this, she said, to improve the investment and business climate in the country.

However, none of this is true, emphasizes Landman. The so-called economic reforms - is not nothing but a heavy burden on and so impoverished population required only to provide loans "lender of last resort" - the International Monetary Fund.

The banking system of Ukraine - a "black hole of theft on a large scale", stresses journalist.

A state-owned land and businesses on the cheap sell out the Western capitalists, while in the country is raging hyperinflation and the "breadbasket" of Europe has introduced a card system, as it can not feed its own population. Of any meaningful political reform speech does not go, the journalist added.

At the moment, Ukraine - a symbol of a humanitarian catastrophe, which always follows the intervention of the United States, says Landman. Nuland, however, on the contrary, pustoslovno accuses Russia that she sends to the Donbass "nedosmotrennye" humanitarian convoys, breaking the peace agreement.

The author emphasizes that Russia - the only provider of humanitarian aid to a country that desperately needs it, and the International Committee of the Red Cross inspect the trucks according to the rules.

Nuland voiced before Congress even such statements that directly contradict the official information from Kiev - like what the crowd of Russian military crossed the Russian-Ukrainian border, highlights Landman in Global Research.

Earlier statements by Nuland criticized in Spiegel.

Unfortunately, no member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the House of Representatives said it did not obviously false statements, Landman concludes.After all, President Obama is seeking absolute control over the "new American colony" squeeze out of it all possible benefits and use as a base for a long-standing dream - to change the regime in Russia, said Landman.

Earlier analyst Eric Suess said Global Research, the US Senate has allowed former US presidential advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski to lie about the Crimea. The publication also said that by Russia, Europe will be able to get rid of the dictatorship of the United States.

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