Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Junta began Evacuating

The Junta began Evacuating 

Flight. This condition is characterized by a short word of the Ukrainian elite. Foreign advisers actively huntovskogo dismissed from the government. Businessmen capital withdrawal. Just a few hours ago, did not withstand the depressing sight of what is happening in the Square honest heart Estonian girl Janicki The measure, and she left the post of Assistant Minister of Economy of Kiev Aivaras Abromavichyusa.

This is not the first case of its kind: before that resigned ukroamerikanets Alexander Borovik and Georgian Jaba Ebanoidze. Even the notorious "hawk" John McCain - and the birds' brains enough to refuse to cooperate with the regime Poroshenko. The diagnosis needs no comment: flow in holds Ukrainian ship has reached a critical level, the one when the alarm is declared the boat and all the channels are beginning to broadcast distress signals.

Well, it is clear who first seeks salvation - very intelligent, though unpleasant gray rodents. At first, the appearance of western ministers and advisers absorbs some of the optimism of the Ukrainian society: finally realized the long-suffering European dream. Even the overseas Vikings, who arrived at the Square leaky "Titanic" believed in his vocation - to lead the people of the Baltic and Georgian way in the civilized world. Alas, the dream did not come true.

Soon begin to figure out what was sent from Tbilisi Minister of Health nothing at all savvy in medicine, and the hot girl with the name of the Estonian The measure instead economy is interested in self-portraits in the genre of "nude". Yes, and invited persons have come to understand that encouraged them as extras, and then "pomatrosili and cast." And we invite them to summon from Uncle Sam supposedly another loan servicing debt, but in fact - to "cut" the masters.

And since inviting the parties have already grasped everything, the answer will be the guests who will get not only all the bumps, but the bone. The most intelligent of the strangers is understood, therefore we began to pack his bags. Fleeing foreign advisers can not be considered desertion: it seems that the West has given up on Ukraine, thereby giving the go-ahead huntovskim assistants to the position left.

It seems that Square is indeed prepared to default, again leaving their positions in the economic sector advisers: to be the scapegoat nobody wants. In parallel with the changes in the government are very active understandable movement of capital in the business. For example, the former Donetsk oligarch Rinat Akhmetov decided to terminate in the territory of the DNI and the LC activities of its own network of filling stations "Parallel" and supermarkets "Brusnichka."

I think that Rinat Leonidovich went to such a move without purpose. Most likely, the full and final falling away from the Donbass in Ukraine - has already been settled question (however there words of the autonomy as they try to sweeten the bitter pill!), And as a rich man's cheaper and easier to sacrifice Donbass assets than to buy the sponsor's reputation rebels. Whatever it was, but the wisest people in the Ukrainian politics and business, already understand the inevitability of the collapse of the country, and have their places in the boats. Some people even have to part with a portion of the state, but it is a small fee. In the East, even in such cases, they say: "Praise be to God that only took the money!"


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